E26 vs. A19 Light Bulbs: Differences and All Related Information!

difference between e26 and a19

We all have been buying light bulbs and have purchased them innumerable times till now. However, we are not sure which one is the best. With so many choices in the market, choosing the best one is quite troublesome.

Also, there are different bulbs with different terminologies, and we might not know them. This makes the buying process all the more difficult. Today, we will differentiate two major types of these items available in the market.

The terminologies used in the light industry are overwhelming at times. Especially if you are a beginner in the industry or have recently come across such words, understanding specific facts and concepts might be difficult.

We will know about E26 vs A19 Light Bulb: Differences and All Related Information. Keep reading to choose the best one.

All You Must Be Aware Of About The A19 Variant


This bulb is called so because of two reasons. The first is the starting alphabet of the alphabet series, and the next one is a number. The letter “A” in the name of this bulb type indicates the form in which the item is present. It is one of the classic shapes commonly used for these items.

The shape resembles an inverted pear, and it is the same shape that we have been witnessing in these items ever since our childhood. The width of this choice is somewhere around two inches.

The latter part of the name, that is, the digits, indicates the width of this item. It is measured in ⅛ of an inch, and hence the number nineteen is thus given to its name.

The name of the bulb tells the users everything about its characteristics. The bulb is roughly in a round form, the form of a pear. It is almost 110 mm long and 60 mm in breadth.

A few countries thought that the measurement in millimetres should be used to determine the labels. This is how they gave names to the options, like A60 and A19.

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After knowing about the first type of light bulb, let us dive more into the second option available in the market. You will most commonly hear the name of this item in the market when you set out to buy one. Even if it is one of the most used light bulbs, many are unaware of the name.

Just as the former option, its name is also derived, keeping two option factors in mind. The E in its name refers to the Edison bulbs, and the number 26 refers to the diameter of this option.

The diameter of this option is 26 when measured in millimeters. This one has an additional name, which is the “Medium Edison Screw.”

The alphabet given to its name does not indicate its form; instead, it determines the base of this item. The bulb enables the contact of both mechanical and electrical aspects. It is worth noting that the base of this choice supports a vast range of bulbs and lamps.

Summarizing the definition of the latter choice, its name determines the base of the lamp. Over here, by its base, we refer to the part of the bulb that is screwed to the socket. The name has nothing to do with its form.

The screw has a diameter of 26 mm that comes in various forms and sizes to fit different sockets.

Are Both Options The Same?

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Many believe that the two names can be used interchangeably, but it is not the case. As discussed two above, the names are given to each, keeping their features in mind. To know better, keep reading to learn more about the same things and different ones between the two.

ANSI has some standards laid down for the manufacturers of these items to abide by them during production. This will help them ensure that they are safe to be used by the end-users.

One of these standards is that bulbs with form A should have a base of E26. E26 has a base to be included on all bulbs manufactured for use.

The head of a bulb can be different, and they are not required to have a form similar to the A, but the base should be that of E26 only. Next time you go shopping for these items, chances are that you will come across the two names. This guide will help you make a wise choice.



We recommend doing proper research before finalizing an option. It will help you make a choice that is highly suitable for you. Furthermore, when you search for a particular choice, you will know what to ask for and how to decide.

There is no denying that E26 is the best bulb available on the market. It is because almost all bulbs are required to have a base.

You will find intelligent bulbs available with the same base. Smart bulbs are options that have multiple color options, and the settings of the bulb are customizable.

With the help of your voice, you can control the brightness, tone, or just any other feature of the bulb.

Furthermore, the bulb is user-friendly, consumes less energy, and has accessible set-up features.

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The Bottom Line

After going through our article on electric bulbs, you will know some significant differences between the two choices. Read through all of the information provided to choose the best one. This will help you make a better decision next time you want to shop for this item.

Based on your preferences and certain other factors, bring home the best bulb for you the next time when you go bulb shopping.


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How long do A19 LED bulbs last?

The A19 LED bulbs last for a good number of years. That said, once installed you will not have to worry about getting them exchanged quite often. If you buy a good quality bulb, it will last for almost 25,000 hours.

On the contrary, if you choose a bulb of medium to low quality, its lifespan will be of almost 15,000 hours. Use them regularly and stay worry-free about their lifespan.

Are the A-series and the E-series bulbs the same?

No, there is a slight difference between both the categories of bulbs. That means the A-series bulbs have their name given to them because of the shape in which they are found.

The shape of such bulbs is very similar to that of the alphabet A and so they have A in their name.

Whereas the B series bulbs are the Edison bulbs that have their base of that of the same series. They are given the E alphabet in their name because they belong to the Edison series. It means the A19 bulb that we use at our home has the base of the E26 bulbs.