10 Best Thermostat For SmartThings 2024: Compatible With Alexa, Apple & Google Assistant

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It is very easy and convenient to control the devices in your home, or office, with the help of mobile applications and the Internet.

Thus, a thermostat for SmartThings in this case will provide the possibility to set the ideal temperature in your home in a very convenient manner. Find out how to automate this process by reading the lines below.

You’ll find out details about the best thermostat for smart things, plus other details that will promote easy use of the device.

What is the Best Thermostat For SmartThings?

When looking to purchase a thermostat for SmartThings, the most important aspect to remember is to make sure it is compatible with the systems you use in your home.

This will ensure the proper functioning of the thermostat and will save you from a lot of headaches.

In other words, the best thermostat you can buy is the one that can be easily paired with the technology you already use, providing, at the same time, the features that make living more pleasant.

Best Thermostat For SmartThings

Why Nest is the Best Brand For Temperature Control?

The nest is, without a doubt, a very appreciated and popular brand when it comes to smart devices.

It is quite versatile and works with most smart heating systems, offering the possibility to be controlled with Google Alexa and Assistant alike.

However, do make sure to read the specifications of the product before purchasing it, ensuring that it fits your home without a flaw.

SmartThings-Approved: Top Thermostats for Home Comfort Experience

01. Google Nest Learning Thermostat – Best Quality Thermostat For SmartThings

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Google’s Nest smart thermostat is probably one of the most popular choices among people looking to automatize their homes, this one can be your first choice for the best thermostat for smart things queries.

It is, of course, a bit more expensive than other thermostats, but it can provide a great range of features at the price.

For instance, it doesn’t require too much programming, as it is capable of doing this on its own.

However, do set it up when you intend to use it for the first time, ensuring this way a pleasant atmosphere inside your home.

If Alexa is already inside the home, or you plan on using it, this thermostat will do a great pair with Google’s assistant.

Among the most interesting features of the device is worth mentioning the ability to learn the user’s preferences regarding temperature and ambiance and energy-saving orientation.

When the user selects an energy-saving program, a green leaf will appear on the display.

Also, the thermostat will know when you’re leaving home, as it will turn to an energy-saving mode, so energy won’t be wasted on an empty house.

Of course, you won’t return to a cold home, so don’t worry about it.


  • A smart and intuitive thermostat that learns your preferences;
  • Energy-saving feature for when you leave the house;
  • Temperature can be adjusted from anywhere, with a mobile app;
  • Constant monitoring of your heating and cooling systems;
  • The possibility to use it with a temperature sensor;
  • Promotes energy saving;
  • Compact, elegant, and easy to use;
  • It learns what you like;
  • It programs itself;
  • You’ll have to pay attention to software updates, as they may cause functionality problems;

02. Ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat – Best Thermostat For Smart Home

Ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat

Anyone using SmartThings in their home should give this thermostat a chance. It takes about an hour to fully install and set it, getting it ready to provide the ideal ambiance.

To make sure its installation is easy, it’s worth you have a 5th wire ready for its connection.

There’s no need to call a specialist to make the thermostat run, as the process is an easy one if the recommendations and user’s manual are read.

Once the installation is done, its control becomes convenient through the Ecobee app. The device can be used with Apple’s Home Kit, Alexa Built-In, Google Assistant, and SmartThings.

The thermostat was built to be intuitive, turning its lights on when the user is near, just in case adjustments are check-ups are needed.

It is possible to use this device with a SmartSensor, which will enhance comfort in the home when you’re at home.

However, this sensor has to be purchased separately.


  • Compatible with Android and iOS;
  • Energy-saving features an Energy Star certificate;
  • SmartSensor for distributing heat evenly;
  • Lids up when you’re in its proximity;
  • Integrates well with all smart home systems;
  • Can be used with a wide range of smart home systems;
  • Easy to install and program;
  • Works even when the Internet is down;
  • Can save up to 23% on the energy bill;
  • Power failures may trigger reconnection issues;
  • Doesn’t work with Alexa outside the US;

03. Honeywell Home RTH9585WF1004 – Best Thermostat Control For SmartThings

Honeywell Home RTH9585WF1004

If most thermostats for SmartThings have a futuristic design, Honeywell kept things simple, marching on a design that looks more like a traditional thermostat.

This makes the device more user-friendly, as most users are already familiar with using such a thermostat, so the transition to a smart thermostat will be much easier.

