Event Lighting Ideas: 6 Creative Ways to Illuminate Corporate Events with Style

6 Creative Ways to Illuminate Corporate Events with Style

Successes are reason enough to celebrate when a company thrives. Here you can include every new project that needs to be successfully presented at an event, all anniversaries, and other important events. This means that companies have many occasions and reasons for organizing corporate events.

To organize a corporate event, first of all, a team is needed that can cope with the task assigned for organizing as well as possible. On the other hand, it is necessary to find a space, bar, chairs, and other equipment, for which companies like stellaroseevent are often a best friend to every corporate team for the organization.

But the most important thing is to choose the perfect lighting to give a global flow to the event.

Beyond the standard banquet hall setup and catered delights, it is important to achieve the moment of perfection and a wonderful atmosphere during the event. And what element plays a more transformative role than lighting?

Lighting is the makeup that can turn even the most ordinary events into a whole festival. From setting the mood to highlighting key areas, strategic illumination elevates your event from mundane to magnetic. How to create a way to make a great event? More in the sequel.

1. Paint the Space in One Color!

Paint the Space in One Color

If you are in a large space, then you should stop the monotony and change something with the help of the magic of lights. Step away from harsh overhead lights and embrace the power of color.

Uplighting bathes walls and architectural features in vibrant hues, while strategically placed LED strips can transform even the most ordinary furniture into glowing conversation pieces.

In addition, you can give color to the entire space, that is, with the help of LED reflectors that will be in color, you can paint it in a pale shade of one of the colors. Speaking of colors, it’s best to use corporate colors because that’s where the message can be conveyed best.

2. Capture the Magic of Stars and Natural Lights Through the Power of Lights

Who doesn’t love the twinkling magic of the stars? You can very easily transfer this magic to the space where the event is organized and takes place.

If all that coincides with the theme of the event, but also with what covers the branding, in that case, all that remains is to find a professional solution. You need to look at each of the lighting offers and check if any of them could fulfill this vision of your event in terms of lighting and atmosphere.

3. Highlight What Needs to Be Highlighted at The Event

Highlight What Needs to Be Highlighted at The Event

Strategic use of spotlights can draw attention to key areas and speakers. What parts of the scenery could you light up? Of course, it can be billboards, banners, figures, statues statuettes, and still the company logo.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight important people who are currently present at the event. Highlight the stage with a dramatic single spotlight or use multiple spotlights to create a more dynamic effect.

You can even use them to illuminate specific displays or artwork and thus put all the important things in the center of attention of the attendees.

4. Project Logos, Text, or Event Logos

To add something new and additional to an event or to add branding to it, you don’t need printing. In this way, apart from pasting the space where the event is, you can also brand by reflecting the logo, text, slogans, motto, and vision or logo of the event, during the event itself.

That way you will make a step forward, you will show something new and something that not every company has and offers. Use the full potential of the lights and give the best appearance to the space in which the event of great corporate importance is held.

5. Use the Power of Simple Lights from Crystal Chandeliers

Use the Power of Simple Lights from Crystal Chandeliers

If the event you are organizing is of a corporate nature, you are organizing it in one of the luxurious event halls of the hotels, you can also rely on the equipment available there. We would rather call the equipment inventory because we thought of exactly one part of the inventory, namely the chandeliers.

Chandeliers in large hotels are often shiny, and their inclusion will give the space a brighter look on the one hand, and on the other hand, it will also give the space a more elegant and stylish look.

6. Ambient Lights and LED Strips in Key Places

An improved environment can also mean a sense of beauty, acceptance, gratitude and togetherness, so it might be good to know this idea as well. If it comes to summits, semi-official events, and promotions where an additional value can be added through consulting, you can also use the last two solutions – ambient lights and LED strips.

What do you need to do? First, the ambient lights are placed in a small number of places throughout the event space, a color is chosen that will be reflected on the walls or on the floor, thus contributing to a better atmosphere and a great feeling in the hall.

On the other hand, LED strips are great for marking pathways on the floor, then giving an even better ambient look and feel, so it might also be a good solution for your corporate event.


Corporate Events Lighting

The events are a mirror of the team that organizes them, but above all, they are the face of the company. At events where there is an opportunity to improve the lighting or give it a new dimension, it is necessary to invest in the team itself and start with the arrangements.

That’s why today we brought you several types of lighting, ideas on how to do it all, and, at the very end, to make it all match the company and all the brand colors. When organizing your next event, start with generating and planning the costs and everything that follows, and then everything else.