Ring Light For Streaming Live & YouTube Videos 2024 – Hacks & DIY Ideas

ring lights for streaming in both online and offline

Nowadays, people are searching for ring lights for streaming in both online and offline. Before purchasing ring lights, you need to set the outcome from the lights.

For crystal clear streaming with no shadowing will provide marvelous output. The ring light has full application in photography as well as streaming.

There are some quality manufacturers, but neewer lights are one of the very best among different manufacturers.

In this article, we will review the construction, intuitive technology, buying consideration, and frequently asked questions regarding top quality ring lights.

This article will help you to get introduced to ring lighting as a whole, focusing on streaming.

In today’s communication and the advent of the internet era, streaming is becoming an integral part of content development.

But without ring lights, you can have the desired video output. Though someone can tell that editing will have the desired result, experts say ring light effects are quite mandatory.

What is a Ring Light?

The definition of the ring light is quite simple. You can define ring light as a group of light connected in serials to provide a circular shape to enhance the picture or video quality to a certain extent.

Ring lights construction is very fair and straightforward. Different connected fluorescent lights are related circulars, or LED lights are grouped to provide quality outputs.

But companies to companies offer various sets of shine to enhance the quality in a more organized way.

Hacks of Ring Lights For Streaming Live/ Twitch Streaming

Hacks of Ring Lights For Streaming Live-Twitch Streaming

For streaming or live streaming, you may require a constant light source.

This continuous light source also expects to have details of the object.

Ring lights will provide an excellent outcome if you need to have steady performance.

Uniform lighting is a critical feature of ring lights. To have excellent performance and quality output, you trust the manufacturer with the proper outcome.

Though the advent of ring light was for a dental purpose, for any kind of video or streaming, the lighting requirement may differ based on the situation.

That is why dimmer circuits are also essential to provide superior communication and performance.

If you live to stream a presentation of online classes or workshops, then you require fixed light uniformity, but if you live stream a concert or sports event, then it is quite different.

Types of Ring lights

Generally, based on size, different ring lights are present. Usually, 18-inch ring lights are widely used.

Based on the performance, the ring light may have different color options.

However, based on the property of views, ring lights have two variations, fluorescent lights and LED lights.

LED lamps have some advantages over fluorescent lights.

Based on different shapes, ring lights will have a different variety. Set design will have some disparate impact on light designs.

How to Use a Ring Light?

How to Use a Ring Light

For usage of ring lights, conventional and experimental ways are present.

But if you are a newbie, then the traditional way is the best.

Try to adjust the camera with the ring light for better quality results.

The main advantage of conventional lighting is to use a view close to the camera so that one can have better results.

Moreover, another experimental ring light setting has different possible actions.

Streaming lighting does not have a lot of variations in innovative lighting.

Ring Light Installation

Ring light installation is quite simple. In this section, we start with precautions, then operating procedures, and finally replacing instructions.


  1. Read the manual first.
  2. Keep the unit away from the children
  3. First, clean the light with a clean cloth
  4. Do not touch the power cord with bare hands
  5. Make sure the proper rated frequency and voltage is applied.
  6. Never insert metal into the mix
  7. Wait for the lamp to be cold before attaching it with a power outlet.
  8. Use the light indoor as much as possible
  9. Use professional to fix
  10. Don’t use the light in moisture.

Operating Principle

  1. Mount the light stand properly
  2. Attach a flexible mount
  3. Connect to the power supply
  4. Adjust the light angle
  5. Use dimmer to a significant effect
  6. Adjust brightness
  7. Attach with the camera
  8. Securing the camera

If you use fluorescent lights, then you need to adjust the setting in the following way

  1. You need to unplug the impact ring
  2. Detach the four-pin plug
  3. Gently remove the plug
  4. Place the new 8-inch plug
  5. Kindly keep the fluorescent lamp.

Which Ring Light Most Youtubers Use?

The ring light has brought a new dimension for YouTubers. Different users desire low-cost useful ring light.