However, even if the design appears simple, the device is capable of providing a lot of information.

Besides showing temperature and humidity, both inside and outside the house, it will also show the weather forecast with the help of easy to interpret symbols.

Also, it can provide, on a monthly basis, a report regarding the home’s energy consumption, when heating or cooling, offering tips on how to save more money on your energy bills.

You will even receive notifications when a filter needs replacement, when the temperature drops, Internet issues, and others so that you won’t worry about a thing.

Just bear in mind you will need a C wire if you want to install the WiFi feature, which needs to be purchased separately.


  • Flexibility in customizing your daily schedule;
  • User-friendly mobile app;
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use device;
  • Generates energy reports every month;
  • Beautiful display, with weather forecast symbols;
  • Provides notifications about temperature via mobile phone;
  • Keeps track of your energy bill, making suggestions on how to save more;
  • The traditional design makes it easy to use and set;
  • You will need to buy a Honeywell C wire, as it won’t work with a regular C wire;

04. Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

A great smart thermostat with a more than an accessible price tag, this product is highly appreciated in the US. It was made to be installed and used with ease, so this is indeed a user-friendly product.

With the help of a step-by-step guide and clear instruction, the installation of the thermostat should not take more than half an hour.

Regarding the installation, if you utilize conventional heating and cooling systems, the thermostat will not require a c-wire.

For all the other cases, when you’re looking to use it for heat only, cooling only, or heat pump, there’s the need for a c-wire to make it work. An interesting detail about the product is that it has the size of a standard thermostat.

Thus, replacing the old traditional thermostat will be easier, as you won’t need to paint the wall to cover its marks.

The device is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, Samsung SmartThins, and HomeKit from Apple, although it will require a c-wire for it.

Besides providing a comfortable temperature and allowing you to adjust it remotely, the device will also send out notifications.

Thus, the user will know when the temperature is too low, when the humidity is high, or when there are issues with the system.


  • A great price-value ratio thermostat;
  • An energy-saving device with an Energy Star certificate;
  • Easy installation with a step-by-step guide;
  • Smart alerts regarding temperature, humidity, and system issues;
  • One of the most accessible smart thermostats;
  • It takes less than 30 minutes to install the device;
  • Compatible with the most used smart home systems;
  • May require manual rebooting in case of power losses;

05. Ecobee Smart Thermostat Voice Control

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Voice Control

A quick look at this product will tell you that there are other, more affordable products on the market. However, this thermostat comes with a smart sensor as well, which can be used in any part of the house you want.

It can be the bedroom, child’s room, and others, making sure the temperature there is always ideal.

Because we are talking about a smart thermostat, this device is capable of telling when the users are not at home, reducing the consumption of energy, and adjusting the temperature accordingly.

Once the users return home, it immediately begins creating a pleasant atmosphere with the right temperature. This way, the user doesn’t have to worry about energy bills.

More than this, the thermostat has a special feature, called Time of Use, which helps the device function during the time of the day when the price of energy is at its lowest. With such a thermostat, worries go down while comfort is increasing.


  • Smart thermostat adjusts the temperature when you’re at home or away;
  • Feature for using energy for heating when its price is lowest;
  • A mobile app allows temperature control anywhere and anytime;
  • Pairs easily with most smart home systems;
  • Overall, it was voted the best thermostat by Tom’s Guide;
  • Helps save energy and lower energy bill;
  • It can tell when you’re at home or not, adjusting temperature accordingly;
  • Easy installation and use;
  • Comes with a smart sensor;
  • Updates released by Ecobee could change the way the thermostat works, so it’s worth paying attention to it;

06. Honeywell Home Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell Home Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat


Anyone looking for a highly customizable thermostat should definitely consider this one from Honeywell.

Not only will it provide the possibility to adjust the program for every day of the week, but also makes it possible to set preferences based on the time of the day.

Thus, you can make the thermostat work as you please in the morning, during the daytime, in the evening, and during the night. This way, you’ll get precisely the experience you want day after day.

How easy it is to program the device so detailed? Its design resembles a traditional thermostat very much, so it won’t take long to figure your way around it.

Also, it was made for those looking to take in a DIY project, which means that its installation and setting can be done by anyone, with a bit of time and patience.

Besides properly adjusting the temperature inside the home, this device works with utility programs available throughout the US, via WiFi. This way, it helps save energy through every means possible.


