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Best 3 Point Lighting Kit For Video

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With the best 3 point lighting kit for video, both advanced and novice directors can say goodbye to all the issues caused by poor illumination — no more awkward shadows, out-of-focus problems, or lack of angled video shooting.

These lighting kits take care of all those inconveniences to efficiently enhance image quality. And here, we want to help you pick the right one.

On this list, you’ll find eleven of the most capable 3 point lighting kits to improve your videos.

To narrow down the list, we will be focusing on the type of equipment, the brightness intensity, adjustability, functions offered, and many more useful features.

Before heading into the reviews, let’s first address a few questions you’re probably wondering right now.

What Is the Best Lighting Setups for Video Production?

Ranked first on the list, the Neewer 3-Pack LED Lighting Kit is easily the best out there.

Every component works perfectly, delivering effective brightness for small to medium rooms.

Plus, this kit has countless user-friendly features that make it the ideal introductory lighting equipment for amateurs that need enhanced video quality.

Best 3 Point Lighting Kit For Video

Why is Neewer the Best Brand of 3 Point Lighting Kit?

The reasons to appreciate Neewer products are many.

First, the brand understands every process involved in video recording sessions and designs its equipment to meet those standards.

Not only are the Neewer lighting kits powerful, but they’re also versatile for different projects and energy-efficient to avoid unnecessary expenses.

However, what many people love about this brand is that it offers variety.

Whether you need light panels, umbrella lighting kits, or softboxes, Neewer manages to satisfy demands and meet expectations thanks to its wide catalog of products.

Top video Lighting Kits for Three-Point Lighting

Neewer may be the most popular 3 point lighting kit brand, but luckily it isn’t alone in the market. Let’s take a look at the next products and see what they have to offer.

01. Neewer Dimmable Bi-Color LED Lightning Kit – Best 3 Point Lighting Kits For The Quality


Neewer Dimmable Bi-Color LED Lightning Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adjustable U-mount bracket
  • Color temperature knob
  • AC/AD power supply
  • Compatible with barn doors

By offering a total of 480 LED bulbs — 240 white and 240 yellow —, there’s a lot these lights can do.

Furthermore, each bulb is durable and efficient. They can produce bright lights while saving energy and reducing potential overheating hazards, allowing users to focus on other aspects of the recording sessions.

Speaking of focus, the U-Mount bracket can adjust the equipment to fit in almost any scenario.

Whether it’s for video recording or photography, the adjustable bracket makes it easy to change the lighting angle, which comes in handy while recording a specific area of the room.

For peak image quality, the lights have an adjustable color temperature between 3200K and 5600K.

Since the panels have a knob to control this feature, changing the color temperature is easy and quick.

“Despite all of its convenient features, these lights aren’t as bright as some of the other options reviewed here. For larger rooms, it could be an issue.”

Nonetheless, this kit remains one of the most reliable out there. Through consistent performance, the Neewer lights are perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

  • Reliable and consistent for long use
  • The angle is easy to adjust
  • Suitable for heavy-duty work
  • Several useful accessories included
  • Lights may not produce enough brightness in large rooms


02. Neewer Advanced Dimmable Bi-Color LED Lighting Kit – Best for Advanced Video Recording

Neewer Advanced Dimmable Bi-Color LED Lighting Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Built-in advanced LCD screen
  • 4G wireless remote control
  • Two-color temperature knobs
  • U-mount bracket
  • Aluminum alloy build

True to the brand’s style, here we have another high-quality lighting kit that combines efficiency with convenience perfectly.

The equipment comes with an adapter located at the bottom of the panel light, which provides two installation methods for the lights over the stand, be it vertically or horizontally.

To make the job even easier, the kit also has an adjustable U-mount bracket.

Due to this component, the lights can rotate 360 degrees to find that ideal shooting angle. This feature works smoothly, with no inconveniences or hassle in-between.

These light panels also happen to have multiple improvements from past models.

For instance, the LCD screen design is appealing — Through it, users can check brightness, color temperature, and current power status.

Even though the screen is already easy to use, in some cases, there’s no need to get near it to change light settings.

The lighting kit is compatible with 2.4G wireless remote control — This remote provides adjustments for brightness, channels, and color temperatures from 20 meters away.

While the barn doors are a good addition, there’s a specific issue with them.

