10 Best Mood Lights For The Bedroom 2024 – Make Your Sleeping Space Cozy

Having a pleasant lighting setup might help people in relaxing themselves after a hectic day. But, setting up some impressive colors in the bedroom isn’t an easy task.

Knowing about the different kinds of lights in the market might help people to know how to light their bedrooms in a better way.

But why is it important to implement a mood light in the bedroom? As the bedroom is the only place to sit and release, it is necessary to have a proper lighting setup according to the preference. Moreover, it also enhances the overall sleeping experience.

Comparison Table:

There are a variety of lights in general, but choosing the right one in this crowd might be daunting. In this article, we have mentioned some Best Mood lights for the bedroom 2024, so if you’re looking for some impressive lights, then make sure to stay connected till the end.

Top Picks of Mood Lights For Bedroom

Generally, people might prefer to place some lighting setup behind the Tv or on the ceiling. So lighting can be placed anywhere in the room according to their preference.

But there are some criteria for placing each Light, so people should make sure to follow these criteria to enhance the overall look of the bedroom. Below mentioned are some of the best mood lights for the bedroom that can be found on amazon.

1. Vont Smart LED Strip Lights [16.4 FT] LED Light Strip

Vont Smart LED Strip Lights [16.4 FT] LED Light Strip


The Vont smart LED strip lights are by far the easiest to work with and are incredibly decorative and convenient. The thing that a lot of users will know to appreciate is the physical switch with which they come since you can control the lights with something other than a smart assistant.

Speaking of which, you can also control the lights via Alexa. You are able to switch colors, and brightness, add an on/off timer, etc. The colors are visually appealing and will add a cool atmosphere to your room.

On top of all the nice features that come along with this product, you can also make your own custom color combination and add a transition. You can play with it for a while to find the perfect mix.

Easy to use and set up, Vont smart LED strip lights are a perfect choice for the holiday season but for everyday use as well since they will add more depth to your room and brighten the atmosphere.

You can add them to your gaming rig and brighten up the whole station, or activate music sync and watch the lights bounce in the rhythm of your favorite tunes.

It is a product of numerous possibilities and features that you should not miss, especially because they come for a modest price tag and deliver at least twice as high value.


  • The lights support music sync mode, which is great for the party atmosphere.
  • Easy control via the Vont app for adjusting brightness, switching colors, and adjustment of on/off time.
  • Hands-free voice command that allows Alexa and Google assistant to change colors for you.
  • A lifetime warranty that will cover you for life, even if the product gets stolen, lost or damaged
  • An option to switch color patterns from a wide choice of a whopping 16 million colors.

2. Volivo Led Strip Light

Volivo Led Strip Light


Yes! Many lights are available in the market which can be installed in bedrooms using some additional components. But LED strip lights can fit well in all areas, especially in bedrooms with very little space.

Moreover, traditional lights are available in a single color, whereas LED strips can project some impressive colors that can enhance the overall look and provide users with a pleasant feel. People who prefer to install it in shaded places can experience the beam of various colors.

This particular product is available in 100ft length, so people can easily cut and implement this LED strip in various locations according to their preference. The company has provided a remote along with a 100ft LED Light.

This remote might help people in switching between various modes with ease. As color variations play a vital role in calming down the mind, people can switch to the preferred Light according to their preference.

If you’re looking for an impressive lighting setup in your bedroom, then make sure to give it a try.


  • This product is made of 5050 RGB LED Light in which the brightness and even the lights can be switched by using a remote.
  • Dynamic modes along with 20 color options in this LED Light can serve people in a better way.
  • 100ft LED Light can be used to light the entire bedroom without any issues. A part of Light can also be used for Light TVs and PlayStations as well. It can fit well even on stairs and other parts of the house.
  • The 100 ft LED Light can be split into three parts, so it will be easy for people to fix it in various places.
  • The sticker in this LED light sticks well in all the dry areas.
  • This energy-saving LEd Light is covered with a non-conductor, so there is no need to worry about safety.

3. BlissLights Skylite 2.0

BlissLights Skylite 2.0


People who prefer to sleep under a bunch of stars can purchase this product. Unlike other traditional lights, this projection light looks impressive in all the settings. The mix of clouds along with stars looks impressive in the dark.

The machine might seem to be small, but the output of this device can surprise users. This device is portable, and hence it can fit well in all the rooms. Enjoying the artificial moonlight dinner in the comfort of home has also been made easy by this device.

Some movies might seem impressive under some lighting conditions, so watching such romantic movies with loved ones has also been made easy by skylite 2.0.

This light can be altered according to your preference, so make sure to give it a try before purchasing a mood light for your living area.


