12 Best Tanning Bed Bulbs 2024 – Achieve the Perfect Tan

Top-rated tanning bed bulbs for achieving the perfect tan

Every one of us looks for ways to improve the texture and tone of our skin reliably. Are you the one and looking for the best tanning bed bulbs to enhance your skin? Right! I have prepared this page with the four best tanning bed bulbs.

These will help you nurture your skin correctly. This is related to your skin, so you cannot compromise over quality. The following tanning bed bulbs are selected based on the service they provide and the quality they offer.

To ensure you apply the proper tanning procedure with the suitable machine and bulbs, I introduce you to the best products available. Make sure not to avoid the buying guide containing the specs you should focus on before finalizing your tanning bed bulbs.

This will help you in getting the best product. Furthermore, the article will provide you with the four best options of tanning bed bulbs so you can select one based on your skin’s needs.

Experience Professional-Level Tanning with These Top-Rated Bed Bulbs

1. Sperti Salon Quality Fiji Sun – Home Tanning Lamp

Sperti Salon Quality Fiji Sun

This product comes with all the accessories and tools you will need to set this bulb up. With easy and quick installation techniques, this tanning bed bulb is ideal for home use. It contains a unique auto turn-off feature, which shuts down the bulb every 15 minutes of continuous use. This feature also works as a safety feature as it prevents the user from getting burns and excessive heat into their skin.

Moreover, the product is FDA-approved, which means that it is safe for use and does not have any adverse health concerns. You can reliably use this product even if you have very fragile and sensitive skin. It’s not wrong if I say that the product is environmentally friendly because this product does not produce any pollution in the environment and cannot harm the user in any way.

Furthermore, a feature called customizable angle is present in this tanning bulb which means you can adjust the angle and can get the tan on specific body parts. You can change the angle of the bulb according to the body part you want to tan.

Additionally, these tanning bed bulbs are compatible with various beds of different brands and are also said to be a highly reliable cosmetic tool for professional use too.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Compatible with various bed brands
  • Auto shut down feature
  • Works slowly while tanning


Sperti Salon Quality Fiji Sun Home Tanning Lamp is a highly reliable tanning bulb compatible with various tanning beds brands. It comes with the auto-shutdown feature, which turns off the bulb every 15 minutes to avoid any burns. Moreover, this product is ideal for sensitive and fragile skin holders.

2. Midday Sun F71T12 5.0 100W – High-Quality Tanning Lamps

Midday Sun F71T12 5.0 100W

Midday Sun F71T12 5.0 100W High-Quality Tanning Lamps provide you with fast tanning procedures that are complete within 20 minutes. This is highly reliable as a replacement for lamps like speed 175, brilliance, and diamond sun. Furthermore, these tanning bulbs are straightforward to install and do not take much of your time. You can install them on your own by following simple instructions, but it is always recommended to hire someone professional for this purpose.

These lamps are ideal for durability and longevity as they can be used for up to 12000 hours of working soon after the installation. You can also rely on this bulb for providing versatility incompatibility with various kinds of tanning beds. It is a highly reliable tool that can be fixed with multiple tanning beds without affecting performance.

Moreover, this product is also said to be budget-friendly in terms of consumption of energy because it only consumes 100 Watts of power to work. The product is also affordable as it is very reasonable and cheaper than many other tanning bulbs with the same features. I have the experience of using these tanning bulbs to recommend them to you.

  • Affordable and durable
  • Good replacement bulb
  • Lower electricity consumption
  • Not very strong


These tanning bed bulbs are the most affordable and reliable option on our list. They are considered the best replacement bulbs and are compatible with different brands of tanning beds. Furthermore, this product uses only a hundred Watts of energy for its functioning, making it energy efficient too.

3. Wolff System Wolff – Dark Tan Bulb

Wolff System Wolff

Wolff System Wolff Dark Tan Bulbs belongs to a highly reliable company and is considered affordable in tanning bulbs and beds. Moreover, this dark tan bulb is very safe for the human skin and body, and it does not produce any adverse effects on the body. This feature makes them ideal for fragile and sensitive skin ones too.