  • Highly programmable thermostat for every day of the week;
  • User-friendly mobile app;
  • Works with US utility programs that help save energy, via WiFi;
  • Alerts the user when the temperature is too low or when there’s something wrong;
  • Its installation is an easy process;
  • Can be customized based on your daily schedule;
  • Provides an energy-saving feature;
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive design;
  • Its installation may not be that easy for everyone, despite what is advertised, so the costs for hiring an electrician should be taken into account;

07. Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Looking for an upgrade when it comes to the home’s indoor temperature and ambiance? A smart thermostat can be a great choice, especially if the home already enjoys a smart home system.

This device provided by Emerson works well will Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Home Kit, and SmartThings from Samsung.

The best part about choosing this product is that there’s no need to make any repairs after the replacement of the old one.

This smart thermostat has the same size as a traditional device, so it will fit perfectly in the place of the regular thermostat.

Also, the design is very much the same, making the transition to a smart device easier and more convenient.

Not to mention that you have a comfortable mobile app that allows the control of the thermostat from anywhere in the world, through an Internet connection.

Its installation should also be very easy and fast, since most of the users, which is approximately 70%, managed to set up the device in less than half an hour.

Once it starts working, it is possible to save energy by using a customized schedule, geofencing, and remote access. Also, it will generate alerts as well, if something goes wrong.


  • Easy and fast installation, with the available guidelines;
  • Compatible with the most popular smart home systems;
  • Fan mode available;
  • Can help save up to 23% of the energy bill with HVAC systems;
  • Generates usage reports;
  • The Energy Star award for energy-effective features;
  • Takes less than half an hour to install;
  • Standard thermostat size and design;
  • Some complained about the company’s customer support services;

08. GoControl Z-Wave Battery-Powered Smart Thermostat

GoControl Z-Wave Battery-Powered Smart Thermostat

Advertised as one of the easiest smart thermostats to install, this device from GoControl doesn’t need too much time, or knowledge, to have it up and running.

Shipped with a user’s manual and guide, the user will have everything needed to get the device operational in a fairly short amount of time.

A great feature is the fact that the thermostat can be used with the security system from GoControl, more precisely the 2GIG system.

Thus, it is easy and convenient to be able to control the home’s most important aspects with a mobile app, regardless of your location.

Made to function with most HVAC systems available in homes today, whether they are operated by a heat pump or have standard features, there’s no need to call an electrician to set up this thermostat.

The device will work powered by batteries or supplied directly by the HVAC system through a C-wire.

With the right settings in place, this smart thermostat can help you save energy, by heating and cooling your home based on your needs and weather.

And there is always the convenience of accessing the thermostat remotely, from a mobile device, when needed or desired.


  • Provides convenient temperature control via mobile app;
  • Works with batteries or c-wire;
  • Installation is easy and fast;
  • Energy-effective, it helps save on energy bills;
  • User-friendly installation and setup;
  • Can be paired with security systems from Z-Wave and 2GIG GoControl;
  • Will work with most HVAC systems;
  • Voice control works only with Amazon Alexa;

09. Honeywell Home RTH6360D1002 Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell Home RTH6360D1002 Programmable Thermostat

Everybody wishes to find a smart thermostat that is reliable, easy to install, and use over time.

In this case, this device from Honeywell can represent a good choice, because it has a lot to offer at a very accessible price tag.

It is possible to program the thermostat for the entire week, for the weekend, or on weekdays.

If you want to save money on the energy bill, it is important to program the thermostat for when you are home and when you’re away, or at sleep.

This way, energy consumption will be wise and the temperature inside the house will always be pleasant.

At the same time, the device features a Smart Response Learning feature, which allows it to learn the preferred heating and cooling cycles of the home, offering the ideal temperature exactly when it is needed.

In case of a power outage, the thermostat will retain the set program in its memory, continuing to function assets and maintaining the ambiance constant.

The only downside is that it turns on its heating cycle at a very small temperature difference, which can be bothering or worrying when a constant temperature is hard to maintain due to bad weather conditions.

Unfortunately, the device doesn’t give the user the chance to set this part.


  • It offers flexible programming options;
  • Lid digital display shows both the current temperature and set temperature;
  • It is capable of learning heating and cooling cycles, for optimum ambiance around the clock;
  • Generates reminders for low battery and filter replacement;
  • Provides permanent and temporary settings options;
  • Highly customizable for the entire week;
  • It can save energy with the right program adjustments;
  • User-friendly installation and use;
  • Rather short on and off heating cycles;

10. Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub 2nd Gen

Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub 2nd Gen

For all Samsung fans and people looking to turn their homes into smart entities, Samsung created this amazing hub that can take control and monitoring effective and comfortable.

