Privacy Policy

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Complying with Guidelines of the FTC

Our site commits to placing all reasonable and necessary efforts into abiding by the up-to-date Federal Trade Commission protocols and regulations. This includes the principles which direct the ethics of testimonials and product reviews. Therefore, it is necessary for the site to declare:

  • The foremost goal of this site is to provide visitors with accurate and comprehensive details which are to serve as resources to assist in their purchasing efforts.
  • Please be advised that this site may at times receive consideration from retailers of a 3rd party nature who intend on selling, via this site, their services and/or products

Reviews and Testimony

All testimonials found on this site are made accessible by the individual reporting said testimonial, entirely at their discretion. Said reviews are offered by individuals who have attempted the noted services or products and are offering their candid opinions on same. Please be advised that said reviews are not solicited and the individuals who provide same do not gain remuneration, whether explicit or implied. No consideration is promised whether future or retroactive for the purpose of these testimonials.

Related Testimony

Though seldom, our site may include additional and related testimony which are gleaned and used through permissible channels such as major online retailers such as eBay, Amazon, etcetera.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is to provide information as to how we use visitors’ personal details which are retrieved on this site. Please be advised that it is prudent to stay current on this policy as it effects all aspects of visitor interaction with the site, including the provision of personal information. By continuing to use this website, it is assumed and believed that you accept the details provided in this policy and their associated terms and conditions.

Kindly note that the provisions as detailed herein are subject to change at any time; though, please note that all alterations will be promptly noted on this page. Said changes will only impact matters moving forward and not be applicable retroactively. You are hereby advised to check this page each time you visit the site to ensure that you are up to date on the privacy policy.

Caveat: The privacy policy as noted on this page applies only to matters on this page. This means that should you link out to a third party site, the terms are no longer in effect. You are advised to read through said sites policies.

Information Gathering on this Site

It is important to note that this website uses cookies, a technology for tracking, when the site is accessed by users. This is subject in large part to the type of features engaged by the visitor. Cookies are engaged to accrue data such as the user’s operating system, browser type, and gain information on how the user explores the site.

Cookies assist in customizing the site for returning visitors. Please note that personal details are not obtained by cookies themselves. It is prudent to be aware that, in spite of this, should personal information be provided to the site initially, cookies and tracker details can be shared with other people when the cookies are attached to said details.

Sharing of Information and Details

We may decide to provide details, as the site deems necessary, to government bodies and other establishments of authority. This information is supplied only to assist in preventing illegal activities such as fraud, or pursuant to an ongoing inquiry, as demanded by law. Such matters may present in situations such as:

  • When demanded by legal authorities
  • When the site attempts to prevent against illegal actions or fraudulent transactions
  • If there is an inquiry into potential fraud which has been previously enacted. That said, details provided to the above-noted agencies are never supplied for the purposes of marketing or promotion

Security and Protection of Data

All traceable details offered by the user are maintained in a secure location and always under protection. Only employees and/or authorized contractors are able to access same and all said employees and/or contractors are sworn to utter confidentiality. All email and newsletters, and other digital correspondence, always offers the opportunity to either continue receiving further information or cease correspondence. This is to say that all digital communications are equipped with an opt-out option.

Protection of Children

We firmly believe that it is critical to make added security measures for minors who are online independently. Parents and/or Guardians are hereby advised to stay current on the online activity of those in their charge. This allows them the chance to see and/or correct information which may be provided online.

Please note that we do not gather any identifying information from individuals below the age threshold of 13. That said, if any parent or guardian is given to understand that we have individually identifiable information on a child under 13, please contact our team forthwith and we will address the concern swiftly.

Consent of Parties

Through the continued use of this website, you hereby provide your consent and agreement to this privacy policy, including the associated terms and conditions.

Contact the Privacy Policy

If you have any questions or concerns related to the details contained on this page, or are not in full understanding of their meanings, please reach out to our team via the Contact Us page on this website.

Please bear in mind that we maintain the sole right and responsibility to adjust the policy should the need present itself. Any and all effective alterations made to this policy will be detailed thoroughly on this page.