  • The visualization from this device is achieved by using holographic technology.
  • People can just use the buttons or download the mobile application to control the device using a smartphone.
  • Like other devices, people can easily adjust the lighting conditions and brightness levels to have a pleasant feel.

4. Galaxy Star Projector

Galaxy Star Projector


This product can act as a perfect decorative item and a gift for people who prefer to decorate their bedroom differently.

Whether you prefer to have a stary or mysterious night, any kind of feeling can be obtained by using a galaxy star projector.

Nebulae and stars emitted from this device look impressive in low lighting conditions. These nebulae and stars can be controlled manually, or they can also switch between various modes automatically if people prefer to set the device in automatic mode.

The company has provided the latest version of this device with remote control. People who prefer to play songs and enjoy the lighting at the same time should try using this device as it can multitask easily. Built-in speakers can make this possible, so make sure to give it a try before purchasing one for your personal needs.

Setting a timer and switching between various modes has been made easy in this device as it has an official mobile application and a built-in remote. Galaxy star can also provide disco lighting effects.


  • The device can be controlled by using a smartphone or remote.
  • The inbuilt speaker in this device can help people listen to their favorite tracks.
  • It can be dance music or a favorite melody track; any kind of song can be played using this device.
  • People can use the Bluetooth connection to pair it with a smartphone.
  • It has many other added advantages than any other projector light. Other than these features, this device is approved by CE and Rohs.

5. Govee Wi-Fi Tv Backlights.

Govee Wi-Fi Tv Backlights.


People must have seen some impressive bedroom lighting, but some might prefer to install some impressive lights on their TV. So people who prefer to implement some impressive lights in their Television can prefer purchasing this product.

This lighting set comes with a camera, Led Light, and a special device that detects the Light in tv and projects it into the LED Light that is fixed at the backside of the Television.

The camera in this device helps capture the exact color of the Tv, which then sends some signal to the smart device that detects the exact color. These signals are then sent to the LED Light that is fixed on the backside of the Television.

The special RGBIC technology used in this device will help people change the colour of each strip. This feature seems attractive while using a PlayStation.

People can just give it a try to know the exact output of the device. The mic in the smart device will help people control the entire system through voice commands.


  • This device is powered by a 1080p intelligent camera that can sense colors in a better way.
  • The device can be controlled by using voice commands, so operating the device can be done from a distance.
  • According to the scenario, it has various modes, so people can switch to the preferred mode.
  • Syncing to various music has also been made easy by the smart device available in stock. The required ambiance can be attained by switching between various modes.
  • Even the camera can be attached to the top of the tv, so there is no need to worry about the spacing.

6. Portable Touch Lamp

Portable Touch Lamp


Like other mood lights, even a touch lamp can provide a specific feel. People who prefer to stay in pleasant candlelight surroundings can purchase this touch lamp. This device is simple to use; just by touching the outer surface of the Light, it can switch on and off easily.

Even this small device can switch between three modes, so people can either use it in mild white Light or use the multi-color option. It is surprising to hear that the company has provided a total of 256 color combinations in this small device.

This device can be charged using a USB cable. So soon after charging, it can emit a multitude of colors for a long time. It suits various occasions and general usage, so people should make sure to give it a try. People can just pause their favorite color according to their preference. It is portable and can be used as a living room light, kitchen light, or even a bedroom light.


  • Portable and small in size. Can switch between two to three colors.
  • The remote control can be used to control the lights.
  • Works using a chargeable battery and hence can be placed anywhere in the room according to the need for Light.
  • Whether it is a candlelight dinner or a power-packed disco night, it fits well for all occasions.

Buying Guide

buying guide

Choosing the right mood light for bedrooms might be daunting because there are various options in the general market. But some basic criteria have to be considered when choosing a mood light for your bedroom and living area.


It can be a colorful party light or a dull light for setting up a good mood in your bedroom; anything can be done by choosing the perfect light according to your preference.

As it is a private space, people should make sure to choose the right theme to set up in their room so that it provides a pleasant feel while entering the room. Setting up the right theme might create some wonders, so make sure to create a theme by using that Light.


Purchasing a low-grade Mood light might result in malfunction or some other risks. So it is a must to purchase a light that the government validates.

Low-grade Light might fill your room with temporary colors but might malfunction in a short time. As the lighting of the room is interconnected with the psychology, having a good quality mood light has become mandatory.

Other than these criteria, it is better to set up Light in such a way that the device is hidden. This means the Light alone should be projected into the room so that people can have a better feel.

