7 Best Lighting for Computer Desk 2024 – Brighten Up Your Workspace

Best Lighting for Computer desk

Are you going through an eye strain because of the excessive use of computer screens? Lockdown due to covid-19 has caused almost everything to shift to the online system. You must be using computers for a longer period now to fulfill many tasks.

From college classes till shoppings, almost everything has been done through computers now. Proper lighting while using computers or laptops is very necessary for your healthy eyes.

Your good vision is dependent upon your choice of light for your computer desk. In the year 2024, you must look for a computer desk light that can not be harmful to your vision, no matter how much you use computer screens. To find such a light you must concern some of the assessed ideas of the best lighting for the computer desk within an affordable range.

Best Lighting Options for Your Computer Desk

A list of some bests lights that can provide you proper lighting while using a computer are mentioned below;

1. Bostitch Office Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Bostitch Office Swing Arm Desk Lamp


Your lighting issue has been solved by the excellent invention of a desk lamp by Bostitch Office. The adjustable design of this desk lamp has made it easier to use it in many directions as you wish. If you want a light on the keypad, you can adjust your lamp accordingly. Its 36-inch length will help you to fix it in one place and get a light on another.

A large area of your desk can be covered with the help of this adjustable and long lamp. With the help of the clamp, you can easily fix it on any side of your desk with no issue of its slipping while changing its direction.

Most of the lamps do not have fixed bottoms that can cause slippage and damage issues. The presence of a clamp can solve this issue by providing strength to your desk lamp.

Its perfect lighting works great for your eyesight. With this desk lamp, you will get a free LED bulb that will save you from spending extra money on buying a bulb. These bulbs are replaceable, if any issue occurs to your bulb you can easily replace it with a new bulb. The black metal composition adds fuel to the fire and you cannot resist buying it.

  • Durability
  • Classy design
  • Adjustability
  • Less costly
  • Highly flexible


In short, its maintenance is highly required. If you will clumsily redirect it every time, you can lose its arm strength which is responsible for the high flexibility. Otherwise, it is the best lamp you can use to get proper light while working at night time. With its light makeup, you can easily carry it anywhere and fix it to the place where you want to work on the computer.

2. JONATHAN Y Brass LED Task Lamp

JONATHAN Y Brass LED Task Lamp


To get a modern classic lamp, Jonathan Brass’s lamp is on the number one list. Its soft white LED provides a calming effect to your eyes and makes you work attentively for too long.

Its bulb provides extra light with 90% less usage of energy in comparison to the other light bulbs. These bulbs use 120 volts of current with UL standards. This UL standard allows the products to last in extreme environmental conditions.

To get flicker-free lighting, you can get an already-included light bulb. With 25, 000 hours of lifespan Jonathan’s light bulbs are highly durable. This means that instead of normal 5 to 6 house working, your bulb can work for almost 10 years.

This excellent lamp can serve in many ways. With proper lighting for the computer desk, it can also be used as a decoration piece for your home decor.

You can easily redirect the lamp in an upward or downward direction and get maximum and safe light while working. Its three-legged stand provides a high level of friction and stability on the table surface.

It can be used in offices, colleges, libraries, etc. where there is a need for proper lighting for working purposes. 800 lumens of light is provided by this lamp which is pretty good for healthy vision.

  • Durable material
  • Adjustable
  • Highly affordable
  • Indoor use only


In short, its efficient working and long lifespan are highly admired by the customers. You cannot spend money on a thing again and again. Everyone is in search to get a durable as well as affordable lamp light that will last for a longer period with its excellent working. Its light is highly bug repellent and will be a source of comfort for you.

If you’re looking for a lighting solution that won’t strain your eyes while working on your computer, one of the options featured in our previous article may be just what you need. 

3. Modway Modern Metal Shade Table Lamp

Modway Modern Metal Shade Table Lamp


Not only computer desks but bedrooms, libraries, living rooms, etc. can all be perfectly lit through this table lamp. Its elegant style and marble base provide beauty to this lamp which makes it perfect for home decor as well.

