10 Best Softbox For Newborn Photography 2024: Professional Baby Photographer’s Choice

Best Softbox For Newborn Photography

Taking photos of a newborn is probably one of the biggest challenges, this is why you need the best softbox for newborn photography your money can get.

A high-quality softbox will significantly improve the quality of your photos and will help you in other photographic projects, apart from those in which newborns and babies are involved.

In other words, you can step up your photography with such a product. Check out the products reviewed in this article and see which one matches your requirements best.

What is The Best Softbox For Newborn Photography?

There isn’t a specific product that can work in the case of every photographer. Many factors influence the decision-making process regarding a softbox.

But if we have to choose one softbox, then the Professional 700W Neewer softbox is one of the best softbox for newborn photography.

Some are professional photographers that don’t mind investing considerable amounts of money into such products, while others are photo enthusiasts, which would like better photos, but without spending a small fortune on equipment.

So, the best softbox brand you can use is the one that answers your needs best.

Check the specifications and highlights of each product, and decide whether a product is capable of satisfying your requirements.

Why Neewer is The Best Brand For Quality Photos?

How to Photograph a Newborn Baby

Again, if a brand is appreciated and recommended by most, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be suitable for you. However, a recommended brand has the highest chances to fit your needs.

Neewer is a brand that addresses those that have a rather small budget. Since the budget is usually the one that keeps us from making our dreams come true, finding a quality product at an accessible price is always a plus.

The Comparison Table of 10 Best Softbox For Newborn Photography [Updated 2024]

Our Top Picks of Softbox For Newborn Photography

1. MOUNTDOG Photography Studio Softbox

MOUNTDOG Photography Studio Softbox


Highlighted features

  • The softbox comes with an arm reflector holder kit, which expands your options when it comes to available positions for photos;
  • The head of the softbox can rotate at a 210-degree angle, so you can find the best spot each time;
  • The light stand is light-weighted, as it is made out of aluminum, and can be adjusted with ease as well;
  • The package will contain three light bulbs as well, of 95W each, allowing you to unpack and start taking photos right away;

If you want to obtain better photos and videos, whether we’re talking about a personal project or something for your YouTube channel, this product will help you get there.

It is very affordable, compared to other similar products, so it represents a good choice when the budget is tight. While the quality provided is better than expected, don’t assume you will get professional results.

This is a softbox dedicated to beginners and hobbyists. Nevertheless, the quality of the obtained images will be significantly improved, even when shooting in dark rooms.

Everything is foldable and adjustable, which makes it easy to use and store when you’re done utilizing the equipment.

  • This softbox is probably one of the cheapest available, making it a great option for those with a small budget;
  • The quality of the product is good compared to its price tag;
  • It is a product ideal for beginners;
  • Great for photos, videos, and other artistic projects;
  • The stands are not the best, as they are fragile if you’re not careful, and might fall as you use them;


2. Neewer 700W Professional Photography

Neewer 700W Professional Photography


Highlighted features

  • A kit that contains everything needed to make high-quality photos;
  • Suitable for a wide range of photographs, from commercial to personal projects;
  • The softbox features an E27 socket, which allows the installment of light bulbs and fluorescent lamps, according to preference;
  • The product is accompanied by two light bulbs, made to operate at low temperatures so that they don’t get too hot;
  • This softbox will provide the light required to take high-detailed photos;
  • The stands are made out of aluminum alloy and use a single-action lock, for convenient and easy use;

For anyone looking for a small softbox kit, this option may represent a great choice. The price is more than accessible and the provided quality is surprising.

The softbox offers a good level of soft natural light, improving the quality of your photos considerably. The lamp can be adjusted to obtain the ideal shooting angle and it can be installed on most tripods and stands, depending on needs and preferences.

