Top 10 Best Boom Pole For Microphones 2024 – Perfect Choice For Video, Audio & Youtube

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A good quality boom pole is necessary if you want to shoot great videos. The best boom pole will make sure that the sound is captured properly, so that is redeemed clearly in the video.

Your audience will love the crystal-clear sound of your videos and short movies, this is why it is worth investing in a good boom pole. Below you will find all the info you need to make a wise decision, without spending too much.

Get the Perfect Shot with These Top Picks

01. Rode Boompole Professional – Best Microphone Boom Pole

Rode Boompole Professional

A boom pole was created so that every video and film, regardless of where it is made, will enjoy the best sound.

This particular model, provided by Rode, is convenient to transport and store because this is a telescopic model.

This means that it can be retracted to a very small size, making its transportation easy.

The final size of the pole is 10 feet or 3.28 meters, but once retracted it will measure only 33 inches or 0.84 meters.

Besides being very compact, this product is made out of light-weighted aluminum.

This way, the boom pole is sturdy while being easy to handle. The body is covered by a black anodized layer, which makes maintenance and cleaning easy tasks.

The pole features a rubber grip that makes handling safe and allows the positioning of the mic exactly where it is needed. It is easy for videos to enjoy a top-quality sound when the right boom pole is used.


  • Made out of top quality, light weighed aluminum;
  • Location recording is done easy and convenient;
  • Secure mounting of the microphone;
  • Safe locking mechanism when in use;
  • Smooth retraction and extension;
  • Telescopic boom pole for easy storage and transportation;
  • Balanced for easy usage;
  • Fits all standard mic clips;
  • Some users noticed squeaks when maneuvering the pole, which can be captured while shooting a video;

02. Neewer Portable 3 Sections Stretchable – Best Quality Handheld Boom Pole

Neewer Portable 3 Sections Stretchable

Shooting a video or film in outdoors will become an easy task with the help of this boom pole.

The product provides lengths ranging between 3.1 and 8.1’, which can be easily achieved by extending and retracting the product.

Featuring a convenient twist-and-lock system, the pole can be safely adjusted to the desired length.

It is easy and comfortable to handle the pole, due to its EVA rubber handgrips and aluminum body.

Capturing clear sound will never be a difficult task again when a practical boom pole is utilized.

Made out of three telescopic rods, this is an easy-to-use product.

Even if you never used such a pole before, it won’t be long until you’ll manage to figure it out.

The ergonomic handles of the pole will allow the user to maneuver and handle the product with ease, even when the pole reaches its maximum length.


  • Handgrips made out of EVA rubber;
  • Easy twist-and-lock system;
  • A light-weighted aluminum body;
  • Comfortable and easy length adjustments;
  • Is suitable for every mic;
  • Accessible price tag;
  • Works easy and convenient;
  • Doesn’t feature an exterior thread; this will have to be purchased separately if you want to mount a mic shock or holder.

03. Koolertron – Best Carbon Fiber Lightweight Boom Pole

Koolertron - Best Carbon Fiber Lightweight Boom Pole

Would you like a portable microphone holder that can be used for a variety of video projects? A practical and easy-to-use boom pole can make a difference when it comes to the sound of a video.

If most boom poles are made out of aluminum since it is a light material, this one from Kooletron is made out of carbon fiber.

This material is known for its resilience and sturdiness, all of these without adding excess weight to the product.

In other words, the pole will behave well in conditions of repeated use, providing the same features time after time.

Featuring four rods, the pole can be adjusted with the help of a twist-and-lock system. This way, the pole can be extended and fixed securely with minimum effort.


  • Made out of light-weighed carbon fiber;
  • Ideal for a wide range of video projects;
  • Soft-padded handles for comfortable gripping;
  • Pole with four extendable sections;
  • Suitable for all kinds of devices;
  • Convenient and comfortable to use;
  • Sponge sheath handles that increase safety and does not freeze;
  • Light and resilient carbon fiber body;
  • It may not be suitable for an XLR cable, as the pole’s design is rather thin;

04. K-Tek KE79CCR Traveler Aluminum Boompole

K-Tek KE79CCR Traveler Aluminum Boompole


This boom pole is probably one of the most compact products available on the market. When retracted, the pole measures only 0.54 meters or 1’8”.

This makes it ideal for travelers, as it is extremely convenient to have such a compact pole around. However, finding a proper traveling case for such a short boom pole can be a challenge.

So, if you travel often, see if you can find a proper spot for the pole in your baggage or carrying case. Apart from that, it is a great product to use.

It features an internal cable, meant to reduce the noises triggered by the handling of the pole. Also, unlike other boom poles, this one provides an XLR connection as well.