These tanning bulbs are not only affordable in price but also in energy consumption as they need a few watts of energy for their working. It is selected in our top four list because it is popular worldwide and is recommended by many professionals in this field. The emitted light from these bulbs is very safe and does not produce any health concerns.

While taking only 15 minutes to install, this product is straightforward to set up and use without any problems. Moreover, you can install the product, but it’s better to hire a professional technical person to perform this service. You can use these tanning light bulbs for up to 800 hours before it comes to an end.

  • Great and safe for health
  • Effortless to install
  • Affordable and energy-efficient
  • Do not work often


These tanning bulbs are ideal to buy if you are looking for the safety of your body and easy installation techniques to get proper tanning. They are also very affordable both in energy consumption and spending money. Furthermore, it provides you with the functioning of 800 hours until it finishes.

4. Brilliance Bronzer FR71 100W – Bi-pin Reflector Tanning Lamp

Brilliance Bronzer FR71 100W

Without compromising on quality and performance, this product is affordable and very long-lasting. It offers safe tanning to the body and skin, so it is very reliable for getting tan. You can use and trust this product to provide you with 1000 hours of functioning. Furthermore, it will only take upto 15 to 20 minutes to produce tan on your body.

Additionally, you can use this product very confidently for commercial purposes, specifically in spas and salons that offer tanning beds. These bulbs belong to the company which produces bulbs that are ideal for beginners and for those who are using a tanning bed for the first time. All of these features come at a very affordable price, that too without compromising your health.

Additionally, the product is compatible with a diverse range of beds used for tanning. So you are not required to replace your bed; instead, you can only replace the bulb with these Brilliance Bronzer Tanning Bulbs to get more efficient and superb performance in tanning. Moreover, it is also suitable for indoor skin tanning purposes, and you can rely on this product for commercial and indoor tanning purposes.

  • Produces long-lasting tans
  • Greatly economical
  • Safe and easy to use for beginners
  • Tan takes time


Brilliance Bronzer FR71 100W Bi-pin Reflector Tanning Lamp belongs to a reliable and trustworthy company of tanning lamps. They are incredibly economical and affordable, with safe and easy-to-use features specifically for beginners. Further, they produce long-lasting tans on your body that generally do not go away early.

Buying Guide

Best Tanning Bed Bulbs for a Beautiful Glow - Buying Guide

The following specifications should be present in your tanning bed bulbs to provide you with adequate and proper tanning abilities.

While you’re considering different options for tanning bed bulbs, you might also want to explore our comprehensive guide on the differences between E26 and A19 light bulbs, which can be helpful when you’re making decisions about other types of lighting in your home or office.


Size is an important factor while selecting the best tanning bed bulbs. This factor should be paid attention to before finalizing your bulb because it depends on the tanning bed you will use to fix these bulbs. There are different sizes of tanning bulbs that exist, and the most commonly used ones are F71, F72, and F73.

The F stands for fluorescent, and 71, 72, and 73 are inches in length size. Always focus on what size you need according to your tanning bed size and purchase the one to work appropriately in compatibility with the bed.


The bulb you are selecting will tell you about its power in the units of watts. Always look for the power while buying tanning bed bulbs. This is an essential factor to keep in mind because the higher the wattage, the lower it takes to tan. In case you want to get the tan quickly, then select the bulb with higher wattage.

Generally, 100 watts is the ideal and the most recommended power you need to tan. So try your best to get 100 watts of power from tanning bed bulbs because power above 100 watts is very high for your skin. This much high power may burn your skin and can produce irritation too.

Watts - Best Tanning Bed Bulbs for a Beautiful Glow - Buying Guide

Specific Kits

If you are purchasing a tanning bed bulb, then make sure the type of bulb you need. Ask yourself what kind of bulb you need and what area of your body you want to get tan. There are specific kits available to produce tanning in particular regions, such as face tanning kits or leg tanning kits.

