12 Volt LED String Lights For Low Voltage Outdoor & Home Décor 2024: Shine Brighter!

12 Volt LED String Lights For Low Voltage

12 volt LED string lights are a versatile type of lighting used by a majority of people. Building contractors, interior and lighting designers now opt for LED string lights due to its efficient lighting and flexibility.

Nowadays, 12 volts LED string lights are used for more than backlighting, accent lighting, and accent lighting.

Thanks to the improvements made in LED lighting’s efficiency, 12 volts LED String light is now powerful enough to be used to serve the same purpose as halogen and fluorescent fixtures.

There are also different designs available that can suit whatever purpose you want. 12 volt LED string light requires 12VDC power input to function optimally.

What Is 12 Volt LED String Light?

12 volt LED string light belongs to a class of LED lights that are joined together with a flexible circuit board. Just like any other type of lighting, they can serve both utility and aesthetic purposes.

Where To Use Them?

12 Volt LED String Lights For Low Voltage

The increased luminous capacity of 12 volts LED string light makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

The LED string light is flexible enough for you to install it anywhere you want it. There are portable LED lights powered using a battery pack or a USB device that you can use for your DIY projects.

How Does 12 Volt LED String Light Works?

Depending on the type of 12 volts LED string light you have, there are different ways to power it.

If you want to power it directly, you can plug it into a wall socket and reduce the line voltage depending on what you want to use the lighting for.

You can also try connecting your 12 volts lights directly to a hardwire power supply, which can either be an open frame or cage.

Where to Buy

The internet has made buying your 12 volts LED string light very easy. You can buy from any online store like Amazon and eBay.

All you need to do is go online and search for a preferred online store with a 12 volts LED string light in stock.

How Much Does It Cost?

Depending on the type, length of the string light, and the store you want to buy it from, a 12 volt LED string light costs as low as $6.

How To Choose The Best Ones

12 Volt LED String Lights

Before you buy a 12 volt LED string light for your space, you should consider some guiding factors to help you make the best choice. Some of these factors include:

The Length Of The Needed String Light

String lights come in different lengths that will suit whatever needs you might have for it. String lights range from 3 feet to 16 feet. It is advisable to add an extra foot to your required length.

Indoor Or Outdoor Use

12 volt LED string light can be used both indoor and outdoor. However, some types are more suitable than others in specific places.

For example, it is advisable to get waterproof LED string lights for outdoor use. Waterproof LED strings usually have an IP56 rating or higher that will ensure they are not affected by snow or rain.

The Level Of Brightness You Require

There are different grades to the brightness level of 12 volts LED string light, and depending on your need, you should go for the one that will adequately serve you.

String lights with more LEDs per foot are guaranteed to be brighter than those with lesser LEDs per foot.

Installation Accessories

For your 12 volts LED string light to be installed appropriately, you must ensure you get the right accessories that will keep your string light from falling off.

Some of the accessories you can get include mounting clips, adhesive tape, and mounting tracks.

Pros & Cons Of Using 12 Volt LED String Lights

12 Volt LED String Lights For Low Voltage

If you want to opt for a 12 volt LED string light, it is advisable to know its good and bad sides. This will help you decide on whether or not to go for a 12 volts LED string light.


  • Low Electric Shock Risk

12 volt LED string light is known to have a lower risk of electric shock. This is due to its considerably low voltage, which has little or no effect on the human body’s built-in shock resistance.

You also do not get to see scary sparks during connections, unlike high-voltage string lights. This gives you the opportunity of experimenting with your string light without the fear of getting electrocuted.

  • Economical Source of Lighting

The 12-volt LED string light requires minimal voltage to power it. Power sources such as power banks, batteries, and laptops can power a 12-volt LED string light. This makes it an economical type of lighting.

  • Versatility

You get to enjoy the versatility feature of a 12 volts LED string light when you use it. They can be dimmed to reduce their brightness while still maintaining their lighting efficiency. You can also change the LED to a preferred mood light to suit your mood.