In recent time, YouTube blogger is using some of the prominent manufacturers like Neewer, Each shot, and Kaya.

But Neewer is the most famous and widely used. Among which some other notable manufacturers will bring desired results.

What ring light is the best for videos?

Good quality videos require excellent lighting options and excellent uniformity.

For video production, proper lighting is the most desired.

Some of the notable manufacturers provide the quality outputs, among which Neewer products are the top choices. Several Neewer products are useful to use in different circumstances.

Which ring light better; LED OR Fluorescent?

LED or fluorescent lighting solutions are used but LED lights to have some proper advantages over fluorescent lamps.

LED lights benefits over fluorescent are discussed below

  • LED lights are more sustainable compared to fluorescent. Usually, LED lights sustain more than twice time than the other bulbs.
  • LED ring lights usually do not require replacing over a long period
  • The color strength of LED lights are better than the other lights
  • LED lamps have more brightness compared to other lights to a certain degree.
  • LED are environment-friendly

That is why some quality lights eventually improve the performance to a certain degree.

LED lights will bring some quality output for streaming. If you consider cost, then LED views are more prominent then the other lights for better results.

DIY Ways of Making Ring Ligh

 This ring light is an essential addition. You can build your ring light with some necessary tools.

The tools required for DIY ring lights are as followed.

01. Wiring

This tool is one of the most critical things to carry electricity. This wiring needs to be of top quality.

The actual power strength and type of wires depend on the electrical load of ring lights.

The wiring consideration in terms of quality needs higher with fluorescent than compared to LED lights.

02. Lights

You may choose either LED or fluorescent. For better quality, you may require scotch tape.

03. Dimmer switch

This is the most crucial element. Because you need to require the lighting advantage over any other equipment.  With the help of the dimmer switch, we need quality output.

04. Electrical tape

This tape should support the appropriate power rating. Without a proper evaluation, the tape may get burn and cause severe issues regarding electrical hazards.

05. Electrical cord

This is very important. Without a constant power source, the ring light will not work fine.

You may also require some other tools such as a drill, plywood, and other mechanical stuff.

Step By Step Process

  1. First, you need to fix the center of the plywood.
  2. Then you need to make a 12-inch circle
  3. Then you need to draw the inner circles
  4. You need to gauge different sockets.
  5. Attach the lights to the socket
  6. Use appropriate dimmer circuits
  7. After than use tape and leads to complete the whole cycle
  8. We need to design quality circles to a certain extent.
  9. With appropriate electrical connectors, you can design the content to a certain extent.
  10. You need to drill to an appropriate size based on your lights. The socket type and lighting types will have a significant say about the lighting
  11. You need to scotch tape for LED lights.
  12. LED lights do not need significant support.
  13. You need to check every allotment about the electrical connectivity
  14. Moreover, there are some quality wiring solutions. You need to pick the prominent wires
  15. Wirecutter can be very handy.
  16. The polarity of light bulbs is quite remarkable. You need to be very careful before connecting the bulbs in series or parallel
  17. Based on the lighting requirement, you need to fix the quality lights in different patterns
  18. Moreover, you also test different lighting socket with multimeter about the presence of voltage and current.
  19. The structure is also essential for ring lights. Without proper orientation and pattern, you cannot have quality lighting solutions to a certain degree.
  20. The dimmer switch generally has three connectors. One connects with the socket, others connect with the lights, and the final one compares with the ground.
  21. You need to consider the overall weight of the structure. Without proper strength, you cannot use it in perfect order.
  22. After that, you need to plug the design to a significant effect. You need to check correctly. Otherwise, your efforts will bring no such outcome to a certain extent.

Advantages of Ring Lights

For any kind of multimedia productions, drawing attention is the most crucial part. Ring lighting just provides proper care.

The picture quality improves to a satisfying percent so that one could easily connect with the content producer.

The lighting cost is high. But to have content within a budget, you need to consider different aspects of lighting.

Lighting will provide superior communication as well as excellent performance to a certain extent.

