15 Best Black Light For Large Area 2024 – Top UV LED Light Bars

Black light for large area

The warmth of incandescent bulbs or the unfailing glow of fluorescents is commonly used for every lighting requirement. However, there are different lighting options that are more suitable and convenient for different situations.

Black lights are best suited where fluorescent substances are present. These lights can provide a different atmosphere when it comes to hosting parties, events and concerts.

It also has domestic applications which include looking for scorpions, searching for stain marks like pet urine and much more. In this article, you will get insights into the best black light for a large area.

Best Black UV Lights Review

1. uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight

If you are looking for a UV black flashlight then check out this best-quality flashlight by uvBeast that goes above and beyond. These are designed to be the best of their kind and have the highest customer ratings in the market.

The updated performance and looks of the flashlight ensure that it is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. These lights have high market adoption by several industries.

It is made up of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, high-grade quality material that gives you better performance than flimsy UV black flashlights that aren’t powerful enough. It ensures higher power and a broader UV range and can withstand the test of time with higher power output. It comes with a professional class adjustable wavelength between 385nm and 395nm type UV in a single flashlight.

The updated version of these lights comes with more powerful UV LED chips that ensure high-quality performance that can detect any stains that are invisible to the human eye. Using uvBeast black light you will undoubtedly get the best results. These products qualify for ASQ quality check standards that increase their efficiency and make them highly durable.


  • Higher power and broader UV range
  • Updated looks and performance with improved UV LED chips
  • Both for domestic and commercial application
  • Quality checks against ASQ standards and top-notch quality
  • High-density flux in 385nm–395nm
  • Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and corrosion-proof design

2. GLOSSDAY UV Black Light Flashlight

GLOSSDAY UV Black Light Flashlight

Check out these GLOSSDAY UV black flashlights to satisfy the most demanding black light requirements. These are professional-grade black lights that provide the best experience and no matter what you need them for, they can be used for multiple purposes.

These flashlights are made up of an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy which makes them sturdy and durable.

It is designed with an abrasive surface treatment and a non-slip textured grip that makes it easy to hold. It is equipped with 100 ultra-intensity LED chips with 18W power and 395 nm wavelength for extreme power and a wider range These lamps are ideal to meet all your basic needs and are good at detecting untraceable stains such as dry per urine, oil stains on clothes, fluorescent detection, find scorpions and much more.

These lamps come with IP44 water-resistant and dust-resistant features that make them highly durable for a long period. It also gives 40% brighter light that can cover a large area and makes it better than any other standard quality black lamp.

The GLOSSDAY UV black light comes with a long-running life that can last up to 100,000 hours which makes it completely value for money. Whether to hunt scorpions or to locate pet urine stain marks this black light can be extremely handy and easy to use.


  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy material
  • Ultra-intensity 18W power and 395 nm wavelength for a larger area
  • 40% brighter with the best quality LED chips
  • Features anti-slip textures, sturdy and durable design
  • Equipped with IP44 water-resistant and dust-resistant glass
  • Long lifespan up to 100,000 hours

3. Benty 100W Black Lighting with Plug

Benty 100W Black Lighting with Plug

Up next, you can try this Benty black light that is a special means to cover larger areas while searching for scorpions, pet urine stain marks, finding currency, identity cards, passports or any other visible fluorescent material. These black floodlights are made from high-quality metal and powered with electrical cords. It is equipped with triple LED chips of 0.5W each that emit high-frequency light.

These lamps are highly efficient in covering large areas and are specially meant for outdoor purposes. These black floodlights are designed meticulously with a wide beam angle that makes them usable for multiple purposes. These lamps can easily disperse the heat which increases the lifespan of these floodlights. They can be used for hosting various events and theatrical performances.

These are floodlights fluorescent reactive and efficiently give high performance for hours making them one of the best quality lamps for identifying reactive pigments. These floodlights are IP65 water-resistant shock-resistant and erosion-resistant and have a long-lasting lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

Easy-to-install black floodlights don’t require additional wiring and can be used with a power outlet. These are highly energy-efficient and can be placed in any direction.


  • High-frequency triple LED chips of 0.5W each
  • Meticulously designed with 120° wide beam angle for larger areas
  • Highly optimized and efficient light output consuming less energy
  • IP65 water-resistant, shock-resistant and erosion-resistant
  • Die-cast aluminum alloy material is used for a durable body and easy handling
  • Long-lasting lifespan and high efficiency
  • Easy installation and can be positioned anywhere easily

4. Onforu 100W LED Black Floodlight

Onforu 100W LED Black Floodlight

This 100W LED floodlight by Onforu is amongst the best quality black light on the market. These lights are highly powerful and give you the best lighting output. It is equipped with 100 units of LED chips that emit high-intensity beams along with a 120-degree wide beam angle to cover more space. Make your parties and events fun and enjoyable with these multi-purpose black floodlights.

These lights can be used to provide special effects at various parties, and Halloween decorations and lighting. These lights can also be used for locating reactive pigments, dyes and paints. It has plenty of other uses in plant growth, fishing and much more.

It is equipped with heat sink fins that make heat dissipate much faster. It is made of die-cast aluminum alloy material with a long-running time of more than 50,000 hours.

These top-notch quality, highly efficient and energy-saving black lamps can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes. Any type of fluorescent material can be easily located with the help of these smart lamps.

These lamps can be installed easily without any hassle and don’t require additional wiring. It comes with a switch that gives you the control to turn it on and off anytime.


