Top 4 Best LED Waterproof Outdoor String Lights in 2024- Create an Enchanting Ambiance

Best outdoor string lights

LED lights are getting popular with time. Almost every household has at least one set of these string lights. They change the environment completely and make any area a fun place to enjoy.

If you want to give a simple retouching to a place, using string lights is the best choice. This is especially good if the area is outdoors.

1. Warm white patio string lights

Warm white patio string lights


Here we have a warmer white light bulb option, which is specially designed for outdoor use. You will get a 100 feet string with a total of 36 S14 filament bulbs. These Edison bulbs are shatterproof and therefore, are completely safe to use in an open space. You want to decorate your patio or backyard, these are the best option.

In addition to this, these bulbs are made with commercial-grade material. Therefore, you can sue them without worrying about any risk. They are also waterproof. So if the nights are getting foggy or you experience a sudden rainfall, no need to panic.

Another important feature that you will get is energy saving. Their energy requirement is not high it’s just 32 Watts. Thus, you won’t have to pay a high bill even if you use them too frequently.

2. Svater outdoor string lights

Svater outdoor string lights


Here we have another string light option where you can choose the string length by yourself. If you need them for a larger space, you have the 100 feet string option. Likewise, you can also choose 50 and 25 ft length lights.

The bulbs are in globe shape so they look really nice and offer better lighting. You will also get the waterproofing feature in these lights. So if you are worried that rain or accidental drink spillage might cause shattering, it won’t be an issue. You can enjoy all you want.

3. Addlon LED outdoor string lights

Addlon LED outdoor string lights


Addlon offers perfectly shatterproof and waterproof string and bulbs. The string length is 48 feet. Therefore, if you need it for a larger space, order more than one string. The bulbs have a rather elongated shape but they come under the UL heavy-duty ones. Therefore, you can trust the quality.

Another interesting feature that you will get here is the dimmer option. So you can set the mood by dimming or increasing the light. If you are planning to watch a movie, you can dim the lights. However, while preparing the food and taking pictures, better lighting would be best.

In addition to this, if you get more than one string, you will also have the linking option. This will allow you to link one string to the other to increase the total length.

4. G40 LED globe lights

G40 LED globe lights


Here are some other globe-shaped bulbs in the string. These lights are suitable for various events. You can make your Christmas preparations or can set the barbecue night. Light up your backyard or patio and enjoy the night with your family and friends.

And because it is especially for outdoor use, all the bulbs have commercial-grade material. Therefore, they are shatterproof and waterproof. You can hang them in your backyard and go to sleep without worrying about any risk. They are completely safe to use in your home environment.

You will also get the dimming option to control the light intensity. So set the mood you want.

Buying Guide

Here are some of the tips that can help you out in selecting the right type of string light. So keep them in your mind while shopping;

1. Running wattage

Outdoor String Lights

This is the least noticeable thing when it comes to buying electrical equipment. People are not usually well aware of the wattage thing. This is the consumption of electricity. If the lights have high wattage demand, this will cause a lot of problems. You won’t be able to use other electrical appliances properly.

Furthermore, if you are using LED lights for a larger area, a high wattage demand will increase your bills. Thus, it will cost you a higher price and you won’t be able to use them frequently.

Likewise, if the wattage gets too high, it can cause a short circuit. So, in the worst case, these lights can cause your other electrical appliances to burn.

Therefore, you should always look for lights that consume fewer watts. This is especially important if you have to use them for a larger area.

2. String length

This depends on your use. An extra of anything won’t hurt you, right? So if you can get a longer string, it won’t be a problem. However, you have to make sure that the string is not too short to use. What if you are done with all the arrangements but you cannot turn on the lights because it cannot reach the switch? All you can do at that moment is to look for an extension cable.

Furthermore, a shorter string length won’t be of any good. You cannot complete your decor with it. For example, you need to use it in the hallway. If the string length is short and it cannot cover more area, you will have to use more numbers. And if you do not notice it before making the order, you will have a tough time reordering.