The black metal shade and white marble base give a beautiful contrast which makes it more tempting and desirable. You can find modern style and elegant charm both together in this table lamp.

The adjustability of its bulb shade makes it perfect for computer desks, where you can easily redirect its face according to your ease. Its 10 inches length provides the perfect height to place a bulb above your computer screen and easily locate keypad keys even during nighttime. It requires a 60W bulb for its ideal working. This lamp is approved by UL for its best performance.

The type of bulb used in this lamp must be Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb. These types of bulbs produce different light than other ordinary bulbs. The efficiency of CFL bulbs is more than other incandescent bulbs. You have to buy its bulb separately as it is not included in this table lamp. With a year warranty, this lamp is among best selling lamps.

  • Sturdy lamp
  • Big size
  • Good weight
  • Adjustable
  • Indoor use only


To conclude, among many other lamps, this Modway table lamp is best known for its sturdy build-up and high weight. Many other lamps fail in their comparison because of the cheap and lightweight material used in their composition. Its perfect light and elegant design make it desirable for both work purposes as well as decoration purposes.




This white-colored beautiful lamp is one of the best computer desk lamps by BLACK+DECKER. Its perfect composition of a neck helps in its flexible movements and adjustability. You can control this lamp through the touch control system present in it. With only one touch you can perform various unique functions present in this high-quality lamp.

One of the unique characteristics of this lamp is that you can get three different color modes through this lamp. After the adjustment of color temperature, you will get different colors with the change in color temperature.

With more color temperature, you will get brighter light. Three temperature ranges of 2700K, 4000K, 6500K are present on this lamp. With 250 lumens of light production, it is the best choice.

It contains a built-in battery with 4 hours of life. If you want to work for a longer period then you can easily charge it by the USB port present in it. At the base of this lamp, you will find three buttons.

One of them is the timer, by which you can reset the time of its automatic off system. After every 40 minutes, your lamp will automatically turn off, if you forget to turn it off and leave.

  • Easy charging
  • Different light modes
  • Built-in battery
  • Brightness
  • Lightweight
  • Less stable


In short, with its lots of qualities, it is the best choice for a desk lamp. Every time you use it, you have to charge it before using it. As it has 4 hours of battery lifespan, so instead of getting interrupted while working you must recharge it before.

You can get different colors of light according to your compatibility which helps in minimizing the eye strain and other vision-related problems.

5. Amazon Basics DimmableDesk Lamp

Amazon Basics DimmableDesk Lamp


AmazonBasics has presented a modern styled table lamp with a beautiful lampshade, which makes it more preferable. You can use it for table lamps either at your home or in the office.

An on/off switch present on the base of this lamp makes it easier to turn it on or off. You can adjust its direction according to your need with the help of a swing arm present in it.

To prevent your eyes from eye strains, this light contains 24 led lights that provide enormous bright light while working. Three different modes of light are present in it which are natural light, yellow light, and white light.

You can easily change them for different uses. With these 3 light modes, there are 5 brightness levels of this lamp. You can also adjust the brightness level accordingly.

At the base of this lamp, you will find an on/off button. This lamp also can get turned off after every 40 minutes to save the charging of a lamp if it is not in use. But if you are using it you can turn it on at the spot.

This technology is used in this lamp to be on the safe side. You can even dim the light with the help of dimmable sensors. The soft illumination would be helpful for your vision.

  • Dimmable
  • Bright light
  • Less costly
  • Dinky
  • Lightweight


In short, with three different light modes and dimmable quality, you must be thinking that there is no option to dim the light. So, no need to worry because with the help of the power button you can perform double tasks.

You can turn it on or off as well as by pressing the power button for some time you can dim the light as well. Overall, this desk lamp is one of the best computer desk lamps.

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6. Bedi DEL Desk Lamp


This black Bedi lamp is one of the modern lamps with its elegant design. This tube-shaped lampshade is best for focused light. As the broad lampshades help illuminate larger surfaces, this lamp will give you more directed light on the computer. Its metal composition helps in a high level of stability and minimizes the risk of its slippage.

It requires 6W of energy to produce 550 lumens of light, which is pretty bright for working at night. Its color temperature is 4000K which is also ideal for bright light production. For a computer desk, light adjustability is highly needed.