  • 100W LED chips with a high-intensity lighting output
  • Easy and flexible installation, and easy to handle
  • Heat sink fins dissipate heat much faster
  • IP66 water-resistant, shock-resistant and erosion-resistant
  • Less heat and lesser power consumption and high efficiency
  • Light fixture, improved flexibility and adjustable bracket

5. Gohyo 36 LED Black Light

Gohyo 36 LED Black Light 

This bar black backlight is one of the best-selling products in the market. This LED lamp from Gohyo is in the shape of a bar that gives the best performance and highest lighting output. These lights are typically used as glow lights mostly in birthday parties, Halloween celebrations, Christmas and several other events.

This super bright UV LED black lamp is equipped with LED chips of 3W each of 395 nm to 400 nm wavelength. These are often called party lights but can be used for several other purposes including scorpion hunting, removal of dry pet urine stains and much more. It also has a 120-degree wide beam angle to cover larger areas at once.

These bar lamps are equipped with small cooling fans that allow fast heat dissipation capacity. Thus, prevents overheating, delivers optimal performance and increases the lifespan for a much longer period. These smart black lights can be controlled easily with a remote and give multiple options to adjust different levels of brightness and lighting mode.

The brightness level can be adjusted at low, medium and high options and 4 lighting modes give you the control to adjust them as per the party demands. These UV black lights are completely safe and don’t cause any harm to human skin. These lights are highly energy-efficient and easy to install anywhere covering a larger area.


  • 18 LED chips of 3W each for optimal output and high-intensity lighting
  • 120° wide beam angle with adjustable bracket for easy positioning
  • Dual in-built cooling fans for fast heat dissipation capacity
  • Remote control features with multiple lighting options
  • Portable, lightweight and easy installation that can be set up without breaking a bone
  • Doesn’t cause any harm to human skin

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Black Light for Large Area

Source: waveformlighting.com

These were the descriptive features of the top best black lights for a large area in 2024. All these black lights ensure optimal performance and are energy efficient. These lights can be used for multiple purposes including scorpion hunting, birthday party, Halloween arrangements, Christmas, and plenty of other events.

Also, they are extremely beneficial in searching for stain marks like dry pet urine and much more. If you are having a hard time selecting the ideal black light then follow this buyer’s guide to get help with the purchase.

Type of black light

There are a few types of UV black lights that can be best used for specific purposes. If you require a black lamp for domestic purposes like identifying reactive pigments, stain marks of dry pet urine, scorpion hunting, etc., things that are not visible to the naked eye then UV black flashlights are ideal for you.

These flashlights can be carried easily to search different areas and don’t require a power outlet.

If you are looking for black lights for outdoor purposes generally for partying and hosting events then floodlights or bar backlights are your best options. These produce high-intensity lighting and give optimal performance for stage performances and concerts. Also, these lights are completely safe and don’t cause any harm to human skin.


Before buying UV black lights, ensure that they have a long-lasting lifespan. All the lamps mentioned above have a lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. The longevity of these lamps also depends on the quality and heat dissipation capacity.

These black lights are made with high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum material that makes them durable and sturdy. These are also equipped with heat sink fins and cooling fans that ensure fast heat dissipation capacity.

Some additional features

Some additional features that you must look for before making a purchase include waterproof covering, shock-resistant and protective glass to protect from dust. These features are extremely beneficial if you are using them for outdoor purposes. It also increases the lifespan of your lamps.

Ensure that the lights come with an easy installation manual and have a minimum 120-degree wide beam angle for easy positioning. Also, ensure that it has anti-slip textures and a meticulously designed body for easy handling.


Source: blikkedup.com

How big of an area do they cover?

It depends on the model, but even the cheapest UV black light bulb will cover a pretty sizable area. If you need to cover a larger area, try out the models which are equipped with high-intensity LED chips that give brighter lighting and a wide beam angle to cover a large area.

How often do we have to replace them?

If you are buying the best quality black light then it will give you a running time of around 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours based on your usage and maintenance. If you are using your black light for about 10 hours a week or more, we recommend replacing your bulb every 6 months. If you are using it less frequently, expect it to last around 1 year.

What is the wavelength of your UV black lights for a large area?

The LED chips used in UV black lights for large areas have a wavelength range of 380 nm to 385 nm ensuring higher power and optimal performance for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

What are UV black lights used for?

UV black lights are used for various purposes, including:

  • Fluorescent substance detection: UV light can cause certain materials to emit visible light, making it useful for detecting fluorescent substances in art, security features, and forensic investigations.
  • Party and event lighting: UV black lights create a unique and vibrant atmosphere, making them popular for parties, raves, and themed events. They can make fluorescent decorations, costumes, and accessories glow in the dark.
  • Stain detection: UV light can reveal stains that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. This is useful for identifying pet urine stains, checking cleanliness in hotels and restaurants, and detecting counterfeit money or identification cards.
  • Scorpion hunting: UV black lights can help detect scorpions as they fluoresce under UV light, allowing for easier identification and removal.

What is the difference between UV black light flashlights and floodlights?

UV black light flashlights are compact and portable handheld devices. They are suitable for personal use, allowing you to easily navigate and search smaller areas.

UV black light floodlights are larger and more powerful lights designed to cover larger areas. They are often used for outdoor events, stage performances, and professional applications where wider coverage is required.

How long do UV black lights last?

The lifespan of UV black lights can vary depending on the quality of the light and usage. Generally, UV LED black lights have a lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. It is recommended to replace the bulb every 6 months to 1 year, depending on usage.


After reading this article, you must have a detailed idea about black lights and their applications for different purposes. All the above-mentioned lamps are the best UV black lights with high-intensity LED chips for brighter lighting and covering a large area.

Furthermore, you can follow the descriptive buyer’s guide to help you out making the right purchase.

When you want to light up a large room or area in an eerie ultraviolet glow, look no further than a UV black light. UV black lights can be used for anything from party decorations to professional use.