Final Thoughts

So now people must have a better idea of choosing the right mood light with ease. It is better to choose the right Light that has passed all the tests to avoid problems in the future. Generally, having dim and pleasant lights in bedrooms can enhance the mood and calm down the mind after completing a hectic day in the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does lighting affect your mood?

Yes, lighting can significantly affect your mood and overall well-being. The quality, intensity, and color of light have a direct impact on our physiological and psychological responses. Here are some ways in which lighting can influence your mood:

Brightness and Intensity: Bright and intense lighting, such as natural sunlight or cool white light, can stimulate the brain and promote alertness, focus, and productivity.

It can help combat feelings of fatigue, improve concentration, and enhance your mood. On the other hand, dimmer and softer lighting can create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, promoting feelings of calmness, comfort, and relaxation.

Color Temperature: The color temperature of light is measured in Kelvin (K) and refers to the warmth or coolness of the light emitted. Warm light, with lower color temperatures (around 2,700K to 3,000K), such as the light emitted by incandescent bulbs or candlelight, tends to create a cozy and intimate ambiance, evoking feelings of relaxation and warmth.

Cool light, with higher color temperatures (around 5,000K to 6,500K), resembles natural daylight and can enhance focus and productivity, but it may feel more energizing and less soothing.

Color Rendering: The ability of light to accurately represent colors is known as color rendering. Good color rendering helps to create a visually appealing environment and can positively impact mood.

High-quality lighting with excellent color rendering index (CRI) values allows colors to appear vibrant and true to their actual appearance. This can evoke positive emotions, enhance visual comfort, and create a more pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere.

Light and Circadian Rhythm: Exposure to natural light and its variations throughout the day plays a crucial role in regulating our circadian rhythm, which is our internal body clock that regulates sleep-wake cycles and other physiological processes.

Insufficient exposure to natural light or exposure to bright, cool light during the evening can disrupt the circadian rhythm, leading to sleep disturbances, mood disorders, and decreased overall well-being.

Proper lighting that mimics natural light patterns can help maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle and promote better mood and mental health.

Psychological Associations: Lighting can also have psychological associations that impact mood. For example, soft, warm lighting reminiscent of sunset or candlelight is often associated with relaxation and comfort.

Bright, vibrant lighting colors can evoke feelings of energy and excitement, while cooler and bluish lighting can create a more clinical or sterile atmosphere.

What colors in lights suit well in the bedroom?

Pleasant colors like sky blue, grass green, and many more colors suit well in the bedroom. If you prefer to install some impressive colors in the bedroom, then make sure to shortlist some impressive products to choose the best according to your preference.

Which Light is best for sleeping?

Warm colored lights can enhance the overall sleeping experience. This is because of the sensitivity in the eyes, which acts normally in warmer lights. Blue Light can spoil your sleep, so make sure to avoid this Light to have a better sleeping experience.

Red Light can increase melatonin production, so it is better to have a warm red light to sleep well.

What are all the types of lighting that can be done in a bedroom?

There are several types of lighting that can be used in a bedroom to create a comfortable and functional space. Here are some common types of lighting used in bedrooms:

  1. Ambient Lighting: Also known as general lighting, ambient lighting provides overall illumination to the entire room. It ensures that the bedroom is well-lit and creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. This type of lighting is usually achieved through ceiling-mounted fixtures, such as recessed lights, flush mount fixtures, or pendant lights.
  2. Task Lighting: Task lighting is focused lighting that provides illumination for specific activities or tasks. In a bedroom, task lighting is essential for activities such as reading, studying, or getting dressed. Common sources of task lighting include bedside table lamps, desk lamps, or wall-mounted reading lights.
  3. Accent Lighting: Accent lighting is used to highlight or draw attention to specific features or objects in the bedroom, such as artwork, architectural details, or decorative elements. This type of lighting adds visual interest and creates a focal point in the room. Accent lighting can be achieved through the use of wall sconces, track lighting, or adjustable spotlights.
  4. Vanity Lighting: If your bedroom has a vanity or dressing area, vanity lighting is crucial for proper grooming and makeup application. Vanity lights are typically installed above or on the sides of a mirror to provide even and shadow-free lighting. Wall sconces or vertical strip lights are commonly used for vanity lighting.
  5. Dimmable Lighting: Installing dimmer switches for your bedroom lighting allows you to adjust the brightness levels according to your needs and preferences. Dimmable lighting adds versatility and creates different moods within the space. It can be especially beneficial for creating a relaxing and cozy ambiance in the evenings.
  6. Nightlights: Nightlights are low-level, gentle lighting options that are perfect for providing a subtle glow during the night. They help to navigate the room without disturbing sleep. Nightlights can be plug-in wall lights, small table lamps, or LED strips strategically placed around the room.