  • Durability

12 volt LED string light lasts for as long as possible due to the less heat per unit length it generates. It is known to last between 30,000 to 50,000 hours.


  • Complex Accessories

12 volt LED string lights do not have a built-in transformer, which means you have to buy it separately and install it.

It would be best if you also considered the distance the transformer would cover from the spotlight. You may need technicians to help you with such an installation.

  • Electrical Efficiency

Although 12 volts LED string light is a low-voltage system, it consumes more current to make up for the low voltage.

How to Install 12 Volt LED String Lights

12 volt LED string light is a versatile light that can be used anywhere inside your building or out of it. To enjoy a LED light, you must ensure you get the installation process right.

Below are the things you can do to ensure the perfect installation of your 12 Volt LED string light.

Appropriate Surface

It is essential to ensure that the surface on which you want to install your LED string light is smooth, clean, and dry. This will ensure that your LED string light lasts as long as possible.


The first stage of installation is unpacking your 12 volts LED string light, after which you take off the adhesive backing and place it on your preferred surface.

Ensure that it is adequately pressed against the surface, or you can use mounting clips to ensure it is firmly attached to the surface.


After successfully attaching the LED string light to your desired surface, you can attach the power adapter and controller and plug it in an electric source to power it. You can choose your preferred color or intensity using the controller.

12 Volt String Lights Troubleshooting: The Common Problems and Solutions

Like any other household gadget, your 12 volts LED string lights may develop unexpected issues.

These issues may not require you to change the string light or call a technician, only if you know how to troubleshoot the problem. Here are some common issues and how you can solve them.

Unusual Flashing

When your 12 volts LED string light begins to fluctuate at a consistent rate, then it means your power supply is overloaded.

This can be solved simply by increasing your power supply to cater to the total wattage required by your string light.

You can also get an alternative power source and divide your string light into two, powered by these different electricity sources. 

Hot LED Lights

When you notice that your 12 volts LED string light is unusually hot or emits a lot of heat, it is either you have a 24-volt power source supplying a 12 volt LED string light, or there is a short circuit.

A short circuit occurs when the positive and the negative terminal touch each other. The solution to the first cause is getting a 12-volt power source to supply your 12 volts LED string light.

Regarding a short circuit, check the soldering of the positive and negative terminals to ensure they are not touching.

LED Light Tripping Off Breaker

When your LED light is tripping your breaker, it is either the incoming current is too high or your power supply is faulty.

To solve the faulty power supply, remove all your appliances connected to your breaker and plug them back one after the other until you identify the cause for the tripping off. You can also increase the size of your breaker or divide them to cater to your appliances.

Brightness Issues

This can be caused by a drop in the supply of voltage to your string light. When you notice that the brightness of one end of your string light is dull, it is mainly because of its length. You can split the string light to ensure adequate lighting.

Burnt Wire Smell

This occurs when your 12 volts LED string lights are coiled up. The heat emitted will affect the overlapping wires and cause them to smell burnt. You can solve this by uncoiling your string light when they are in use.

 When The LED Doesn’t Come On

A faulty power supply usually causes this. You can solve this by changing your power supply.

12 Volt LED String Lights For Low Voltage

Maintenance Tips

If you want to enjoy your 12 volts LED string light, you must ensure that it is well maintained to avoid any faulty function. Below are some tips you can use to maintain your 12 volts LED string light.

Regular Cleaning

It is essential you rid your string light of dust and debris. It will ensure the string light lasts you as long as possible.

Regular Inspections

Inspect bulbs

You don’t have to wait till your string light develops a fault before you inspect it. You can do a routine check on your string light from time to time to detect any fault or potential fault and repair it as soon as possible.

Guard Against High Humidity & Temperature

A hot weather condition is bound to affect the electrical components of your 12 volts LED string light. When the electrical component of your LED light becomes faulty, it reduces its lifespan.

Turn Off When Not In Use

You should develop a culture of turning off your LED light when you don’t need it to ensure it lasts long.

Limit Moisture Exposure

If you’re using a 12 volt LED string light that is not water-resistant, it is advisable to ensure it is not at any point exposed to moisture.