  • Exceptional quality-price ratio;
  • The softbox will improve the quality of your images;
  • It will offer professional results on a tight budget;
  • Easy to assembly and carry around;
  • It will provide a great level of light for photo projects;
  • The lamp holder is adjustable, for various shooting angles;
  • Not the ideal choice for professional photographers, as there’s isn’t too much adjustment that can be made and there are no camera interfaces as well;
  • The case is not that great, so it should be used with care, to prevent damage;


3. ESDDI Softbox Lighting Kit

ESDDI Softbox Lighting Kit


Highlighted features

  • The granular stone-like pattern of the softbox will effectively reflect light, minimizing loses;
  • Made out of durable materials, this product promises to deliver high performances for a very long time;
  • The stand is adjustable, for best positions, and the head can rotate to a 210-degree angle, allowing you to obtain the best shoots at all time;
  • The product will arrive accompanied by two light bulbs, each of 50W;
  • The light bulbs are energy-effective while providing the light you need for exceptional photos;
  • Ideal for a variety of photos and for shooting videos as well;

This is the kind of kit you can carry around almost anywhere, as it is light-weighed and extremely easy to install.

This is also the reason why this product is great for inexperienced photographers, as it won’t pose any issues regarding its use.

The level of light is amazing and it will help you improve the quality of images. The colors of photos and videos will look much better, due to the blue cast of the light emitted by this softbox.

It is possible to take stunning baby photos with this product, without the need to invest considerable amounts of money into this kind of equipment.

  • It is a great product for beginners and inexperienced photographers;
  • It is affordable and provides great quality for the spent money;
  • Light-weighed and easy to carry and install;
  • The provided light and color are great;
  • Very easy to use, even if you never had a softbox before;
  • The stands are not of the best quality, so they may cause issues;
  • The cables may be quite fragile, so handle them with care and unplug everything once you’re done using the equipment;


4. HPUSN Softbox Lighting Kit

HPUSN Softbox Lighting Kit


Highlighted features

  • High-quality PET represents the material of this softbox, providing great reflective properties and durability in time;
  • The softbox is equipped with a light socket, which helps light bulbs dissipate excess heat, for safe long-term use;
  • The adjustable stand and rotating head allow easy and convenient use of the product;
  • It can be used for a wide variety of photos, whether you need to take photos of children and babies or still life photos;
  • The softbox will come with a carrying case and two light bulbs;

It is not difficult to get a softbox lighting kit if you want to upgrade your photography to the next level. With options at accessible prices, like this kit, anyone can start making professional-looking photos easy and fast.

This kit contains everything needed to start a photo session right away. The provided light will enhance the results and will increase the quality of photos and videos.

However, make sure to handle the stands with care. A smaller price tag is, in most cases, equal to materials of lower quality. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy great experiences with affordable softboxes.

  • Provides great quality photos at an extremely accessible price tag;
  • The quality and performances of this softbox are surprising, considering the small price;
  • Ideal for beginners and experienced photographers alike;
  • Very light and easy to use and carry around;
  • The materials are of a lower quality, so use them with caution, as they may get broken prematurely;
  • Some users complained about the lighting of this softbox;


5. ESDDI Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

ESDDI Softbox Photography Lighting Kit


Highlighted features

  • This softbox is made out of resilient and durable PET and for a better reflection of light, it is lined with a silver material;
  • The stand is adjustable, allowing a setting from 68 cm to 192 cm in height;
  • The head can rotate to a 210-degree angle, which increases the convenience regarding this product;
  • Made out of aluminum, the stands are reliable enough during extended use;
  • The package will also contain a case for the softbox and two light bulbs;

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to get a softbox. A product like this one could help anyone obtain higher-quality photos.

Due to the provided lighting, all images will look much better, with higher quality colors. Perfect for beginners, this kit is easy to install and use and can be adjusted according to needs and preferences. It is also highly portable and comes accompanied by a case as well.