The size of the adjustable arm of this light is 22 inch makes it easy to get light in different directions without changing the position of a whole lamp.

You can provide any power source to this lamp, as it is highly compatible with both AC/DC power sources. It is a rechargeable lamp with no requirement for any external battery. It contains only one piece of the lamp in the package without any included bulb.

So, you need to get a bulb separately. With one year of warranty, you can get the best computer desk lamp for the house as well as for office use.

  • Adjustable
  • Modern design
  • Easy to use
  • Bright light
  • No color modes


To conclude, with a highly affordable price range you can get tons of various qualities that will help in the efficiency of your work. This light gives you the motivation to work for a longer period without getting tired.

It also decreases the risk of eye problems with the help of perfect bright lighting of about 550 lumens. Its weight is 3.64 pounds that give extra stability to this lamp.

7. Globe Electric Architect Desk Lamp

Globe Electric Architect Desk Lamp


With white and rose colors, these lamps are highly adored by teen girls. With the help of such elegant lamps, the interest of your kids will get the mount and you can increase the study hours of your children.

This lamp produces a sweet pink shade of light that is friendly to the eyes of your children. This lamp is specifically designed for architectural purposes, to illuminate designs or blueprints.

It lacks a lamp base but you can easily fix it on tables, shelves, bed frames, etc. with the help of a metal clamp. This metal clamp does not allow you to change the position of the whole lamp again and again and also helps in avoiding any slippage issues.

Clamps can hold the lamp no matter how much less weight it has. With the arm and head of this lamp, the presence of springs will allow you the dispositioning as well as restoring its actual position.

A medium base 60W bulb is required for this lamp and the presence of an on/off button makes it convenient for you to turn it on or off without much struggle. You can make your lamp smart by placing a smart bulb.

With the help of this smart bulb, you can change the colors of this lamp with the help of your phone. You can set different colors of light for different periods or different seasons.

  • Smart activity
  • Clamp-on style
  • Adjustable
  • Stiff springs


In short, you can use it for different purposes but it is specifically designed for professional use. For architectural purposes, this sweet light is best to decrease the pressure from your eyes. You can buy it for your wood shops as well if you are into working for late hours. Its bulb does not produce heat so you can also use it in hot areas.

For those heading off to college, finding the right lighting for your desk can be essential to creating a productive study space. Our website offers some great recommendations that could help college students find the perfect desk lamp for their needs

Buying Guide

To buy computer desk lights you must consider some important factors to avoid any further complications. You must be thinking that all the lights should be bright, nothing else to look for.

Lights are used for different purposes, the lights that you are using for lighting your living room are of different intensity from those you use for studying purposes. A list of some important aspects that should be focused on before buying computer desk lights.

Bright Light

Desk Lamp

Working on a computer screen means continuous eye labor. To save your optical health you must buy a desk light that is bright enough in dark. The level of brightness that one needs is different from the other.

The brightness that is required for older people is more than those in their 20s. You must keep this thing in mind before buying a light, for whom you are buying a light.

Color Temperature Range

Temperature range matters a lot. The brightness of the light depends upon the temperature of it. If the light is dim, the color temperature would be less.

If you want bright and safe light, you must check that the color temperature of the light should be between 2500K to 4900K. As the lights with this temperature range provide a clear and pleasing light.

Adjustable Design

If you are looking for lamps for computer desks or studying purposes then the adjustable lamps should be given more importance. The fixed lamps provide the same intensity light, while these adjustable lights can provide different intensity light after redirecting it.

You can adjust it near to your computer screen or keypad, on the left or right, etc. according to your need.

Size Of A Lamp

The size of the lamp should be according to the size of your desk. If you have to buy a lamp and a desk, then it is recommended to go for a desk first. This way you will get an idea about the surface area of your desk and then you will select your lamp accordingly.

If you have a small desk then buy a lamp which has a smaller base to avoid taking lots of space on a desk.

But if the size of your computer desk is greater, then you can buy any kind of lamp. Some lamps have the quality that their size is adjustable. For your computer screen, you can adjust your lamplight to a height to cover the whole desktop area.