“When the light panel tilts down, the bottom frame clashes with the barn doors — Which means users would have to remove the barn doors for aimed down video recording.”

  • Improved, user-friendly features
  • Good-looking light softening to enhance image quality
  • Suitable for video recording in different angles
  • Offers proper light control
  • Barn doors get in the way


03. GVM  Bi-Color Variable LED Lighting Kit – Best for Tabletop Video Recording

GVM  Bi-Color Variable LED Lighting Kit


Highlighted Features

  • 2 power options
  • Aerospace aluminum alloy build
  • Attaching barn doors
  • LCD screen
  • Separate adjustment knobs

With two knobs found on the back, these lights allow users to adjust color temperature and brightness, this could be your best 3 point lighting kit for video.

In just a few seconds of setting up the panels, the lights are ready to go for activities like video recording, photography, acting, and more.

Since they can operate on either battery or via an AC adapter, the lights can adapt to every environment.

Both power options work well — The panels use battery charge efficiently, increasing working time for prolonged video recording sessions.

Regardless of which one is the user’s preferred power supply choice, they can count on the Bi-color LED lights to shine bright.

The LED beads can show true, natural colors to enhance both videos and photography, ideal for projects like YouTube recording.

Considering the 480 LED pieces can create a lot of heat, the aluminum alloy casing keeps the panels cool during long recording activities.

Even after hours of work, the lights remain at a safe temperature to prevent overheating.

“It’s true that the light stands have an adjustable mechanism for video recording at different altitudes.

Still, they need substantial weight at the base to be able to remain upright at full height.”

Precisely, that’s one of the reasons why many would prefer this kit for tabletop video recording.

  • Rugged, compact design
  • Diffusers and barn doors for creative recording
  • Works with batteries
  • Bright LED lights
  • Need more weight at the base for full height recording


04. Fovitec Fluorescent Studio Lighting Kit

Fovitec Fluorescent Studio Lighting Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for YoTube and Twitch
  • 45W fluorescent lamps
  • Energy-efficient
  • Heat dissipation
  • High color accuracy

The following kit includes every component needed for a productive video recording session: softboxes, light stands, boom stand, socket heads, and a very useful carry bag to keep everything neatly organized are some of the items included.

Perfect for YouTube video or Twitch streaming, this kit offers consistency and reliability.

Particularly, the boom is one of the biggest benefits of having this kit.

It works flawlessly, as it manipulates the light to create eye-catching sceneries.

What’s even better is that operating and maneuvering this equipment is easy, mostly due to the simple, intuitive design.

Setting up the kit is a straightforward process. Once set up, the 45W lamps offer brightness that fills the room.

Furthermore, the lighting kit uses energy efficiently to save money and prevent heating problems.

“Though operating the lights is easy, the on/off switch placement is less than ideal. Located on the top, the switch could be hard to reach even for tall people.”

With parts that are easy to assemble, efficient bulbs, and plenty of brightness, this product earns a spot on this list.

  • Easy to assemble and set up
  • Intuitive design
  • Provides perfect brightness
  • Many accessories included
  • Location of the on/off switch


05. VILTROX VL-200 Dimmable Bi-Color LED Lighting Kit

VILTROX VL-200 Dimmable Bi-Color LED Lighting Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Durable SMD lamp beads
  • Adjustable shoe mount
  • Heat dissipation cooling holes
  • Wireless remote control
  • Bi-color brightness adjustment

The following lighting kit has some of the most compact light panels — And yet, their power and efficiency are undeniable.

People often say simplicity can often be the way to go, and these lights prove that statement right for the best 3 point lighting kit for video.

On the back, the panels have an LCD screen that shows color temperature, channels, and battery life.

At all times, users can keep track of the lighting kit’s performance and make the changes needed depending on the situation.

Operating on a DC power supply line or Li-ion batteries, the lights offer adjustable brightness levels between 20% and 100%.

The 192 lamp beads are bright and effective, illuminating the room for productive video recording activities.

In fact, the lights can be on for many hours and still work efficiently.

The panels have cooling holes on the sides, guaranteeing heat dissipation to prevent overheating problems.

“Being able to operate with batteries is a satisfying benefit offered by these lights.

However, each panel requires a set of two batteries, which adds weight to a light stand that doesn’t feel designed to withstand additional weight.”

Batteries are still an option for people who don’t want to deal with a power cord. As long as they’re careful, everything should work perfectly.