  • A great kit for anyone passionate about photography or those that make review videos on YouTube;
  • The price tag of the product is more than affordable;
  • The kit contains everything needed to get started right away;
  • The product is light and easy to travel with;
  • The installation and setup are simple and easy;
  • There could be some stability issues with the stands, as the tripods are very light and may not perform that well, so handle with care;


6. RALENO 800W Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

RALENO 800W Softbox Photography Lighting Kit


Highlighted features

  • Dual soft light technology makes sure images enjoy a good level of natural light;
  • Embossed stone-like pattern, of a silver hue, will reflect light effectively and will reduce the loss of light during shooting sessions;
  • The softbox is covered with soft nylon of the highest quality, to reduce the appearance of unwanted shadows;
  • Long cables, of 90 inches, for comfortable moving around the studio;
  • The product is portable, due to stands that can be folded to 27 inches and extended to a full 85 inches;
  • Made out of aluminum alloy, the stands are resilient;
  • The risk of swinging is reduced with the help of sturdy locking systems;

This kit is probably among the cheapest that can be found. Even so, it provides a great level of quality for your buck. The softbox is made to be highly reflexive, with the help of a silver stone-like pattern.

This means that the provided light comes in sufficient amounts. It is also light and easy to carry, so there will be no problems to take the product to different locations.

A suitable case will also be provided in the package, making this part convenient. The photos resulted in its help will be of superior quality.

  • A very accessible lighting kit;
  • The setup of the product is quick and straightforward;
  • The softbox is lined with a reflexive silver material;
  • Provides a good amount of light during photo sessions;
  • A portable product, with case included in the package;
  • The knobs of the stand are made out of plastic and should be handled with care;
  • The diffuser is not of the best quality, but will still manage to soften the light to a certain degree;


7. Emart 8.5 x 10 ft Backdrop Support System

Emart 8.5 x 10 ft Backdrop Support System


Highlighted features

  • A complex and complete kit for studio lighting and photography;
  • Besides softboxes, the kit also contains backdrop canvas, with their support, of various colors, and other accessories for top quality photos;
  • This product comes with a photography umbrella kit as well, meant to soften the light and provide and ideal conditions for great images;
  • The holders of light and light bulbs can be easily adjusted, both on height and desired angle, so that the shooting conditions are always best;

If an enthusiast photographer is looking to get more than just a set of softboxes for his or her photography projects, this kit may represent a great choice.

It provides a range of accessories meant to help obtain amazing images. The backdrop is extremely important when taking portraits, newborn photos, or still-life photos, as it is capable of absorbing light and reducing reflection for high-quality photos.

Considering the price tag and number of items, this kit is an affordable one, allowing you to take your skills to the next level.

  • A great kit for those looking to start a career in photography or upgrade their hobby;
  • Easy setup and use;
  • Provides all the elements and accessories needed for a professional photo shooting or video session;
  • It is an affordable kit, compared to other similar products;
  • The quality of the materials is not the highest, so the canvas may appear rather thin and, in some cases, the stands created some issues as well;


8. StudioFX H9004SB2 2400 Watt Large Photography Softbox

StudioFX H9004SB2 2400 Watt Large Photography Softbox


Highlighted features

  • This kit contains three softboxes, for obtaining the ideal lighting level for your images;
  • Three light stands equipped with a sandbox will allow the adjustment of the softbox according to needs;
  • The product also offers three light heads capable of holding three light bulbs each, so the amount of light obtained with this kit can be considerable;
  • A carrying case is also included, for convenient transportation and storage;

This product can be great for a home studio or small and dark apartments, as it provides sufficient light for excellent photos. The price is accessible and acceptable, although the quality of the materials is not at a pro-level.

However, the products can do a great job and will definitely bring improvements to your photos. If you never owned such a kit before, it may take you up to an hour to set it up, as no instructions are coming with the product.

You will have to do some research to get things done. Apart from this, the lighting level and adjustability of the softbox will allow great results, regardless of the type of photography you embrace.

  • The price of this kit is an accessible one, which makes it suitable for beginners and tight budgets;
  • The setup of the softboxes is rather easy, with a bit of patience;
  • The lights are very bright and will provide sufficient light for photos even in dark rooms;
  • The quality of the products is very good, considering the affordable price of the kit;


9. YICOE Softbox Lighting Kit

YICOE Softbox Lighting Kit


Highlighted features

  • LED light bulbs, capable of saving up to 80% more energy than regular light bulbs used for softboxes;
  • The temperature of the color can be adjusted according to needs;
  • The lights can be controlled with remote control, which is included in the package, for time-saving and increased convenience;
  • The kit contains three color light modes that can be dimmable as well, providing the best background for your photography;
  • The stand is adjustable and the lamp holder can rotate, offering convenient adjustability of the products;

LED light bulbs are always a great idea, no matter what the situation is. They are much brighter and much more effective when it comes to saving energy.

