8 Best ESR Meters 2024 – Get Accurate Results Every Time

ERS meters top picks

If you are looking for the equivalent series resistance (ESR) meter that provides you with accurate results, then you are in the right place. But still, what are the best ESRs that are available for you in the market? The best ESR meter is the one that gives you appropriate results.

This equipment is very useful as it measures the resistance of the capacitors. The design used for making these meters is of high quality which provides better functioning. The reliability of these meters is very good and a large clear screen shows the proper display of the data.

The ESR meter is of a suitable size that can be easily carried. The efficiency of the ESR meter is quite good and gives satisfactory results to the user. This meter is best for the professional level because of its accurate results. Besides that, you can also use ESR meters for personal as well as for industrial purposes.

To calculate the values of the broad-connected capacitor, the ESR meter is used, which actually charges the capacitor and allows the electricity to pass. The precise and accurate readings are measured by an ESR meter. This measuring instrument is good for the regulation of negligible inductance and the resistance whose value is below 1 ohm.

Our Top Choices for Precise Readings

1. Multi-function Tester

The multi-function meters as the name shows it is used for measuring multiple functions. It is available at a good price and offers multiple functions. This multi-function tester is from the Longruner brand and is available in white color.

It has a colorful 3.5 inches display and it is a pocketable multi-functional tester. It also has a LED bright lighting display which gives an attractive look. You can use this meter personally for testing and measuring. The size of the meter is about 2.71 x 3.58 x 1.10 inches which is very suitable.

The device is used to detect the diode range which is less than 4.5V and the detector area for the Zener diode transistor is 0.01-4.5V. And the area which detects the Zener diode has a voltage of 0.01-30V. The value for capacitors and resistors is between 25pF-100mF and 0.01-50 Mohm.

The inductance level is measured between 0.01mH-20H. The power voltage of these meters is about 3.37V which is enough to store energy in the battery. It has a rechargeable lithium battery which provides safety, increases its capability, and is light in weight.

You can use the device by placing the pins in the directed area and then it will show you the readings on the screen. By pressing the knob you can see the display of results on the screen. It includes both the English and Chinese languages for easy usage.

  • Best level-performance
  • LED display
  • Knob touch
  • Automatic shutting
  • Personal use
  • Not for beginners


The multiple-function tester is the best ESR meter that is used to detect the ESR, NPN, PNP, LCR, and MOSFET LW21. It saves the battery by automatically shutting off the screen. Self-calibration is the best option this multi-function meter is offering.

2. BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor SMD Components Tester

BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor SMD Components Tester

The BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor is a tester which is an ESR meter. It is available at a good price and it is available in red and black color. It is a transistor meter that checks that the same performance should be occurring as previously in a circuit. It has an LCD display with backlights that helps to read clearly.

The weight of this ESR meter is 137 grams and its dimensions are 5.43 x 3.19 x1.73 inches. The electric power current is DC which is easy to store on a good scale and can be used later when required. It has an auto-shut that automatically shuts down the device after every 20 seconds and saves the battery.

The huge application allows testing of the excretion and Surface Mount Devices (SMD) which are smaller but very good for production. Other than that the thyristors, triodes, the breaking of complex tasks into smaller ones, the pin polarity, diodes, MOSFET, voltage, and capacitance can be tested.

The intelligent transistor check is an automatic device that detects transistors (NPN, PNP). The channels ( N-channel & P-channel MOSFET), the diode, triode, capacitors, and resistors are also being automatically checked. The ESR value guides the quality grade of the electrolyte capacitor at a normal temperature.

Before using the tester you must discharge it because it will damage the internal system of the tester. The battery cell type is alkaline which saves the battery life and provides more energy to the device. Use the DC power supply with the battery, which will store more energy.

  • Versalite function
  • Reasonable price
  • Automatic options
  • Precise results
  • Signal detection
  • Average quality
  • Difficult setup


This is the best ESR meter which is very inexpensive and provides many functions to a user. It provides precise results and a good LCD display. It is good for testing a variety of tests, and the outcome of the results is very satisfactory.

3. Digital Capacitance Meter Professional Capacitor Tester

A digital capacitance meter or the ESR meter is used to test the both (in/out) resistance of the capacitor. The digital meter is from the Hztyyier brand and is available at a low price. The power source of this model is highly good and provides energy to the device.

The weight of the item is about 0.22 kilograms and the power of the battery is 9V and it also consumes less battery. It has a clear and large screen which shows the results accurately. The capacitor tester measures the rate of current and voltage by providing it energy.

The test results in the digital capacitance meter are so accurate and readable. Different rates are available on the device and the results occur from in between them. It is made up of plastic material and electronic components which enhance the quality and provide durability.

The functional knob provides a comfortable rotation of gears and a clear display of the values. It also contains a back bracket which is easy for holding and allows easy measuring. The lead socket provides proper fitting of the cable and allows the energy to pass in.

English and Chinese languages are both written for easy use. The LCD screen shows the selection of the capacitors, the matching of the capacitors, and the measurement of the capacitors, etc. Before shipping the quality of the meter is checked again for satisfaction.