If you do not want a light for a screen then you can decrease the size to only light the keypad area, to see keys in the dark.

Switch Positions

Turning On or Off your lamp should be convenient for you while working. If there is a kind of lamp that only gets On when you plug it in, then it would be highly inconvenient to leave a chair and turn it on or off continuously.

For this purpose try to choose a lamp with a convenient on/off the system. There are various types of lamps that contain this switch on their bases, some have pull chains or touch screens, etc. to easily turn them on or off.

In short, for your computer desk lamp, some important features that you must look for before buying it are; bright light, color temperature range, adjustability, size, on/off switch positions, etc.

There can be many additional characteristics of desk lamps as well but they are not necessary to look for while buying a lamp. The above-stated factors should be considered strictly before buying your computer desk lamp.


What is a good wattage of a lamp?

Wattage refers to the amount of energy the desk lamp needs to produce light. Computer lamp requires almost 45 watts, which is enough for them to produce 450 lumens of light. You can get lamps with more wattage for more delicate works as well.

Jonathan and Modway table lamps are the best computer desk lamps for this purpose as they produce more lumens and require more wattage.

Is it bad to look at the computer screen for too long?

With the increase in the use of technology, there is also an increase in the number of people who spent most of their time in front of a computer screen. If you are using a computer screen for too long then it can be harmful to your eyes and brain.

You can get blurred vision, eye strain, eyesight problems, headaches, and many other vision-related problems.

What kind of light is best for a desk?

When it comes to choosing the best light for a desk, it’s important to consider the task you’ll be performing. Generally, a desk lamp with a flexible arm and adjustable brightness is ideal, as it can be positioned to provide focused illumination where you need it most.

As for the type of light, LED lights are a great option for a desk lamp. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and come in a range of color temperatures to suit different needs.

For example, cool white LED lights with a color temperature of 5000K or higher are ideal for tasks that require focus and attention to detail, such as reading, writing, and studying.

On the other hand, warm white LED lights with a color temperature of 2700K to 3000K are more relaxing and can create a cozy atmosphere, making them suitable for tasks that don’t require as much concentration, such as relaxing or browsing the internet.

What are the disadvantages of LED lamps?

While LED lamps offer many advantages, they also have some disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages of LED lamps are:

  1. Initial cost: LED lamps can be more expensive than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lamps, which can be a disadvantage for some consumers who are on a tight budget.
  2. Color temperature: LED lamps can produce a cooler, bluer light than traditional lamps, which can be less desirable in some settings. However, LED lamps are available in a variety of color temperatures, so this can be mitigated by choosing the right bulb.
  3. Directional light: Some LED lamps emit directional light, which can be a disadvantage in some applications where omnidirectional light is desired.
  4. Heat sensitivity: LED lamps can be sensitive to heat, which can affect their performance and lifespan. It is important to choose the right bulb for the application and ensure proper ventilation to avoid overheating.
  5. Blue light hazard: LED lamps can emit high levels of blue light, which can be harmful to the eyes if exposed to for extended periods. However, this can be mitigated by choosing LED lamps with a lower blue light output or using filters or shields to reduce blue light exposure.

Summing It Up

To pick the best three from all the above mentioned the best lighting for computer desk for 2024 can be a little difficult task. Still, these three best lights are given below;

JONATHAN Y Brass LED Task Lamp is a lamp best known for its long life of almost 10 years. It is highly suggested for those customers who do not afford to buy lamps again and again at an affordable price.

Modway Modern Metal Shade Table Lamp is well known for its sturdy composition. It is highly recommended for its best light and high weight, which makes it more stable.

Globe Electric Architect Desk Lamp is used for professional use. You can also use it for other different purposes but its dim pink light is used to lower the stress from the eyes for continuous working.

Hence, to prevent vision-related problems you must select some tested ideas for the best lighting for your computer desks. Do not take your eyesight lightly because most of the works can only be done if you have a good vision.

You can still work a lot but it would be best if you take proper steps to keep your physical health in consideration as well.