In other words, LED light bulbs offer a higher number of working hours, compared to a regular bulb. However, the downside, in this case, is the difficulty to find the same kind of light bulbs on the market, so you’ll have to be creative at this part.

Other than this, the kit is more than affordable, it is easy to use, provides a good degree of adjustability and settings regarding the lights, making room for much better-looking photos.

  • The kit provides great lighting at an accessible price tag;
  • he setup process is simple and quick;
  • The light bulbs provide great light, improving the quality of images;
  • Ideal if you don’t want to invest much in this kind of equipment;
  • High diversity in dimming the light and setting the color;
  • It may be challenging to find the same type of bulbs, in case the ones you get in the kit run out;
  • The remote may not be of the best quality and could cause troubles in time;


10. Neewer 2 Packs LED Light Panel Softbox

Neewer 2 Packs LED Light Panel Softbox


Highlighted features

  • The kit is made especially for those looking to obtain better portraits and up-close photos;
  • The softboxes are made to work with 660 LED light panels;
  • The installation of the softboxes is easy, being done with the help of attachment straps;
  • The product is completely foldable and easy to carry, with the case that comes in the package;

When you’re on a short budget, but will love a set of softboxes that will make your photos better, this is the kind of kit to consider.

The price is accessible and the products are extremely easy to use, plus they are foldable and portable as well.

Just make sure to get the right kind of LED lights for them, as these are not included in the package. Besides this, you will love the way they diffuse light and their sturdy construction, despite their ability to fold almost completely.

  • Extremely easy to set up, due to a convenient Velcro system;
  • Can be carried anywhere, as they are light and foldable;
  • The products are built out of solid material and will work for many years;
  • The softboxes will work ideal with LED light bulbs;
  • Great for diffusing light;
  • The LED lights are not included, so you will have to buy them separately;
  • When used with light stands, tilting them can be an issue;


Buying considerations of Best Softbox For Newborn Photography

What is your budget?

When looking to buy something, the budget is usually the one that weighs most in your decision-making process. So, how much are you willing to spend?

Some kits are more basic, containing only products you need the most, and there are kits that offer more than just a softbox, carrying case, and a light bulb.

Of course, before deciding how much money you’re going to invest in a softbox, think about the ways you will use the product.

If you want to improve the quality of your images and even start a career in photography, a kit of a higher-quality, with a wider range of items, will provide a better start.

How large should a softbox be to provide a good degree of light?

It is good to know that the larger the softbox will be, the lighter it will provide for your photos. But, at the same time, it will need large light bulbs as well, to reveal its entire potential.

A universal rule used by photographers is using a softbox that has a size equal to the size of the subject. This way, the amount of provided light will be sufficient.

So, do you know what you’ll photograph? For instance, for a headshot, an 18 to 24-inch softbox will do. If you want to take photos of an entire body, you will need softboxes of 48 inches or more.

Knowing the differences between the various shapes of softboxes

Newborn Photography

The majority of softboxes available on the market are square, rectangular, or octagonal. Due to their shape, softboxes provide light in an even manner, which leads to higher quality photos.

However, there are some less-common shapes as well, such as round, parabolic, or hexagonal. How do these shapes differ?

Depending on their shape, they can provide different kinds of effects, which can be applied to the subject.

To decide what kind of effect works best, you will need to experiment and see which one puts your subject in the best light. But, until then, square or rectangular softboxes are ideal for beginners.

Do you need a silver or white softbox?

You will notice that some softboxes have a silver lining, while others are white. The difference is that the silver lining will provide a more spectacular effect, as its reflective abilities are much higher.

Thus, the light transmission will be better and so will be the obtained contrast. On the other hand, softboxes lined with white materials are mostly used to keep colors in a neutral range.