Whether it’s about turning the lights on as soon as you enter the house, enjoying the best ambiance regardless of the weather, and keeping an eye on things when you’re away from home, they can all be achieved with this smart home hub.

You can see this device as a control center for a wide range of smart devices that can be made to work as a whole.

Just make sure to buy devices that are compatible with this hub, to get seamless functionality around the clock.

It can be controlled with a mobile device or by voice control, using Amazon Alexa or Amazon Echo.

With its help, you can teach your home a large number of tricks so that it becomes more comfortable, welcoming, safe, and fun every day of the week.

So, in case you’re looking to invest in a thermostat for SmartThings, it’s worth considering having this smart home hub first.


  • A great hub that makes multiple smart devices work together for your home;
  • Will control a wide range of smart thermostats, sensors, and many more, for increased comfort;
  • With Amazon Alexa, you can tell it what to do and teach it your preferences;
  • Compatible with Honeywell, Kwikset, and Philips Hue;
  • Suitable for Android and iOS alike;
  • With this hub you can control all smart devices in a home;
  • Will automate heating, cooling, lighting, and more;
  • Increases home security and make monitoring convenient;
  • Works with a limited number of brands;


Buying Considerations Best Thermostat For SmartThings

Best Thermostat For SmartThings

How much are you willing to invest in a smart thermostat?

There are smart thermostats capable of fitting a wide range of budgets. Thus, it is possible to find thermostats below $100, those from Nest can range between $200 and $250, and the devices provided by Ecobee can go up to $400.

Of course, cheaper thermostats may provide a lower number of features than cheaper thermostats. So, you should decide both upon the desired set of features and the amount you’re willing to pay for a smart thermostat.

Because prices vary this much, it may be worth taking the time required to research them well. This way, once you may purchase, you can be sure that it is what you need, without paying too much for features you don’t need.

Standard design or touch screen?

Not all smart thermostats have a futuristic design. There are quite a few models that still respect the size and design of regular thermostats.

So, if you’re worried that you’ll have a hard time figuring out how to use a smart thermostat, one with a traditional design could make the transition easier.

Also, smart thermostats with a standard size will make repairs, after the replacement of the old thermostat, unnecessary.

Usually, smart thermostats with a traditional design, which feature buttons, are more affordable than thermostats equipped with a touch screen.

But, if you’re looking to get a modern device that is as easy to use as a smartphone or tablet, then a device featuring a touch screen may be just what you need.

By simply touching the thermostat, you’ll get access to its features and make the necessary adjustments. Not to mention that such a thermostat has a sleek design and looks really nice on your wall. Of course, do expect to pay more for such thermostats, as they don’t come cheap.

Learning capabilities

While all smart thermostats are programmable, allowing you to set the ambiance of your home as desired, for every day of the week, it would be great if the device has learning abilities as well.

What does this mean? It means that the thermostat is capable of learning the home’s preferred heating and cooling cycles so that you always enjoy the best ambiance when you’re at home.

Also, it can tell when you’re away, adjusting the temperature so that you save money by consuming energy effectively.

So, as you can see, it is useful to have a smart thermostat that can learn things and make the best decisions, without your intervention. This is what makes these devices so convenient and appreciated.

Geofencing feature

Geofencing may sound fancy, but it is actually a feature that works based on simple principles. The smart thermostat uses information obtained via the Internet, about the local weather, and adjusts the indoor temperature accordingly.

This way, no matter how the weather turns out to be, your home will always be warm and welcoming.

However, this feature can work rather ineffective if the weather changes a lot, as smart thermostats work best when the weather is mostly constant.

Still, geofencing is a great feature that keeps you safe from the weather, without you having to personally adjust the temperature.

Energy-saving reports

Smart thermostats are built to help users save on their energy bills, by utilizing energy in the most effective manner for heating and cooling.

Some thermostats even won the Green Star certification, which clearly shows that they are capable of saving energy when used adequately.

But, besides saving energy, it may be useful to generate period energy-saving reports. This will allow you to see precisely just how much energy was used and how much was saved, compared to previous energy consumption.

Such reports can be sent to your mobile phone or e-mail and will disclose the energy consumption for your thermostat every month. Not all thermostats have such a feature, so see if you could use this because of purchasing a thermostat.


