Motorized Light Fittings for Easy Cleaning

Motorized Light

If you use a chandelier or similar light fittings, you notice they often pose a challenge to access. Sometimes the fixtures are too high or just too delicate to clean or replace from awkward positions. Hence, they are left uncleaned for long periods.

You no longer need to worry as all you need is a motorized light fitting. This tool allows you to easily lower and lift your fixtures. We discuss all about motorized light fittings, how it works and why you need one right away!

What is a Motorized Light Fitting?


A motorized light fitting is a modern technology that involves using a remote control to operate a light fixture. The device has an actuator that works to lower and raise fixtures. The aim of the motorized fitting is to bring high fixtures within reach making cleaning and changing of bulbs easier and less stressful.

How Motorized Lifts Work

Basically, the parts of a motorized light lift are the tension cable, a take-up shaft and an actuator. The take-up shaft has a tension or hoist cable that winds around it and eventually connects to the actuator. On powering the actuator, the tension cable unwinds. The light fixture then begins to drop from its height till it reaches its required lower position and vice versa.

Types of Motorized Light Lifts


There are two main types of motorized light lifts. They are;

  • Commercial lifts
  • Residential lifts.

As for commercial light lifts, you find them mostly in high-bay warehouses. In general, they have a more powerful build than the residential options. This better equips them for the industrial setting.

Residential lifts, on the other hand, are better for interior use in houses and other domestic situations. When compared to commercial light lifters, they are smaller and less powerful but are still able to raise and lower massive fixtures.

How to Install

  1. The first step is to always turn off the power at the circuit breaker before starting any electrical installation.
  2. Next, remove the electrical box containing the light fixture you want to uninstall. Do this by detaching all existing connections between the fixture and the electrical box.
  3. Take the magnetic electrical box and place it through the ceiling’s hole.
  4. Here, you need to mount the new motorized electric winch onto the ceiling space above. Otherwise, use a drill alongside screws and a driver to mount the winch to any existing structure in the ceiling.
  5. In the absence of an existing power source, run a new wire connection to supply constant electricity. After splicing the new wire connection to the actuator’s wire, use a fastener to keep the joint firm.
  6. Splice the wires supplying the light fixture to the ones coming from the old switch control.
  7. Next, connect the motorized electric winch to the switch box’s low-voltage cables. Do this by matching the wires accordingly and fastening them with wire nuts.
  8. Afterward, draw the electric winch wire down. It should connect to a low-voltage ring placed close to the fixture. At this level is where you control the entire lift via this low-voltage ring.
  9. One more connection is to link the motorized electric winch to a ground wire and cover it with the casing.
  10. With a push connection, secure the low-voltage wires. Meanwhile, install the key switch on the voltage ring. Then, mount it on the wall with screwdrivers and screws.
  11. When you’re done, test the lift by restoring power to the circuit breaker.
  12. With the key or remote, control the winch’s electrical box down to a reasonable height to test the pressure on the tension cable.
  13. At this level, you may want to check if all connections on the light fixture and electrical box are in place.
  14. After confirming, return the fixture to the ceiling with the key switch. The light should come on when it reaches the magnetic electrical box in the ceiling.

Advantages of Using Motorized Light Lifts

1. Easy Cleaning and Replacement of Bulbs

Motorized light lifts bring the fixture down to a comfortable height. Therefore, you operate with minimal pressure and risk of shock or damage to the lights.

2. Remote Control Operated

The device allows you to lower or raise the light fixture by remotely pressing buttons or turning key switches. This feature removes the stress and overthinking involved in accessing your chandelier when bulbs go out.

3. Safety

Motorized lifts help to prevent accidents by keeping light fixtures out of reach of children and pets. Also, a motorized lift has a built-in safety feature. This technology prevents the motor from overheating or a power surge.

4. Aesthetics

Also, motorized light lifts improve the aesthetics of your home or office. They help to make your light fixtures look more modern and stylish.

5. Removes the Need for Scaffolding

Constructing a scaffold or hiring ladders for simple tasks like changing bulbs is stressful and costly. So, with a motorized light lift, you avoid those setbacks. The light fixture, rather, comes down to you for easy cleaning, maintenance, etc.

Energy Efficiency


Motorized light fittings offer significant energy-saving benefits. With easy access to fixtures for maintenance and regular cleaning, users can ensure optimal lighting efficiency. The actuator’s minimal energy consumption further contributes to overall energy efficiency in the lighting system. By promoting regular maintenance and bulb replacement, these fittings help maintain consistent brightness while reducing energy wastage. With motorized light fittings, businesses and homeowners can enjoy a well-lit space while being environmentally conscious, ultimately leading to cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Motorized light fittings offer compelling long-term cost savings. Although they require an initial investment, the benefits outweigh the costs. Regular cleaning and maintenance facilitated by easy access to fixtures result in extended fixture lifespans, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

This leads to significant savings on replacement costs. Additionally, avoiding the necessity for specialized equipment or external contractors for maintenance further contributes to cost efficiency. With motorized light fittings, businesses and homeowners can enjoy reduced expenses and increased lighting system longevity, making it a wise and financially sound investment over time.


All things considered, if you need to reach and clean your light fixtures, motorized lifts are the finest option. They offer outstanding characteristics that make them secure, practical, and simple to install. In addition, you improve the visual appeal of your house or place of business.

So, whenever you have light fixtures that are difficult to access, consider installing a motorized light lift. Check here for other great ways to simplify and improve your home.