Ring Light Photography: Using a Ring Light For Portraits & Spectacular Photos

Ring Light Photography

Photography is beautiful. This shows why ring light photography has been a major discussion among lovers of great photography. Let’s talk about those amazing photographers you see around.

Have you ever thought about how they come up with those beautiful pictures and moments they capture? Well, the secret to those amazing pictures you always fall in love with at first glance can be traced to the use of ring light.

Pictures taken using ring light are pictures you can easily differentiate from regular pictures due to their uniqueness.

To start with, ring light focuses more on the eyes of the individual, subject, or model, thereby ensuring the outcome looks beautiful, mature, and professional.

A lot of individual knows what a ring light is, but they do not know the advantages of using one.

What is a Ring Light?

A ring light is circular and it is considered a major tool in photography. A ring light is designed to accommodate the lens of your camera.

This amazing tool gives even lighting and eradicates shadows that may appear in the pictures you take.

Best Ring Light on The Market

The best lights that can be found on the market today are designed for ease of handling and operation.

To start with, these ring lights are properly tailored to users’ needs. This tool can be positioned and brightened according to the need of the user.

In summary, these ring lights are easily adjustable and they come with necessary accessories that ensure you take amazing shots from time to time.

No matter what you have in mind, these ring lights are designed to assist users in coming up with outcomes they will be proud of.

The best ring light on the market are:

01. Mactrem LED Ring Light

Mactrem LED Ring Light

This ring light is considered as one of the top ring lights on the market due to its numerous features. This tool is affordable, and it comes with necessary accessories that aid ease of use.

The light can be easily adjusted, and it can as well be rotated. The lighting mode is of three types and the battery can be easily recharged by connecting it to the socket via its USB port.

This ring light is perfect for photography and videos. Amazingly, it can be operated by a top photographer and a beginner without any difficulties.

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way of enhancing the quality of your pictures and videos, this is the right tool for you.

If you are an individual who enjoys taking selfies, a makeup artist, or a YouTuber, this amazing tool has all you need to always come out on top.

02. Qiaya Selfie Ring Light

Qiaya Selfie Ring Light

This is one of the most effective and affordable customized ring lights for a selfie. Aside from being very affordable, it is also very easy to assemble and use.

This amazing tool can be connected or attached to your smartphone with ease. Its size is about 3.3 inches, and the battery is strong enough to last for up to 8 hours once fully charged.

You can easily take it with you to anywhere you choose to go to, comes at a fantastic price, and it is a perfect fit for both the front and back camera of your phone.

03. UBeesize Selfie Ring Light

UBeesize Selfie Ring Light

If you are an individual who is comfortable with the use of your phone for photography, this ring light is designed to assist you to achieve a professional outcome.

UBeesize is designed to enhance the quality of every shot you take at an affordable price. This design comes with three different modes of colors.

These colors are white, warm white, and warm yellow which gives your picture amazing feel and appearance.

This ring light comes with a wireless shutter which is controlled by a Bluetooth remote, and its flexible grips (phone holder) can comfortably accommodate or hold different brands or types of smartphones.

04. Neewer Dimmable Ring Light

Neewer Dimmable Ring Light

This is another ring light known for its amazing influence on the quality of your pictures and videos. In the end, you are assured of achieving an excellent and professional outcome.

The LED lights that come with this tool are known for their top-quality. These lights are the perfect fit for all types of locations.

You can achieve excellence with the Neewer Dimmable Ring Light when you use it inside the house and as well as outside the house.

This tool comes with amazing features and accessories to aid effective use and amazing outcome from time to time.

Once you purchase this tool, in a matter of time, it becomes your favorite.

You can’t hate this ring light. Thanks to the intensity of the lighting it produces and as well as the low heat it produces. 

05. Selfie Ring Light the New Trend

Selfie Ring Light the New Trend

The use of selfie ring light is a growing trend among individuals who are conformable taking pictures with their smartphones.

If you want to purchase a ring light for a selfie, you can either go for the types that can be easily attached to your phone or make use of a standard ring light.

All About Ring Light Photography Hacks

Ring Light Photography Hacks

When you speak to top photographers and videographers about the influence a ring light has on their production, you will be amazed by the numerous advantages this amazing tool brings.

One of the major reasons they love making use of a ring light from time to time is its effect on the subject when it comes to lighting. The lighting produced is gentle and well spread.

Photography editing is a crucial step in Ring Light Photography, which enhances the quality of images. It involves adjusting lighting, color correction, and retouching to improve the pictures’ overall look.

With editing, you can emphasize the ring light’s unique halo shadow effect, creating stunning and professional-looking photos.

If you are an individual who focuses more on portraiture, a ring light is an important tool for the success of your job.

Also, a ring light should be seen as a great addition when it comes to macro photography, food photography, and other amazing aspects of photography.

Why should you use ring light for photography?

In summary, the major advantage of using a ring light in photography is to erase or get rid of hard shadows that may hinder the beauty of the pictures taken or moments captured.

The goal of every photographer is to create moments with no dents.

When you make use of a ring light in photography, it ensures the outcome looks lively and brilliant.

Take a look at any of the fashion magazines you can find around you, the amazing pictures you see in those magazines are products of a ring light.

If you have never tried a ring light before, give it a shot today. If you can’t afford the expensive ones yet, you can start with the affordable options. One thing is sure.

In the end, your clients will be pleased with the outcome and as well appreciate you.