  • Thin, portable design
  • Shows brightness and battery level
  • Simple panels are easy to use
  • Operates with batteries or cord
  • The light stand is fragile


06. Pixel RGB LED Lighting Kit

Pixel RGB LED Lighting Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Easy to operate
  • Adjustable shooting angles and light range
  • Offers rich, bright, colorful lights
  • Heat dissipation
  • Durable and resistant build

With 45W of high power, this lighting kit offers versatility above anything else.

Thanks to the nine special scenes, it can adapt to any situation. It has Police, Ambulance, TV Screen, and Fireworks modes, among others.

Each mode quickly sets the mood to guarantee optimal video recording.

Adjusting the lights is pretty straightforward due to the built-in LCD screen.

The screen clearly shows every adjustment and settings available, allowing even inexperienced users to get the hang of the device quickly.

Plus, the buttons below the display are also intuitive.

Other than setting up the scenery, the equipment offers flexibility to control focus as much as needed.

Since the lighting kit includes a U-Bracket, it’s easy to adjust the shooting angle with the 360-degree rotation mechanism.

Additionally, users can adapt the stand to most surfaces, and the carry bag ensures every part is safe during travels.

“Considering the lighting kit doesn’t support remote control, there’s none included in the purchase. It’s one of the few features some people may actually miss.”

And yet, the lack of a remote control feature in no way diminishes the performance of this equipment — If anything, it encourages users to engage more during recording sessions.

  • Provides different special scenes
  • Durable stand
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Powered by AC adapters or Li-ion batteries
  • Doesn’t support remote control


07. Obeamiu Studio LED Lighting Kit

Obeamiu Studio LED Lighting Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable height
  • Different light intensity levels
  • 4 color filter effects
  • USB cable to control the brightness
  • Lightweight and portable

Proper lighting can make even the most novice video recorders look professional, and the following kit is the right equipment to achieve that.

With three LED light panels featuring 70 bulbs each, this equipment lightens any room for efficient video recording or photograph sessions.

The kit offers up to ten brightness levels, which deliver within 5400K and 5800K of color temperatures.

While there’s no LCD screen built-in, the equipment does have efficient controls to switch between modes and adjust the brightness from 10% to 100% for less or more intensity.

Another convenient feature is the filters available. Other than the standard white for normal recording, there are red, yellow, and blue filter effects for more variety.

Unlike many other cases, these effects don’t look cheap.

Whether the user is recording standing up or sitting down, the tripod’s adjustable base adapts to almost any situation.

It can extend from 27.17-inch to 48.39-inch, providing different height adjustments for ideal focus.

“However, here’s when the biggest flaw of this lighting kit comes to show: the tripods topple fairly easily, requiring caution while recording.”

Luckily, the lights are as efficient as they are tough. Even if they take a fall, the strong housing material reduces the risks of permanent damage.

  • Durable build resists bumps
  • Optimal performance for video and photographs
  • Easy to operate
  • Bright LED lights
  • Panels topple easily


08. Dazzne D50 Dimmable Bi-Color LED Lighting Kit

Dazzne D50 Dimmable Bi-Color LED Lighting Kit


Highlighted Features

  • 4 light scene modes available
  • Functions and settings easy to use
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • 3 LED light panels
  • LCD screen
  • Wireless remote control

‘Convenient’ would be a good word to describe this equipment. It offers multiple user-friendly features that make video recording so much easier and fun.

One of these is the LCD screen that efficiently allows users to turn off the light. At the same time, a memory function holds the existing setting for later use.

Below the screen, there are multiple buttons and functions to improve the video or image quality.

For instance, the lights have four scene modes: Lighting 1, Lighting 2, TV Screen, and SOS — Switching between modes is as easy as pressing the control button for a few seconds.

The Bi-Color Temperature design is yet another plus. It can adjust the dimming range from 0% to 100%, allowing the lights to adapt to the equipment’s environment.

These lights are also compatible with wireless remote control. Through the remote, users can control brightness, temperature settings, channels, and more.

“Although the remote control can switch brightness to 0%, it can’t effectively turn off the lights. To power off the equipment, users would have to do it manually.”

A small price to pay for what is easily an incredible lighting kit.