  • Portable
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to use
  • Not for beginners use


The digital capacitance meter is the best ESR meter as it is very simple to use. The resistance range of this model is in-between 0.1 and 30 ohms. The color panel also shows the quality of the reading. For satisfactory and amazing results one must try this.

4. Signstek MESR-100 V2 Auto Ranging in Circuit ESR LCR Meter

Signstek MESR-100 V2 Auto Ranging in Circuit ESR LCR Meter

The Signstek MESR-100 reduces the high frequency and provides a higher resolution of about 0.01 ohm. The equivalent series resistance value is measured through the sine wave of about 100 kHz. The dual terminal of the leads is very easy to examine a capacitor or a resistor and an ESR table is available for a quick check.

The rate for measuring the circuit testing is about 1.001 to 100.0R. It is an automatic capacitor ranging meter that has a low ohm meter which minimizes errors. A wide measurement range allows a higher level of accurate results.

This meter is used for detecting both the ESR and LCR and it is from signstek brand. It has a zero button which restarts the reading setting. Also has a positive hole (red in color) and a negative pole (black in color). It consists of the parameter table which is located below. The power switch button and automatic/manual button are also present on it.

By removing the impedance we can easily measure the series resistor value. The DC applied is very less (15mV) while measuring the ESR. The LCD screen is large and provides a clear display. It is handy and a black cover provides a proper handgrip.

This device also has a USB port and its external power is 5V micro, also the battery power is about 9V. The item size is about 5.7 x 3.1 x 1.2 inches. It has a user clip, a capacitance meter, and test clips. The current for operating the meter is 0.02A.

  • Dual terminal
  • Perfect resolution
  • USB port
  • Handy
  • It may have more features


This circuit provides 4 digital displays which grab the attention of the user. The parameter tables show the details of the input data. The higher accuracy of the meter provides a good experience to the user at a suitable range of prices.

5. DROK Mosfet Transistor Capacitor Tester

The Drock Mosfet transistor capacitor tester is used to detect the NPN, PNP, LCR, ESR, and MOS, etc. It is available at a good price and used for many transistor testing. This transistor capacitor tester is from the DROK brand and is available in black and grey color.

The LCD screen provides a high resolution, and the TFT screen shows a colorful adoption and is about 1.8 inches. The parameters are shown with different colors so that making it easy and simple for the user to check.

This transistor tester is an automatic device that detects NPN and PNP transistors, the N & P channel MOSFET, resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc. This device also includes a battery that is powered by DC 9V. The tester is made up of plastic material which drops its weight and provides high testing speed.

The shut-down function is automatic, which after a certain time period (40 sec), automatically shuts the screen. The automatic shutting off the screen saves the battery and increases its life. The resistor range is about 0.5 ohm-50 ohm, while the capacitor range is 25pF-100000uF.

The inductors range is about 0.01 mH-20H which provides energy to the circuit. The dimensions of the product are 5.9 x 3.7 x 1.7 inches, while the weight of the item is 3.99 Ounces. These testers are the best choice for measuring the accuracy of the data.

  • Automatic shut-down
  • Clear and large display
  • Perfect results
  • No inductance measurement


These testers are the best ESR meters that are suitable for personal use, laboratory use, and other industrial uses. It saves the battery and allows less consumption. It provides quality results and accurate measurements.

6. Blue ESR Tester – Fully Assembled

Blue ESR Tester - Fully Assembled

The blue ESR tester is from the WERF brand, and it is very handy and affordable. It is best for measuring accurate measurements and providing satisfactory results. It is fully assembled and much easier to carry and work on. If we talk about its features, then this model offers a unique working environment.

The weight of this item is about 10 ounces, and its dimensions are 4 x 8 x 2 inches in length, width, and height, respectively. The construction of this blue tester is very attractive and simple. The LCD display provides clarity to the viewer.

The caps may attach to the sides of the terminal posts and can be tested in a circuit. After 3 minutes, the display of the screen is shut down itself, which is automatically set. To read more clearly and easily, the brightness of about 0.5 inches occurs with the blue LED lights.

The parameters are also present on the body of the blue ESR tester. The model number of this tester is best to use. The ESR table includes the ESR in ohm and the measurement of rated capacitor voltage. The reading appears on the display screen with a clear version.

You can even add the needle or clips which will be available in the kit. The charts on the frontal side are very easy to read and understand. More resistance of the non-polarized test will lead to more accuracy of the results.

  • Affordable
  • Unique
  • Clear display
  • Confusion while using


The results of this tester are high, good, and satisfactory. It offers a warranty of 1 year, and the leads are so flexible that they can easily be plugged in. If you know the basic skills of it, then you can use it very easily, while for others, it may be confusing to use.

Buying Guide

ESR Meters

The ESR meter works depending on what you want to detect. Before buying any ESR meter, you need to look for its features and price. The best ESR meter is the one which is offering all the features at a suitable price. Following are the features you must check while buying an ESR meter.