Thus, this is an important feature for you, this product is capable of answering this request. The only downside of having all these amazing features is that this pole is rather pricey.

Still, its quality may be worth the investment, as it is a sturdy and reliable pole to have and use.


  • Provides XLR connection;
  • Short and compact, ideal for traveling;
  • Easy adjustment with six extendable rods;
  • Internal coiled cable with a pigtail at the top;
  • Highly condensed and portable;
  • Handling noise reduced by internal cable;
  • Light-weighted yet very sturdy;
  • It is quite expensive;

05. Rode Micro Boom Pole Telescopic Microphone Extension

Rode Micro Boom Pole Telescopic Microphone Extension


For those who don’t need boom poles that are too long, this product can be an ideal choice. The maximum length of the pole is just slightly above 2 meters, so this is a compact product that can be used by anyone.

In case a longer pole would be more suitable, the length of this pole may be an inconvenience. In case the product is fit, the product can be adjusted to the ideal length with the help of three rods.

The pole also provides a comfortable ergonomic grip so that the use of the product is easy and convenient.

With a simple lock-and-release system, the pole can be adjusted as desired, for obtaining the best results.

When compacted, the pole measures only 844 millimeters or 2’8”, which makes it very easy to transport and use.

The price of this product is an accessible one, so if the budget is not too generous, this pole can be a great choice.

Still, there are quite a few plastic parts that can be subjected to damage, if the product is not used properly.


  • Portable and convenient boom pole;
  • Balanced construction for easy use;
  • Handle with ergonomic features;
  • Comfortable lock-and-release system;
  • Affordable compact pole;
  • A low-maintenance anodized aluminum body;
  • Great quality-price ratio;
  • Plastic parts that could fail if used improperly;

06. On-Stage MBP7000 Handheld Microphone Boom Pole

On-Stage MBP7000 Handheld Microphone Boom Pole


Capturing sounds when shooting videos in outdoors can become an easy task and results as desired when using a boom pole.

This aluminum-made pole is made to last and is handled with ease. When retracted, the pole measures only 3.1’, which makes it easy to transport.

To position the microphone where desired, the pole can extend to 8.1’, with the help of three telescopic rods. It is possible to extend the rods one by one, obtaining the ideal length of each project.

By simply twisting and locking the rods, the pole can be secured for adequate use.

The handgrips are made to be comfortable and safe, which makes the boom pole convenient to utilize even when it is extended to its maximum length.

The body of the pole is made out of resilient aluminum in its entity, but the male end and internal threads are made out of brass. This ensures long-term use and sturdiness to wear and tear.


  • Great product for on-field applications;
  • Made out of resilient and light weighed aluminum;
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handgrip;
  • Easy twist-and-lock adjustments;
  • Durable and light weighed;
  • Secure mounting of the microphone;
  • Solid brass male end and internal;
  • Some parts are made out of plastic;

07. Neewer Portable Boom Pole

Neewer Portable Boom Pole


If a versatile boom pole is what you need to improve your video projects, this product offered by Neewer can be just what you need.

It provides five rods that can reach an impressive length once they are all extended.

Of course, you can easily choose to extend each rod at a time, using the twist-and-lock feature, to reach the desired length.

Once all rods are extended, the pole will measure 333 centimeters or 131”.

When they are fully retracted, the pole will have a length of only 83 centimeters or 32.6”, which makes it a compact device to use for on-field applications.

A great feature of this product is the built-in XLR cable. So, if you want to use such a cable, this product already provides it.

To make the pole comfortable for the user, the handle is padded with a layer of thick foam. This will enhance the grip and will prevent the user to feel tired when holding the pole.


  • A sturdy and light aluminum body;
  • Handle padded with thick foam;
  • Five different length adjustments;
  • Design with embedded XLR cable;
  • Convenient twist-and-lock system;
  • Easy and light boom pole;
  • Accessible price tag;
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design;
  • The cable inside the pole can be noisy when the pole is handled;

08. Rode Mini Professional Microphone Boom Arm

Rode Mini Professional Microphone Boom Arm


A boom pole doesn’t need to reach impressive lengths to do a good job. If a 2 meters pole is enough to get things done, this product can then represent a good choice.

The product is of good quality, but, even so, it can be seen as pricey by some, considering the reduced length of the pole.

But, if a professional-grade pole is what you need, this product could provide the needed features.

The boom pole features an aluminum body, a padded handle, and an easy-to-use extension system.

It can be handled with ease and the mounting system for the microphone is safe and stable.

This way, the pole can be moved and swiveled as desired, so that it is always at the right spot to capture sounds.