How to Use a Ring Light

Using a ring light is not complex. This tool has been designed to get rid of any form of complexities.

To start with, make sure you go through the manual that comes with the ring light. Once you understand its various functions, it makes the process of using your ring light easier and faster.

To make use of a ring light for photography, make sure your subject is set, focus, and ready for action.

Once the subject is set, make sure the ring light is placed or positioned facing your camera.

No matter the type of camera you choose to use, ensure the lens of your camera is placed in the center of your ring light.

The purpose of placing your lens in this position is to ensure even distribution of lighting on your subject from time to time.

For a better/ uninterrupted effect, you can adopt the use of tripods or a clip to put your camera and your ring light together.

If you choose to adopt the use of continuous light, it becomes very easy to change the power and the distance between yourself and the subject.

This makes it possible to achieve the expected effect before you make use of your shutter.

In case a flash ring is what you decide to use, it is important to carry out various test captures or shots to know the necessary changes you need to adopt when it comes to the distance and as well as the strength of the light.

To wrap this up, ensure you shoot through the ring light. When you do, perfect and well-distributed lighting is guaranteed with each shot you take.Ring light for Video

When you decide to make use of a ring light as your preferred lighting choice for your video production, the lights from this tool end up producing a halo shadow that looks so attractive, which amazingly showcase the subject in the video.

In the end, this effect gives rise to an outcome that looks amazing. You can as well spice things up by adding sidelights to your list of tools.

When you make use of sidelights and ring lights for your video production, the outcome gives a more professional appearance or look.

Ring Light For Portrait

A ring light is commonly used for a portrait photograph. Apart from its benefit when it comes to getting rid of those tough shadows, ring light for portrait also ensures well-distributed lighting falls on the face of the subject in a cool and soft manner.

This soft and well-distributed lighting is very important to the face of the subject.

In the end, due to the ring of light produced by this tool, the lighting gets across to the face of the subject slightly below and above, and also in the front of the subject.

Ring light for portrait gives a ring reflection and glowing light in the eyes of your subject.


Ring Light Photography faqs

How much does a ring light cost?

If you decide to get a ring light anytime soon, this is a major factor you have to consider. Before now, a ring light is considered an expensive investment.

Although this factor has been corrected or changed over the past years, still a lot of people are not aware of this.

If you discuss with most photographers and small business owners, they do not make use of a ring light because they still consider it an expensive investment.

Well, this has changed. Now, you can get a ring light for as low as $30 as the case may be. The price varies according to use.

Why do YouTubers use ring light for streaming?

To start with, YouTube contents are commercial. For a YouTuber to create those amazing pictures and videos subscribers and visitors would love to see, they need to achieve lightings that are extensive.

The extensive lighting can only be guaranteed with the use of a ring light.

The use of ring light for streaming ensures shadows that may distract viewers from focusing on the content of the production or video are completely eradicated.

Whether you move closer or far away from the subject, a ring light ensures you attain consistency with the outcome of every shot.

What size ring light is perfect?

On major occasions, content creators and photographers may need to go outdoors to capture those amazing moments.

It is very important to put this factor into consideration when picking a new ring light.

To go through those long journeys without any stress, it is important to go for a ring light that is not heavy.

Avoid ring light designs that are bulky and heavy. Go for brands that are known for top-quality and can as well be moved around conveniently.

Can you use ring light for makeup?

For any makeup artist who wishes to stand out from competitions, there is a need for a ring light.

When you make use of a ring light while trying to capture those amazing moments with clients that you wish to upload on social media or during tutorials on YouTube, it brings out the beauty of the facial features and as well reveals the exact skin color of the subject.

If you want to enhance the beauty of your subject while you showcase it to the world, you need a ring light.

What is the right way of using a ring light?

The right way of using a ring light may vary depending on the purpose and the specific model of the light. However, there are some general tips and guidelines to follow when using a ring light:

  1. Position the ring light: The ring light should be positioned in front of the subject, centered with the camera lens. The distance between the subject and the light may vary depending on the desired effect.
  2. Adjust the brightness: Many ring lights come with adjustable brightness settings. Adjust the brightness based on the lighting conditions and the desired effect.
  3. Adjust the color temperature: Some ring lights come with adjustable color temperature settings. Adjust the color temperature based on the lighting conditions and the desired effect.
  4. Use a diffuser: If the ring light is too harsh or produces unwanted shadows, use a diffuser to soften the light.
  5. Use a stand: To ensure stability and adjustability, use a stand to hold the ring light in place.
  6. Experiment with angles: Experiment with different angles to achieve the desired effect. The ring light can be tilted up, down, or to the side to create different effects.
  7. Practice with different subjects: Practice using the ring light with different subjects to learn how to achieve different effects and to find the best settings for each situation.

Can I make a ring light by myself?

If you don’t have what it takes to purchase a ring light, you can make it yourself. On the internet today, there are several tutorials on how you can achieve this on your own.

How good are ring lights for photography?

A ring light is a wonderful tool for photography. When you make use of this tool, it guarantees an awesome outcome.

The pictures captured and videos recorded using a ring light are always beautiful and great.


Ring light photography makes it easy and possible to come up with amazing pictures.

Every picture taken with the use of ring light is nicely lit and the process of capturing those moments becomes very easy.

Instead of making use of several flashes for a particular scene, the use of a ring light makes the whole process easier, faster, and better.