After drawing attention, ring lights offer uniform lighting. Just imagine, you are watching a video and views are not well distributed, then this video production will lose interest.

Moreover, this lighting solution will need better quality management to have crystal explicit video content.

Getting the details of any presenter and artist is a fundamental aspect of good quality content.

Ring lights provide this excellent quality. The more detailed picture quality is quite an essential aspect of video production.

Brightness, color correction, and picture quality will bring decent video quality. Each of these features can only be assured after the implementation of proper ring lights.

The quality of lighting has changed in youtube videos due to the introduction of a high-quality ring light solution.

With the help of ring light, one can easily make a video without spending a lot on lighting.

Additionally, getting a perfect focus on small objects is quite exemplary.

You cannot get the desired output without the help of ring lights. These ring lights are essential for high-quality manufacturing as well.

A most important advantage with the ring light is most of the light comes with a dimming solution. In recent times dimming has a significant effect in ring light applications.

Disadvantages of Ring Lights

The halo effect of the ring light is a significant disadvantage.

This quality sometimes diminishes with the impact of ring lights. The quality lights will bring a severe impact to a certain extent.

Sometimes the ring lights are very bright. That is why this lighting solution may not provide the actual outcome as desired.

Other than these issues, the ring lights are the ideal solution for ring light applications.


Ring Light Faqs

Are ring lights suitable for all types of streaming content?

Yes, ring lights are versatile and can be used for various streaming content types, such as gaming, makeup tutorials, online classes, and vlogging.

By adjusting the brightness and color temperature, you can achieve the desired lighting effect for your specific content.

Can I use a ring light with my smartphone for streaming?

Yes, many ring lights come with smartphone holders or adapters, allowing you to mount your smartphone within the ring light.

This setup ensures even lighting and reduces shadows while streaming using your smartphone’s camera.

How do I choose the right size ring light for my streaming setup?

The size of the ring light you should choose depends on your streaming space, the distance between the light and the subject, and the desired lighting effect.

A larger ring light (e.g., 18 inches) provides softer, more even lighting and is suitable for wider shots. A smaller ring light (e.g., 10 inches) is more portable and works well for close-ups or tighter spaces.

Can I use a ring light as my only light source for streaming?

While a ring light can provide even, flattering lighting for streaming, using additional lights can help you achieve a more professional look.

Consider adding a key light (the main light source) and a fill light (to eliminate harsh shadows) to your streaming setup.

How can I minimize glare or reflections when using a ring light for streaming?

To minimize glare or reflections while using a ring light, you can adjust the angle of the light or use a diffuser to soften the light.

Also, consider using polarized lenses on your camera or wearing anti-reflective glasses if you wear eyeglasses during streaming.

Are battery-powered ring lights available for outdoor streaming?

Yes, battery-powered ring lights are available for outdoor streaming, allowing you to have a consistent light source without needing a power outlet.

Make sure to choose a ring light with a long-lasting battery and consider bringing spare batteries if you plan to stream outdoors for an extended period.

How can I maintain and clean my ring light to ensure its longevity?

To maintain and clean your ring light, follow these tips:

  • Unplug the ring light before cleaning.
  • Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the surface of the light.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they may damage the light.
  • Regularly check for any loose or damaged components and address issues promptly.
  • Store the ring light in a cool, dry place when not in use.

By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure your ring light remains in good condition and lasts for a long time.


Ring light application has moved to a certain extent. This quality lighting solution will have a significant advantage over other competitors to a specific effect.

LED lights are the prevailing trend now. Due to the longevity and less electrical power consumption is making it the de facto standard to a certain extent.

Most of the quality video production in streaming and Youtube are very much dependent on the application of ring light. You can make your ring light solution within a small budget.

The quality of lighting will provide superior control over video production. The installation of the ring light is a bit tricky. You need to maintain the steps carefully to install and use the ring lights.

Despite some minor disadvantages, the ring light is providing superior control for video productions.

With the advantage of proper lighting and quality outputs, this ring solution will be in use. The advancement of LED light brings more output compared to other quality solutions.