3. Color options

Color Changing Feature of String Lights


This is your choice. If you want yellow lights, white ones or multicolor. All colors are available in the market. However, the color option might get difficult to choose from. If you have to use string lights for making a lightning roof on the patio, white and yellow lights are more suitable.

However, if you are buying it for some party, it is best to get the one that offers a color-changing option. This will allow you to change the color of your choice. For example, you can use multi-color ones during the party. But when you open the food, you can turn on the white light.

Durability and weather resistance

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing outdoor string lights is their durability and weather resistance. Ensure that the lights you choose are made from high-quality materials that can withstand various weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. Look for features like shatterproof bulbs, waterproofing, and UV resistance to ensure your string lights last for a long time and maintain their appearance.

Ease of installation

When selecting outdoor string lights, consider the ease of installation. Some string lights come with hooks or clips that make it easy to hang them, while others may require additional hardware or installation tools. Make sure the lights you choose have a user-friendly installation process and come with clear instructions to avoid any difficulties during setup.

Energy efficiency

Opt for energy-efficient LED string lights to save on electricity costs and reduce your carbon footprint. LED lights consume less power compared to traditional incandescent bulbs and have a longer lifespan, making them a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly choice for your outdoor lighting needs.

Safety features

Safety should always be a priority when selecting outdoor string lights. Look for features such as UL certification, which indicates that the product has been tested for safety and performance. Additionally, consider purchasing string lights with a built-in fuse to prevent overloading and overheating, which could lead to potential fire hazards.


How do I choose the right string lights for my outdoor space?

To choose the right string lights for your outdoor space, consider factors such as the desired ambiance, the area you want to cover, and the type of events you’ll be hosting. Take into account the running wattage, string length, color options, durability, weather resistance, ease of installation, energy efficiency, and safety features. By evaluating these factors, you can select the perfect string lights that cater to your specific needs and preferences.

Can I connect multiple strings of lights together?

Yes, many outdoor string lights are designed to be connected end-to-end, allowing you to extend the length and cover larger areas. However, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines to ensure you don’t exceed the maximum recommended number of connected strings, as this could cause overloading or other safety issues.

How do I install outdoor string lights?

The installation process for outdoor string lights may vary depending on the product and the area you want to cover. Generally, you’ll need to secure the lights using hooks, clips, or other mounting hardware. First, plan your layout and measure the distance between the mounting points to ensure proper spacing. Next, install the hooks or clips at the mounting points, and then carefully hang the string lights, making sure the bulbs face downward to prevent water from accumulating. Finally, plug the lights into a weatherproof outdoor outlet or extension cord.

How do I maintain and care for my outdoor string lights?

Regular maintenance and care will help prolong the lifespan of your outdoor string lights. To keep your lights in good condition, follow these tips:

  • Periodically inspect the lights for any damage, such as cracked or broken bulbs, frayed wires, or loose connections.
  • Replace damaged bulbs promptly to prevent further damage to the string.
  • Clean the bulbs using a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt and debris that could affect the light output.
  • Store the lights properly when not in use. Disconnect them from the power source, wind the string neatly around a spool or cardboard, and store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Are outdoor string lights safe to use in wet or damp conditions?

Many outdoor string lights are designed to be waterproof or water-resistant, making them suitable for use in wet or damp conditions. However, it’s important to check the product specifications to ensure they have the appropriate weather resistance features. Additionally, when using string lights outdoors, always plug them into a weatherproof outlet or use a weather-resistant extension cord to minimize the risk of electrical hazards.


When choosing the perfect outdoor string lights for your space, consider factors such as running wattage, string length, color options, durability, weather resistance, ease of installation, energy efficiency, and safety features. By taking these factors into account, you can select the right string lights to enhance your outdoor space and create a warm, inviting atmosphere for your family and friends to enjoy.