They contain more UVB rays located on specific regions to work on particular areas of your body. So when you get this particular region kit of bulb for tanning in one specific part, you will get tan on the selected region of your body. For example, for leg tanning purposes, you can buy a particular leg kit tanning bulbs that will produce more rays on your leg area.

Count of Bulbs

After you finalize which type and Watts bulb you will purchase, the count is another significant factor that plays an essential role in getting appropriate tanning bed bulbs. Keep in mind the bed size you have because every bed varies in the fixation of bulbs count. The size of the tanning bed you will fix your tanning bulbs in will predict the count of bulbs.

Most of the time, the tanning beds contain bulbs around 16-24 in numbers. At the same time, some of the beds can fit 32 bulbs in them. Make sure to get the number of bulbs compatible with your tanning bed size. Additionally, it’s a recommendation from my side; to ensure you always have a spare number of these tanning bed bulbs as a reserve.


What is the difference between bronze bulbs and tanning bulbs?

Bronzing bulbs are responsible for providing one step darker tan and staying longer. But make sure that the tan achieved by bronzing bulbs is achieved slowly compared to tanning bulbs. Moreover, bronzing bulbs do not hurt and burn the skin as much as tanning bulbs do.

What to look for while purchasing tanning bulbs?

You should focus on the size of the bulbs and the watts of energy they will consume while functioning. Make sure to look for the affordability rate and quality checking of the bulbs to get the best qualitative products. The number of bulbs is also an important feature to look for because different tanning beds are compatible with varying numbers of bulbs.

How long do bulbs last in a tanning bed?

Around 300 to 10000 hours is the estimated life of tanning bulbs. Make sure to keep your bulb clean and away from dust and dirt as this dust and dirt can block the UV light rays. Remember to clean the bulbs and wipe them after every 250 to 300 hours of use. This cleanliness is essential to maintain the efficiency of these bulbs

What level of tanning beds gets you the darkest?

There are different levels of tanning beds that will help you achieve different shades of darkness and tanning. Level one tanning bed and level two tanning bed provides the user with a warm and cozy experience of relaxation and comfortability. They produce a mild type of tan on your body. Alternatively, the level 3 tanning bed provides light pressure lamps with high UVA and decreased UV rays. These give a deeper tan quickly compared to level 1 and level 2.

Is it safe to use facial tanning lamps?

Facial tanning lamps, like any tanning lamp, can pose some safety risks. Tanning lamps emit ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can damage your skin and increase your risk of developing skin cancer.

Repeated exposure to UV radiation from tanning lamps can cause premature aging, wrinkles, and dark spots on the skin. It can also lead to skin cancer, including melanoma, which is a serious and potentially deadly form of skin cancer.

Therefore, it is not safe to use facial tanning lamps or any tanning lamps. If you want a tanned look, it is safer to use self-tanning products or spray tans, which do not involve UV radiation.


Getting the perfect type of tanning bed bulbs is quite a challenging task because it requires a lot of your attention and knowledge. They are generally not a cheaper substance to buy, so make sure you thoroughly research before finalizing your product. I have had the experience of using them for my body for many years.

So, I have concluded the four best products that I believe are great for tanning purposes. They are safe for your health and are also efficient in their functioning.

Furthermore, I have concluded the specifications I think are necessary to look for before selecting the tanning bed bulbs. Make sure to read the details so you can choose the best product.

As a reviewer, I will recommend you to buy,

Midday Sun F71T12 5.0 100W High-Quality Tanning Lamps are highly reliable in affordability and energy consumption. These bulbs are easy to install and are compatible with various brands of tanning beds.

Brilliance Bronzer FR71 100W Bi-pin Reflector Tanning Lamps are very affordable and can produce long-lasting tans compared to other tanning bulbs.