10 Best Desk Lamp For Plants 2024 – Illuminate Your Greenery

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Plants can lighten up any mood and brighten the atmosphere within seconds. They provide oxygen and fresh air in the whole room, but to help them grow properly indoors you might require a desk lamp. Certain desk lamps are specially made to help plants develop.

All kinds of artificial light can not provide the essential components for the plant’s growth, therefore you need a good desk lamp to enrich your plants with the necessary waves of light.

Here I have listed down the best desk lamps that are available online for your convenience.

Top Desk Lamp For Plants

1. EZORKAS 9 Dimmable Levels Grow Light

EZORKAS 9 Dimmable Levels Grow Light

Our first pick is a top seller, many people have given great reviews about this desk lamp, it has an amazing feature that lets you control the amount of time you want the light to stay on.

It is like a timer, you can easily set it for 3, 9, and 12 hours, and once the time is over the light will automatically go off.

It also includes variations in colors, you are free to choose blue, red, or both according to your needs. If required you can dim down or increase the strength of the light as well, this brightness control option helps a lot when it comes to small plants or when you want to grow a plant that needs less amount of light. This lamp is perfect for small spaces.

Another incredible thing about this lamp is that it is easy to use and assemble, you could easily plug in the USB in an adapter and then to an electricity source for it to work.

It doesn’t just provide light, this lamp is manufactured in a way that also helps flowers to increase their strength and start alive for a longer time frame. It can also improvise tastes in some vegetables or fruits that grow under the lamp’s perfectly created light.


  • Perfect for plants that are growing inside.
  • Timer option for efficiency.
  • Up to 9 levels of brightness adjustment.
  • Automatic on and off function.
  • Duo light combination, which can be used together as well as separately.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Strong clip

2. GHodec Sunlight

GHodec Sunlight

This desk lamp comes second on our list, the most unique thing about this is that it can be used in two ways, either to grow plants or even as a lamp for reading. It is manufactured in a way that can provide the plant with full-spectrum light, which is required for flawless growth in the plant.

This lamp includes two different light modes, red and sunlight white, the sunlight white mode is the mode that is used for full-spectrum light. It also has up to 5 different options to control the radiance and brightness that comes from the lamp.

The manufacturer has provided a set of guidelines to be followed while using this desk lamp, it includes: not looking at the light directly while it’s on, placing the light at least 20 centimeters away from the plant, and using it for at least 8 hours in a day to ensure perfect growth.

This desk lamp has the potential to rotate 360 degrees and also has two faces to give maximum possible light.

Like the first desk lamp, this lamp also provides users with a timer feature, the only difference is that it can be set for 4,8 or 12 hours according to the need of the plant. It can be used in many different places, like offices, small greenhouses, rooms with low levels of light sources, etc.


  • 50W with 84 LEDs
  • Two heads
  • 5 dimmable variations
  • 3 different timer options
  • Similar to the sunlight needed for photosynthesis
  • Can also be used as a reading lamp
  • Strong neck
  • Stable clamp to hold the lamp

3. Most think LED Plant Grow Light Strips

Most think LED Plant Grow Light Strips

This grow light comes in the form of strips and this makes it very compact and easy to store as well as easy to use. You can attach the light anywhere you want and It’ll provide the perfect light for your plant to grow.

Even this light strip has a full spectrum glow which is very similar to the light waves that come from sunlight.

The amazing part of this light strip is that its light is made in a way that will ensure healthy growth in the plant. The narrow small strips also make these strips very easy to take from one place to another. It also has an excellent timer option with 3 variants, 2 hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours.

Just like other products these light strips have a brightness control option too, you can easily adjust between 4 options. The available options are 25℅, 50℅, 75℅ , and 100℅.

The light will come with a double-sided strong tape, and while installing you can easily stick the light on the place that you desire. This lamp is very safe to use and is perfect for small indoor places including small shelves which have small plants for decoration. It has a very long lifetime count, you can use it for up to 50000 hours without worry.


  • Has full spectrum light glow
  • 13.2 inch light bar
  • 78 inch USB cable
  • 50,000 hours lifetime
  • Stable led lights
  • 4 different brightness options are available
  • 48 LEDs
  • Option to set a timer that automatically switches off the lights

4. VOGEK LED Growing Light

VOGEK LED Growing Light

This is one of the best products available in the market right now. This growing light has 3 lamps, and you have the option to select which lamp you want to use. You can also control the brightness levels, there are 10 different variations to adjust the brightness level which is one of the most amazing parts of this lamp.

Just like other lamps this growing light also provides full-spectrum light. This has a very wide range of lighting and can provide light to more than one plant at a time.

A great thing about this growing lamp is that the bulbs are replaceable, one can easily change the bulbs when they stop working and you never have to worry about buying another lamp.

The adapter is attached with the cord so you don’t have to worry about that either. All three necks of the lamps can bend and can easily move 360 degrees. The manufacturer has ensured that the lamp is energy efficient and saves as much electricity as possible.

It has a shell coverage that is made of aluminum and as we know aluminum is a great heat radiator. Even this desk lamp has the feature of the timer, one can set a timer for 3, 6, or 12 hours. Many users have rated 5 stars for this desk lamp and have given a good review as well.