  • Smooth extension and retraction system;
  • Balanced construction for precise and easy use;
  • Body made out of light-weighted aluminum;
  • Convenient and safe mic mounting;
  • Compact and light-weighed;
  • User-friendly and resilient;
  • Built to be used with precision;
  • A rather pricey mini boom pole;

09. LyxPro Portable Mic Boom Pole

LyxPro Portable Mic Boom Pole


It is very easy to have a mic where you need one, without ruining the images of the video when using a boom pole.

This pole is capable of reaching lengths of 9 ¼ feet, featuring no less than five different sections.

When retracted to its initial position, the pole will measure only 2 3/8 feet, which makes it easier to transport.

The adjustability of this pole will help the user enjoy the desired pole length during each shooting session, making sure the sound is clear each time.

Also, the built-in XLR cable makes the pole easy and convenient to use with the chosen microphone.


  • Great boom pole for studio and in-field recordings;
  • Built-in XLR cable;
  • Smooth extendable pole for mic;
  • Soft padded handle;
  • Provides an additional adapter converter;
  • Great features for the price tag;
  • Internal XLR cable;
  • Generous extension;
  • Some users reported that the pole is quite fragile;

10. Pyle Mic Boom Pole

Pyle Mic Boom Pole


A versatile and adjustable mic pole can make recording tasks extremely easy. This pole is very easy to set to the desired length, by simply deciding which length works best and then locking it in place.

Also, the pole can be collapsed to a length of 2.2’, which turns it into a portable item.

The portability of the pole is enhanced by the item’s aluminum body as well.

This way, using and transporting the pole will be easy and convenient.

A great advantage of this product is the fact that it is compatible with multiple mic types. Thus, you can use the same product for a variety of projects.


  • Boom pole with an easy setup;
  • Light-weighed, yet reliable and resilient;
  • A universal pole that can be used with any microphone;
  • Features straps with Velcro, for easy management of the cable;
  • Light, practical, and convenient boom pole;
  • Suitable for all kinds of devices;
  • Collapsible and easy to adjust;
  • Its weight may not support large mics;


What is the Best Boom Pole For Mics?

The best boom pole is the one that helps you to position the mic closest to the sound source.

Since the main goal of a boom pole is to allow better capture of sound, a product that is capable of putting the mic in the ideal position is the best choice.

Thus, it is recommended to consider your projects when purchasing a boom pole and decide whether the product will help you achieve your goals.

  1. Rode Boompole Professional – Best Microphone Boom Pole
  2. Neewer Portable 3 Sections StretchableNeewer Portable 3 Sections Stretchable – Best Quality Handheld Boom Pole
  3. Koolertronsound of your videos – Best Carbon Fiber Lightweight Boom Pole

Why Rode is the Best Brand For Boom Poles?

Rode is a good boom pole brand and provides several boom pole models. However, Rode is not the only brand one can choose.

Before buying a product, it is extremely important to check out the product’s particularities and features, making sure the purchase will deliver the expected results.

Buying Considerations Best Boom Pole

Best Budget Microphone Boom Poles

How do you plan on using a boom pole?

The first thing you need to consider is the future destination of the boom pole. In other words, how do you plan to use such an item? Will you use it in a studio?

Do you want to film outdoors? Are you planning to do close-up videos? Or you’d like to enjoy more room or reach hard to record corners and areas with the mic?

If you don’t want to invest in multiple boom poles, considering your plans and projects is a must.

As you noticed, in the product reviews mentioned earlier, there are poles of different lengths, some of them measuring just 2 meters at most.

So, it is worth paying attention to the product’s details and being well aware of how you will use the product for your videos and films.

Some boom poles may lack the features you need, while others may be above the set budget

Are you filming close-ups or you’d like to enjoy a larger filming area?

Shorter boom poles are usually lighter and more affordable. So, if you just need to shoot videos of someone talking, which means the subject is very close to the camera, you may not need a very long boom pole.

However, even if it is a shooting in a studio and of a person nearby, a pole will help you capture clear sounds, much better than a camera mic could.

So, if you want to be a reliable professional and provide top-quality videos to your audience, investing in a boom pole is one of the best things you can do.

As you notice, many boom poles can be affordable items, as long as you pay attention to the product’s specifications.

In case you prefer shooting outdoors or the subject is further away from the camera, a long pole will be needed.

Shooting videos outdoors can be quite tricky, as the quality of the video and sound depends on the environmental conditions.

Nevertheless, a long pole will allow you to record sounds more effectively. So, check the maximum length of a boom pole before purchasing it, making sure it is sufficient for your shooting sessions.

Do you travel a lot?

If you travel a lot to shooting sessions, even if it’s just locally, a light-weighted and portable boom pole is a must.

You will need to fold it and pack it easily in between gigs, without losing too much time and depositing too much effort.