  • Bright lights for video and photographs
  • Any light panel can control the rest
  • Kit includes a travel bag
  • Compatible with plug-in connection and batteries
  • Remote control can’t turn off the lights


09. StudioFX H9004SB2 Lighting Kit

StudioFX H9004SB2 Lighting Kit


Highlighted Features

  • 2 softboxes and 1 overhead softbox
  • 4 bulbs fitting for each softbox
  • Powerful, bright bulbs
  • Adjustable light stands
  • Sandbag included

With the 4-light bank holder in this kit, each light attached produces bright illumination while removing glare and delivering even light distribution.

Operating the equipment is a breeze, mostly thanks to the several on/off switches and buttons to control lumen/brightness.

This softbox lighting kit is suitable for video recording, but it also works well for portraits.

Since every component comes included in the studio kit, there’s no need to purchase extra accessories to start shooting the videos.

A part of what makes this kit highly effective is the boom overhead light — Not only does it make adjusting the light much easier, but directors can rotate the boom arm until they find the perfect angle.

While doing that, the counterweight and included sandbag maintain balance.

While the lights don’t have as many bulbs as the other kits, the four bulbs found in each softbox can produce enough brightness.

“Sadly, the bulbs are not as resistant as most would expect. In several cases, the light bulbs arrived broken. Keeping an eye on them is a must to reduce the risks of incidents.”

With two softboxes and a boom overhead light, this lighting kit maintains the room bright for video recording activities.

Though the bulbs can break easily, properly keeping the parts stored will help users avoid bumps.

  • The innovative bulb holder design
  • Easy to rotate and get the perfect angle
  • Adjustable brightness
  • No extra accessories needed
  • Bulbs lack resistance


10. Neewer Umbrella Softbox Lighting Kit

Neewer Umbrella Softbox Lighting Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Complete lighting kit
  • Aluminum alloy light stands
  • Single headlight holder
  • Backdrops with stands
  • Carrying case

As is tradition, this lighting kit comes with aluminum alloy light stands. This material is always reliable since it provides enough strength to put up with heavy-duty work.

Also, if there’s any unexpected bump, the stands can resist the impact.

Besides being durable, the light stands are convenient. By easily collapsing, users get to store them away without any hassle.

Another benefit to expect from the stands is their pleasant lightweight build.

The single headlight holder is yet another plus. Designed with plastic and aluminum, it can support a considerable amount of weight and tough working conditions.

Inserting the spiral bulb is easy, just as it is to adjust the mount to get the ideal shooting angle.

Other than two softbox lights, two umbrella lights, and a carrying case, the kit includes three backdrops.

“Now, for the most part, everything works perfectly. Still, the backdrop stand feels flimsy, unable to hold the weight of the backdrop properly.

Solving this issue requires a bit of handiwork and additional components like wall hooks and PVC pipes.”

Are the extra expenses worth it? It’d depend on whether or not the customers want to invest more money.

  • Good for heavy-duty work
  • Excellent balance for proper focus
  • Umbrellas manipulate light for optimal results
  • Easy to store
  • The backdrop stands are flimsy


11. LimoStudio LMS103 Umbrella Lighting Kit

LimoStudio LMS103 Umbrella Lighting Kit


Highlighted Features

  • Effective umbrella reflectors
  • Adjustable aluminum alloy light stands
  • Lightweight & durable nylon
  • Energy-efficient 45W CFL bulbs
  • High-quality nylon carry case

The reasons behind the success of lighting umbrellas are many, which is why they continue to be reliable equipment even to this day.

In this case, we’re taking a closer look at an umbrella kit featuring nylon builds — A durable material that diffuses light for better recording results.

Thus, the umbrellas can reflect and efficiently spread the light stream across the room evenly — No glare or awkward spots in between.

The light stands have a maximum adjustable height of 82.3-inch, ideal for table or standing up recordings.

Since the stands feature three solid legs and aluminum alloy material, they’re durable, resistant, and reliable.

Plus, every accessory in this kit is easy to transport due to its lightweight, and the nylon carry case included.

“While this kit is just perfect for beginners, the lack of instructions or tips on how to efficiently use these lights is a letdown.

Operating these umbrella lights is a lot of guesswork for inexperienced users, which is not ideal.”

Umbrella lighting kits manage to deliver effective illumination for either video recording or photographs.

They may not be as intuitive as the rest of the panel lighting kits, but a bit of patience is all they need to adapt to the users’ needs.