One of the best parts of using a smart thermostat is that it can notify you regarding aspects that may be of interest. For instance, it will tell you when the temperature got too low.

Better yet, some thermostats will let you know when the air filter needs replacement, allowing you to enjoy clean air inside the house at all times. So, having a thermostat capable of notifying you about certain details can be very useful.

Still, do bear in mind that for such notifications, the air ventilation system or air purifier should work on the same Internet connection as your smart thermostat. Otherwise, the thermostat won’t see them.

Maintenance Facts

A great aspect connected to using a smart thermostat is that this kind of device doesn’t require too much maintenance from the user. Once the device is installed properly and set to work according to the user’s desires, it will do its job.

Still, you need to be aware of some issues related to the functioning of smart thermostats, so you can take proper measures when and if needed.

Their software may suffer glitches

Because smart thermostats work by being connected to the Internet, their software is currently updated automatically.

But if there’s a power outage or the power goes down due to a storm, the Internet connection is interrupted and software glitches may appear. The device’s user manual will tell you what to do in such situations.

Malfunctions due to low battery

Thermostats tend to behave strangely when their batteries go low on energy. If you choose to have your thermostat work on batteries, then you need to pay attention to this part.

When the battery goes low, replace it and restart the system, so that it resumes. If this doesn’t fix it, a professional may have to take a look at your device and see what’s wrong.

HVAC maintenance

Your home’s HVAC system requires more maintenance than your thermostat. It is highly recommended to perform proper maintenance to the HVAC system if you want your smart thermostat to work well.

Some smart thermostats generate notifications when it’s time to replace a filter or perform routine maintenance. Such a feature is useful, without a doubt.

How to use a thermostat for SmartThings

Best Thermostat For SmartThings

It is easy and convenient to automate and control the temperature inside your home with the help of a thermostat for SmartThings.

To enjoy the features and benefits of such a device, you will need a SmartThings hub and a smart thermostat compatible to work with the hub. Then, follow the steps mentioned below:

Install the SmartThings hub in your home;

  • Install the smart thermostat for SmartThings by following the guidelines provided by its user’s manual or installation guideline;
  • Download the thermostat’s app on your mobile phone and/or tablet. Each thermostat will have a dedicated mobile app that is mentioned in its user’s manual. This app will help you control the thermostat via the Internet, no matter where you are;
  • Use the mobile app to turn the thermostat on, off, and make the necessary adjustments. Some thermostats provide automatic adjustments based on certain events. For instance, the heat will be lowered when you leave the house or readjusted once you walk through the door. This is possible by using the “Hello” feature of the SmartThings app, available in the “Home” section.

Do’s of Thermostat Installation

Heat your home during specific hours of the day

To save money on energy bills, you should have the thermostat turned on only when you’re at home. This way, the home is heated and made comfortable when there’s someone around to enjoy it.

Otherwise, it would be a waste of energy to heat an empty home. So, making such adjustments to your thermostat can help you lower bills by more than 20%.

Lower the heat when you’re gone or during the nighttime

As mentioned earlier, it’s no point in having the heat turned on when no one is at home. Also, when you sleep during nighttime, it would be a good idea of lowering the heat because no one is roaming around the house.

Such small gestures can help you save a lot, by effectively utilizing energy. Not to mention that smart thermostats can learn to lower the heat when you’re leaving home and utilize other features to be as energy-effective as possible.

Program the thermostat based on your daily schedule

It is always a good idea to program your thermostat based on your daily schedule. You know when you’re at home and when you’re at work or away. Doing so will make the thermostat turn on only when the heat is needed, reducing this way the consumption of energy.

Don’ts of Thermostat Installation

Don’t set the thermostat on “High” to get your home heated faster

Are you feeling cold after spending too much time outside? In this case, you may be tempted to turn the thermostat on “High”, thinking that such a setting will make your home heat faster.

Well, if you do so, you’ll sense the consequences of such a choice in your energy bills. When the thermostat is cranked up, it will burn more energy than when it is left to increase the home’s temperature gradually.

So, try to be patient, using a blanket and a cup of hot tea, instead of wasting money on energy bills.

Don’t change the settings in a frequent manner

While you can do periodic adjustments if necessary, it is not indicated to change the thermostat’s settings all the time.

Not only will this inflict a lot of wear and tear on the thermostat, but will also generate ineffective energy consumption, leading to higher energy bills.