Using the Meter

Before buying any ESR meter, you must know how to use it. You can read about the meter and its features so that it could get easy for you to use. The use of the ESR meter is not easy rather, it requires a lot of learning and practice to use it. Because it is a bit complicated to use, especially for beginners.

If you are a beginner, then you must search for the divide you want to use. Read out the instructions and watch videos of it. To get accurate and precise results, you need to know about the device and then buy it after you know how it works.

LCD Display

The LCD screen basically represents the data you need. If an ESR meter has a display screen, then while buying, you must check the quality of the display. Sometimes it is not very clear, and the quality it presents is also poor.

The display of the LCD screen must be clear and visible. The large and clear screen shows the data clearly so that you can know the results accurately. Because the readings are not clear, then you might interpret the wrong data.

Auto or Manual Ranging

While buying an ESR meter, you must check either it is auto-ranging or manual ranging. Because the auto-ranging automatically detects and sets the value itself, which is easy and provides comfortable usage. It selects the measurement readings itself and prevents a selection of wrong values.

While the manual ranging sometimes may panic the person because the user has to change the value. So instead of panicking while using, you should buy a meter that has automatic ranging rather than manual ranging.

ESR Meters

Automatic Shutting of Screen

The automatic shutting off the screen provides the battery a long and safe life. It prevents the battery from damaging and consuming. Before buying an ESR meter, you must keep in mind the auto-shut of the screen.

The automatic shutting of the meter will conserve the battery life and allows it to work for a long. If you are busy while working and forget to shut the meter, the battery will be dead in no time, and recharging it again will cause damage to it.


The ESR meter that you are buying must have all the features you want. The proper functioning of the meter provides significant results and precise values. The meter should have a proper button functioning for performing certain tasks.

The zero buttons should be present, which will bring the value to zero for getting the new readings. Getting good results, it should have all the basic functions necessary for getting accurate results. The high quality of an ESR meter offers all the functions and modes present in it.

Resolution of ESR Meter

The resolution of the ESR meter is one of the most important features. While buying, you must check the resolution power it is offering. The good resolution power improves the functioning and provides precise and accurate results.

A proper resolution provides clear and satisfactory results. If the resolution is larger, the results will be more precise. It makes the device more precise, and hence a precise meter gives accurate results and prevents doubts.

Extra Features

While buying a meter, one must also look for the other features that the meter is offering at a good and reasonable price. It should be light in weight, handy, with suitable price and security. These features also increase the working ability of the meter.

The lightweight of the meter allows it to take it anywhere for performing the functions. The ESR data table should be visible enough to provide proper readings. The LED lights allow the brightening effect to the meter for accurate reading measurements.


ESR Meters

What is the best ESR?

The best ESR meter is the one that provides all the proper functioning and modes to the user and gives accurate results. There are many good ESR meters, but the best one gives high-level performance and provides a good range of capacitors and resistors.

Do I need an ESR meter?

Whether or not you need an ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) meter depends on the type of work you do and how often you encounter electronic components, specifically capacitors, in your projects or repairs. An ESR meter is a device used to measure the equivalent series resistance of capacitors without having to remove them from the circuit.

Here are some situations where an ESR meter could be useful:

  1. Repairing electronics: If you often repair electronic devices, such as TVs, computers, or audio equipment, an ESR meter can help diagnose issues related to faulty or aging capacitors. It can save you time by allowing you to test capacitors in-circuit, without the need for desoldering.
  2. Designing and prototyping circuits: If you are an electronics hobbyist or engineer working with circuit design, an ESR meter can help you verify the performance of capacitors in your design or prototype. It can help ensure that the capacitors are operating within their specified parameters.
  3. Quality control and testing: If you work in an environment where you need to test and verify the performance of electronic components, an ESR meter can be a valuable tool for ensuring that capacitors are functioning as expected.
  4. Troubleshooting and maintenance: If you are responsible for maintaining electronic systems or equipment, having an ESR meter in your toolkit can help you quickly identify and address issues related to capacitors, preventing potential failures and downtime.

What does ESR stand for in electronics?

In electronics, ESR stands for Equivalent Series Resistance. It is a measure of the resistance within a capacitor when it is subjected to an alternating current (AC) signal.

ESR is important because it can impact the performance of capacitors in electronic circuits, potentially causing issues such as heat generation, reduced efficiency, and even component failure.

Low ESR is generally desirable for capacitors used in applications that involve high-frequency signals or rapid changes in voltage, as it helps to minimize power losses and maintain circuit performance.


The best ESR meter provides significant results to the user by providing perfect results. Many meters provide super features, and their functioning is satisfactory to a user. The ESR range should be wide, which provides an accurate calculation of the device.

It should consist of all the quality features for providing a good power supply and resulting in inaccurate measurements. Some best ESR meters with all the perfect features are;

Multi-function Tester is best for personal use and provides the best performance and precise results to the user.

DROK Mosfet Transistor Capacitor Tester provides a clear and wide resolution and improves the working of the device.

Blue ESR Tester – Fully Assembled are very handy and lower at a price that has an ESR table at the front body for the clear viewing of the readings.

The functioning of the ESR meter varies according to the need of the user, and now you can buy yours according to the need and work.