  • Umbrella design spreads light evenly
  • Bright and energy-saving bulbs
  • Effectively remove glare and spots
  • Allow the camera to capture neutral light
  • No proper instructions or tips provided on how to use the umbrellas


What to Consider Before Buying The Best 3 Point Lighting Kit For Video

Not sure what to look for while purchasing a lighting kit? Follow the next suggestions to make every dollar invested count.

Lighting Equipment

Every lighting kit included on this list is efficient and effective. Nonetheless, they’re not the same.

Many have light panels, while others feature umbrella lighting, and few other alternatives have softboxes with boom stands instead.

Each equipment type may be more suitable than the other depending on the situation.

For smaller rooms, the light panels may be the ideal choice — Umbrella lighting kits, on the other hand, may provide that light diffuse that your videos need.

Ultimately, it all depends on the user’s preferences and fit the recording environment better.


Whether it’s through adjustment knobs or buttons, changing color temperature and other settings should be easy for everyone.

Lighting kits with knobs for adjustments can be quick to set up. This helps increase the productivity of video recording sessions and avoid any inconveniences.

Also, consider purchasing a lighting kit with remote control compatibility.

Though limited, the remote control does provide quick adjustment from a distance.

Best 3 Point Lighting Kit For Video


While the standard is around 480 LED bulbs on light panels, each brand may offer more or fewer pieces.

In any case, the main concern should be how much brightness the bulbs can produce and whether or not they’re capable of filling small, medium, or large rooms.

Additionally, look for energy-efficient bulbs to avoid electricity waste.

Display Screen

Though not every lighting kit has an LCD screen, it is still a very useful feature that makes the video recording sessions much easier.

The screen displays information such as brightness, color temperature, channels, and battery life to keep users updated on the settings currently at work.

U-Mount Bracket

U-Mount Bracket for light panel

The U-mount bracket is almost an essential accessory at this point. It allows users to change the light panel angle to focus on specific areas, whether upwards or downwards.

This component is ideal for recording tutorial videos in which you must place the focus on the table or desktops.

Power Supply

Lighting kits can work via power cords or batteries, with each one having its advantages and disadvantages.

Naturally, batteries get rid of the hassle of dealing with a power cord. However, their limited running time may play against us. Choosing long-lasting batteries is a must to avoid those issues.


Besides the lighting equipment itself, other accessories may be available to make the video recording sessions easier.

For users that move around, a carry bag or case is always a plus. Backdrops may also be necessary depending on the user’s needs, and some brands may include them, too.


Best 3 Point Lighting Kit For VideoFeel like we answer some of your questions above? Don’t worry. You may find the answer to your doubts within this section:

What’s a 3-point lighting kit?

Normally used for video recording or photography sessions, the three-point lighting produces light from three different positions to illuminate the scene.

The three types of lights found in these lighting kits are the key light, fill light and backlight.

How to set up lighting kits for video?

Find the right angle. Do you want to record upright or sitting down? Either way, finding the perfect will put the lighting focus where it matters.

Adjust light intensity. With different color temperatures available, you get to adjust the brightness intensity to match both the room’s environment and highlight face traits.

Avoid shadows. Placing the lights at the wrong locations may lead to unpleasant shades that don’t look good.

This issue is more prominent for lights adjusted at the top of the head, which naturally would create shadows below the neck, eyes, and other areas.

How many lights are needed for video recording?

3-Point lighting kits are just perfect for video recording. Users can place each stand at opposed locations for an immersive environment, highlighting the room’s area or person with the light focus on.

How to place the lighting for video recording?

Place the key light in front of the subject, approximately 45° above and 45° to either the right or the left.

The softer light — used to fill in shadows — should sit opposite to the key light. Light intensity must be half of the key light.

The back light provides depth and a soft glow. This one must remain slightly above and behind the subject, preferably out of the shot.

Can lighting kits make you look better?

Certainly. By providing illumination from three different points, these lighting kits highlight the subject to show their traits perfectly.

That’s why these products are the go-to choice for different fields, be it professional or as a hobby.


If you’re looking to take that next step to improve your videos’ quality, then the best 3 point lighting kit for video recording is what you need.

Trust me when I tell you that the differences before and after setting up these kits are highly noticeable, encouraging directors and making the viewing experience much more enjoyable for the audience.