So, it’s best to use the features provided by your smart thermostat and its app to set the device based on your daily needs.

In comparison to regular thermostats, smart thermostats are capable of learning your preferences and will adjust heating and cooling accordingly.

Don’t install the thermostat in an area where it is very warm or very cold

If you want to have a properly functioning thermostat, you should install it in an area of your home where the temperature is steady.

When the thermostat sits in a cold room or corner, it will turn on more frequently. Also, if it sits where it is warmer, it may not properly heat the other parts of the home as desired.

Don’t buy a thermostat that is not compatible with your smart home system

When looking to buy a smart thermostat, it is highly important to purchase a device that is compatible with your smart home system.

If not, you won’t be able to use the two together and reap the benefits of using a smart thermostat. In case you don’t have a smart home system yet, see which one suits your needs best and purchase it together with a compatible thermostat.


Best Thermostat For SmartThings

What features should I look for in a SmartThings-compatible thermostat?

When choosing a thermostat that works with SmartThings, consider features such as remote control, learning algorithms, compatibility with other smart home platforms, and compatibility with your heating and cooling system.

Can I control my thermostat through the SmartThings app?

Yes, most SmartThings-compatible thermostats can be controlled through the SmartThings app on your smartphone or tablet.

Do I need any special equipment to use a SmartThings-compatible thermostat?

You will need a SmartThings hub to connect your thermostat to the SmartThings platform. Some thermostats may also require additional equipment, such as a C-wire adapter, depending on your home’s wiring. Be sure to check the compatibility requirements for your specific thermostat before purchasing.

Which thermostat works best with SmartThings?

When shopping around for smart thermostats, it will be easy to notice that each will provide a set of features. This means that not all smart thermostats are the same.

While they all give you the chance to control the temperature remotely, help you save energy by customizing daily programs, and generate notifications, some may provide some extra features as well.

So, this is why you need to pay attention to the provided features and check if the device is made to work with SmartThings.

Yes, the thermostat that will work best with SmartThings hubs is the one created to be compatible with this technology.

Thus, always verify for the thermostat to be a good option for the technology you’re already using in your home.

Is it worth investing in a smart thermostat?

Smart thermostats are, without a doubt, a bit more expensive than regular, wired thermostats. The more features they offer, the higher their price will go.

So, it is legitimate to question whether they do their job right or it’s just a way to feel fancier. The mere thought of being able to control your home’s temperature remotely with your mobile phone could be a reason good enough to make you buy one.

But smart thermostats offer more than this. When used right, smart thermostats can help you save a lot on your energy bills.

In comparison with regular thermostats, smart thermostats can be programed better during the day and can even learn your preferences and tell when you’re at home and when you’re away.

This allows them to adjust the heating and cooling cycles inside the home, so that energy is used effectively.

Also, these thermostats are capable of being active during the times of the day when energy is the cheapest or work, via the Internet, with national energy-saving programs.

Such a thermostat can help you save about $200 every year on energy bills alone. Also, those that already embraced smart thermostats noticed that their energy bills went down by about 23%, which is a significant change.

Will a Nest thermostat work with SmartThings hub?

The nest is a very popular smart thermostat brand, appreciated and used by an impressive number of people from around the world. However, Nest was not always compatible with SmartThings.

Luckily, that changed these days and SmartThings users can now utilize this thermostat without problems, being able to program it as desired and enjoy its features as they come.

So, if you’re using SmartThings and you want a Nest thermostat, you can make such a choice without worrying if it will work or not.

SmartThings works with Nest cameras as well, so you can control your home’s security this way and even see who is knocking on your door as well.

What kind of devices can be used with SmartThings?

Because SmartThings is one of the most popular choices when it comes to smart home solutions, there are many thermostats and devices made to work with this kind of technology.

All you need to do, when shopping, is to check the device’s specifications, making sure it will be a good fit with SmartThings.

Most of them do, but there might be a few that are not compatible with the technology, so it is worth checking, avoiding wasting money on products you can’t use.


Thermostats for SmartThings are a great solution if you want to automate the temperature inside your home and save energy by utilizing it effectively on heating and cooling.

Because they are highly programable and obtain information from the Internet, these thermostats are more effective when it comes to using energy right.

To all these, you will also enjoy the benefit of controlling the thermostat from anywhere in the world, receive notifications, and making adjustments even when you’re away.