In this case, it is worth checking the size of the pole after collapsing it. Adjustable poles are made to be retracted, so it is easy to reduce their size, pack them, and take them along wherever you need them.

How much are you willing to invest?

There are boom poles in the affordable range, and poles that cost more than average. Of course, more expensive mic poles provide a broader range of features.

Also, their quality is higher, due to more resilient manufacturing materials. If your budget is not too generous, you can choose to buy more affordable poles.

In this case, pay more attention to their use, making sure that parts that could be vulnerable, such as plastic parts, are well treated.

Nevertheless, each product should enjoy proper maintenance and usage practices so that it lasts longer.

Pay attention to the environmental conditions

While longer boom poles offer more freedom when shooting outdoors, they can also be more sensitive to wind and other environmental factors.

For example, a nearby motorway or passing airplane could generate background noises captured by the microphone installed on the pole.

The same can happen if you choose to shoot on a windy day. So, when shooting outdoors, choose the time well.

Pay attention to environmental conditions and make sure the area is quiet enough for the making of the video.


Why is it called a boom pole?

A boom pole is called this way because the mic is mounted on a pole, which allows the mic to get close to the source of the sound while staying away from the reach of the camera.

The idea is to capture the sound as clearly as possible, while maintaining the image clearly, without the presence of a mic around. This makes the video look natural, as it was happening casually.

Do I need a boom pole for the mic I am using?

If you want to get the mic closer to the source of the sound, but in a discreet manner, you will need a boom pole.

Such a pole will give you the chance to record clear sounds without making the subject of the video talk directly into a mic.

This can turn out to be extremely useful when the subject needs his or her hands-free for various activities. These days, videos are rarely made with the help of regular microphones.

Boom poles are preferred instead because they make the mic invisible while delivering amazing results.

What’s the best boom pole brand?

It is hard to decide which brand is best in this case. Users may prefer various features when it comes to boom poles and may have different budgets destined for their purchase.

So, instead of looking for a particular brand, it is best to take a closer look at the product’s features and characteristics.

This way, you may be sure that the product is right for you, your tasks, and your projects.

At the same time, you avoid spending too much on the product, buying the one that is right for you, instead of paying for a brand that may be expensive, but not what you may need.

What’s the ideal boom pole length?

Boom Pole Buyer's Guide

The length of the boom pole depends on how the pole is intended to be used. Shorter boom poles are more suitable for studio shootings or when the subject or source of sound is close.

Longer boom poles are recommended to capture sounds that are harder to reach with regular mics.

Also, they ensure the sound quality of a video without getting in the way of the camera. So, the ideal boom pole length is the one that serves your purposes best and helps you reach the best results.

How much does a boom pole cost?

Affordable boom poles can cost somewhere around $50 and $60, but there are boom poles that cost around $250 or more.

The boom pole’s length, materials, features, accessories, and brand hang in the balance that sets the price tag.

You will need to decide upon the ideal characteristics of the boom pole in your case and determine a budget for such an investment. Sometimes, you don’t need to overspend to get a good quality product that provides all the right features.

What is the maximum weight capacity?

The maximum weight capacity of a boom pole is an important consideration when choosing one for your recording needs.

It’s important to choose a boom pole that can support the weight of your microphone and any necessary accessories. Generally, boom poles range in weight capacities from 5 lbs to 20 lbs or more.

My recommendation is to choose a boom pole with a maximum weight capacity of 1,000 lbs. This way, you’ll have plenty of support for your microphone and any other equipment you need to attach.

Is the boom pole adjustable?

The adjustability of a boom pole is also an important factor to consider. You’ll want to be able to adjust the length of the boom pole to fit your recording needs, whether you’re working in a tight space or need extra length to reach your subject.

The boom pole should also be able to lock in place once you’ve found the right length so that it won’t move or shift during recording.

Many boom poles come with adjustable locks or clamps that allow you to set the desired length and lock it in place.

Does it have any special features?

Adjustable boom arms

In addition to weight capacity and adjustability, some boom poles come with special features that can enhance your recording experience.

Counterweight systems, for example, can help balance the weight of your microphone and accessories, making it easier to hold and control the boom pole. Shock-absorbing cases can help reduce unwanted noise from handling and movement.

Adjustable boom arms can help you position the microphone more precisely. Internal XLR cable management can help keep cables organized and out of the way.

When considering a boom pole, take note of any special features that could help improve your recording quality and make the process easier and more comfortable.


A boom pole has the ability to improve the quality of a video or film, by offering higher-quality sound to viewers.

With the help of such a product, it is easier to focus on image quality while making sure sound is captured in the best way possible, even when the source is further away.

For top results, just make sure you’re using the boom pole right. Also, choose a product that answers your requirements adequately.

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