  • Automatic on and off function
  • Available timer option
  • Up to 10 levels of brightness
  • 3 gooseneck with 360-degree rotation
  • Full-spectrum light
  • Adjustable mode
  • User-friendly controller
  • 144 LED bulbs
  • Aluminum shell
  • Strong clip holder

5. Full Spectrum Grow Lamp with IR & UV LED

Full Spectrum Grow Lamp with IR & UV LED

This is a very strong lamp in terms of the light it provides. It is very easy to use as well as assemble, one can simply hang the light wherever needed and it’ll do its job. A beneficial thing is that it comes with a 12 month warranty period.

It has been rated as 5 stars in terms of value for money. The lamp is extremely lightweight and that makes it very easy to hang. It’s just perfect for small areas and can provide light to multiple plants at once.

This lamp has various lights including 3 IR LEDs, 3 UV LEDs, 19 BLUE LEDs, 3 WHITE LEDs, and 47 RED LEDs. All lights can provide the plant with different things that are necessary to ensure healthy growth in the plant. It is mostly used for Succulent plants but is great with other plants as well.


  • Different types of UV and IR LEDs
  • 30,000 hours of life
  • 4.9ft long USB cord
  • Full-spectrum light
  • Red, blue, white, IR, and UV chips
  • 25 W power

Buyer’s Guide To Buying Best Desk Lamp For Plants 2024


After looking at the features and specifications many of you might be confused about which function of the desk lamp suits your needs. To make it easy for you I have noted some aspects that you must consider before making your purchase.

Type Of Light

Different types of lights are used for different types of requirements, for example, the IR LEDs are perfect for growing fruits and flowers. Just like that UV lights can be used for seeds and will work best for sterilization too.

Blue lights are mostly used for chlorophyll synthesis, and red lights are like the end product, they help the plant in the process of photosynthesis, germination and also promote the growth of flowers. Type of light plays a very important role, the wrong type of light might not be able to provide the plant with the necessary light waves.

So according to your need, you could either buy a desk lamp which suits your requirements or a lamp with more than one light option.

Amount Of Light

If you want to provide light to a few plants you could buy a light with one gooseneck but for more plants, the desk lamp should have more than one gooseneck to provide light. The amount of light required and the number of the gooseneck is kind of equivalent.


Plant Growing Light Bulbs

The lamps which don’t have a charging option could cause trouble as you might have to change the battery frequently but if the lamp has a USB cord it could last longer than the battery-operated lamps.


Quality matters a lot, a low-quality light will not be able to help the plant grow or receive the right requirements for its healthy development. Only good quality lights can provide light that is similar to real sunlight. The best kind of quality or light to look for is the one with a full spectrum glow.


The timer option does wonders and makes the job of planting extremely convenient as if there is an available timer you could simply set it and it’ll automatically switch off. Some lamps also have an automatic turn-on option so you never have to worry.


Best Desk Lamp For Plants FAQ

What kind of lamp is good for plants?

Plants require specific wavelengths of light for photosynthesis and growth, which can be provided by various types of lamps. The two most common types of lamps used for plant growth are fluorescent and LED lamps.

Fluorescent lamps, such as T5 or T8 bulbs, are affordable and widely available. They are suitable for growing a wide range of plants, especially those that do not require high light intensity. Fluorescent lamps come in different spectrums, including cool white, warm white, and full-spectrum, which can be selected according to the needs of the plants being grown.

LED lamps are becoming increasingly popular for plant growth due to their energy efficiency and ability to provide specific wavelengths of light.

LED lamps can be customized to provide the exact spectrum of light required by the plants being grown, and they emit less heat than other types of lamps, which can help prevent plant damage. LED lamps also have a longer lifespan than fluorescent lamps and require less maintenance.

Can a regular lamp be used as a grow light?

Many people use normal lamps as grow lights, but they don’t always work. Sometimes they can promote growth but usually, they don’t make much difference as grow lights are specially made to enhance the plant’s growth and to stimulate healthy development.

What color LED light is best for plants?

Different colors of LED light have different effects on plant growth, so the best color LED light for plants depends on the specific needs of the plant species and the stage of growth. However, there are two main colors of LED light that are particularly beneficial for plant growth:

  1. Red LED light: Red LED light has a longer wavelength and is particularly beneficial for plants during the flowering and fruiting stages of growth. Red light stimulates the production of chlorophyll, which is necessary for photosynthesis, and helps plants produce more flowers and fruits.
  2. Blue LED light: Blue LED light has a shorter wavelength and is particularly beneficial for plants during the vegetative stage of growth. Blue light stimulates plant growth, promotes the development of leaves and stems, and helps plants produce more chlorophyll.

In addition to red and blue LED lights, some LED grow lights are designed to emit a full spectrum of light that includes all the wavelengths necessary for plant growth, from ultraviolet to infrared. These lights can be particularly beneficial for plants that require a broad spectrum of light.

Can plants photosynthesize with LED light?

Can plants photosynthesize with LED light 1

Plants can use the energy that artificial lights from desk lamps provide to photosynthesize, therefore we will receive the required amount of nutrition. Artificial lights can provide plants with the necessary light waves from germination to flowering.

Take a look at these desk lamps also:


This article provides products that are best in 2024 for perfect growth in indoor plants. These lamps have several uses, some can be used as study lamps alongside lamps for plant growth. And some can be used indoors as well as in greenhouses.

Before making a purchase you can always look for reviews that are available along with the products on the website, to know which product will suit you better.

The buying guide should also be referred to once before deciding so that you don’t end up spending money on a lamp that doesn’t fulfill your plant’s needs. The perfect lamp with the correct features can make your plant healthier and flowers are stronger. I hope this article can help you decide.