Avoid Corrosive Cleaning Agents

Avoid using cleaning agents such as detergents and other chemicals that may be harmful to your string light. A soft cloth should do.

WH Questions Low Voltage String Lights

12 Volt LED String Lights For Low Voltage

Why Are 12 Volt LED String Light Special?

12 volt LED string lights are special because they are easy to install and versatile when it comes to using them and fitting them into any preferred design.

What Is String Light Density?

String light density refers to the number of light bulbs or LEDs that are spaced along the length of a string light. It is typically measured in bulbs per foot or meter, and it is an important factor to consider when choosing string lights for a particular application.

It can affect the overall brightness and appearance of the lights, as well as the level of control you have over the lighting effect. A higher density of bulbs or LEDs will generally result in a brighter and more intense light, while a lower density will create a softer and more ambient lighting effect.

What Is A Lumen?

A lumen is a unit of measurement used to quantify the amount of visible light emitted by a light source. It is a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted in all directions per unit of time, and it is used to express the brightness or luminous output of light bulbs, LED lights, and other lighting fixtures. GreenHomeGnome click here to check why you need to invest in LED’s. The lumen is a part of the International System of Units (SI) and is denoted by the symbol “lm.”

When choosing lighting solutions for a specific area or task, the number of lumens is an important factor to consider. A higher number of lumens indicates a brighter light source, while a lower number of lumens indicates a dimmer light source.

By comparing the lumens of different light sources, you can determine which one will provide the desired level of brightness for your needs.

What Is A LED String Light Dimmer?

A LED string light dimmer is used to control the level of brightness of the LED light. Depending on your preference, you can adjust the level of brightness of your 12 volts LED string light to suit your need.

What Are RGB Multicolor?

RGB multicolor refers to a color model that combines the three primary colors of light: Red, Green, and Blue, to create a wide range of colors. This color model is used in various electronic devices, including computer monitors, TVs, digital cameras, and LED lighting systems, to display or create a variety of colors by adjusting the intensity of each primary color.

The term “RGB multicolor” is often associated with LED lighting systems that can produce a multitude of colors by varying the intensity of red, green, and blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

By mixing different intensities of these primary colors, you can create virtually any color within the visible spectrum, including white light. RGB multicolor LED lights are popular in various applications, such as stage lighting, architectural lighting, and decorative lighting, due to their versatility and ability to create dynamic, customizable color effects

Why Is The Length Of The String Light Important?

The length of string light is essential because it gives you an idea of how many string lights you’ll need and how much it’ll cost. String lights are generally between 3 feet and 16.4 feet long.

What Are The Power Supply Options Available For Your 12 Volt LED String Light?

The power source options include an 8 battery cell holder, 12v battery pack, dimmable power source, plug-in adapter, and hardware power supply.

Why Amount Of Heat Is Produced By 12 Volt LED String Light?

LED lights generally have a heat sink that absorbs the heat produced. However, the LEDs in a 12 volt LED string light are small. Therefore, the heat produced is minute.

What Does LED Pitch Mean?

LED pitch refers to the distance between the center of each LED diode on a string light or LED panel. It is typically measured in millimeters or inches and is an important factor to consider when selecting LED lights for a particular application.

The LED pitch determines the spacing and density of the LEDs on the light, which can affect the overall brightness and visual appearance of the light.

A lower LED pitch means that the LEDs are placed closer together, resulting in a higher density of lights and a brighter overall output.

A higher LED pitch means that the LEDs are placed further apart, resulting in a lower density of lights and a softer, more diffused output.

What Is LED?

The full meaning is Light Emitting Diode. It converts electrical energy into light.


12 volt LED string light is a flexible and versatile form of lighting that can adequately light up your space. Its brightness efficacy ensures that it serves the same purpose as the other conventional lightings like incandescent bulbs.

When you finally decide on using a 12 volt LED string light, it is essential to research all its components so that it can adequately serve you.

It has many advantages over other types of lighting. You should vibe it a try.