The difference between softboxes and light umbrellas

To make the best choice when buying photography equipment, you need to know the differences between the options you have. When it comes to lighting, you can choose between softboxes and umbrellas.

Umbrellas are, in most cases, more portable than softboxes, because they can be reduced to small and thin items.

An umbrella can also produce flattering light for your subjects, but softboxes are more effective in reproducing that window-like effect, making the light more natural.

Also, softboxes provide light in a more even, wide, and flat manner, which significantly reduces the occurrence of shadows.


What’s the best lighting set for newborn photography?

lighting set for newborn photography

Taking beautiful photos of newborn babies takes a bit of patience and, of course, the ideal kind of lighting. If you’re interested in taking this kind of photos, it is worth knowing that ambient light is a great choice.

This type of light is natural because it mimics the proximity of a window. You can easily reproduce proper ambient light with the help of a softbox.

This piece of equipment has a square shape and can provide natural and soft like, similar to the one we get through a window. Also, to avoid having the baby’s skin looking red in pictures, make sure the light you use in the studio is white.

Using color adjustment options and light dimming, when the case, the obtained results can be spectacular. Nevertheless, having a softbox for taking newborn photos will significantly improve the quality of your photos.

How can I find the best softbox for my projects?

There isn’t a particular softbox type or brand that works for everybody. You will need to do some research, decide upon the budget, and think about how you will use the product before purchasing it.

There is softboxes ideal for beginners, as they are affordable and easy to use, and there are products destined for more experienced photographers.

The main idea to remember is that you need to make sure you’re buying the right size and type of softbox suitable for your projects.

This is why it is worth checking the specifications of each product and deciding whether a product can meet your demands or not.

What kind of equipment is needed to take newborn photos?

If you’re interested in taking high-quality photos of newborn babies, you will need several pieces of equipment to make this kind of project work.

While you will need softboxes indeed, because they improve images by adding an adequate dose of light, there’s the need for other kinds of equipment as well.

Leaving the camera on the side, because we assume you already have that, you will also need a reflector, a backdrop and a proper stand for it, various props, a machine for making white noise for calming down the newborn, heating pads or space heaters, and cleaning items.

Also, you will need items like baby beds and beanbags, as you will need to put down the subjects of your photos safely and comfortably.

It is not easy to take photos of newborn babies, but the results can be extremely rewarding and it is possible to build a satisfying career out of it.

How to correctly place a softbox?

correctly place a softbox

Placing a softbox correctly is crucial to achieve the desired lighting effect in your photography or video projects. Here are some steps and tips to help you position a softbox properly:

  1. Determine the purpose: Understand the desired lighting effect for your project, whether it’s to create soft, even lighting, dramatic shadows, or to highlight specific features.
  2. Choose the right size and shape: Softboxes come in various sizes and shapes, such as rectangular, square, or octagonal. Larger softboxes create softer, more diffused light, while smaller ones produce more focused, harder light. The shape of the softbox can also affect the catchlights in your subject’s eyes.
  3. Position the softbox at the right angle: The angle of the softbox in relation to your subject significantly affects the lighting outcome. Generally, placing the softbox at a 45-degree angle to your subject and slightly above their eye level creates natural-looking, flattering light.
  4. Adjust the distance: The closer the softbox is to your subject, the softer and more intense the light will be. Moving the softbox farther away will create harder, less intense light. Experiment with different distances to find the desired lighting effect.
  5. Fill and backlight: In addition to the main light (key light), you may want to use a fill light to eliminate harsh shadows on the opposite side of your subject. A backlight or rim light can also be added to separate your subject from the background by creating a subtle glow around them.
  6. Control light spill: If you need to control the light spill or direct the light more precisely, consider using grids or other light modifiers with your softbox.
  7. Test and adjust: Take test shots or observe the lighting effect on your subject, and adjust the softbox’s position, angle, and distance as needed. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different setups to achieve the desired result.


While there are quite a few aspects you need to have in mind when buying a softbox, the main idea is that your photos will look much better with its help. Paired with adequate light bulbs, a softbox will offer great lighting and will increase the quality of photos and videos in a significant manner.