Why Heath Zenith Motion Sensor Light Not Working: Turned On/Off & Flickering

Heath Zenith Motion Sensor

For some people, when they get their Heath Zenith motion sensor light not working, they might think it is crashed and became of no use.

Motion sensor lights are so sensitive that they need special adjustments. They need to be sensitive enough to detect moving persons but not too sensitive to turn on for flying insects or birds.

If you think of getting one of these lights, continue reading to know more about this product. You will understand how it works and what problems you might face.

If you already own one, you may have faced one of the common problems. So, continue reading to find solutions for your problem too.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Heath Zenith Motion Sensor Light?

The motion sensor security light from Heath Zenith is available at an average price of $17. The price depends on the model you choose.

To get this product, you can either shop online via Heath Zenith online store or in brick-and-mortar stores.

The security light is also available in other physical hardware and home accessories stores and electric shops, and other distributors across the USA.

Furthermore, you can get it online through official retailers such as Amazon or even through Heath Zenith online store.

How Does Heath Zenith Motion Sensor Light Work?

Heath Zenith’s motion sensor light works in the same way as other motion sensor lights work. Its work is using infrared waves; any moving object radiates energy and produces these kinds of waves.

The sensor is designed to detect these infrared waves coming from moving bodies. When a moving object approaches the device, the sensor detects its heat, which triggers the light to turn on.

The process seems very easy. However, it needs specific technology to design such a device. The sensor should be able to detect every moving object in a range of distances. Then, immediately send an order to the light to turn on.

The Durability of Heath Zenith Light

The material of Heath Zenith light is a combination of metal and plastic. Most of the models are light in weight, making around 1 pound so anyone can hold and install it easily. The design allows for tight mount on walls as well.

Since it is outdoor equipment, it can withstand different weather conditions. So, you don’t need to worry about rain and water. Sensors are good enough to detect motion up to 70 feet distance.

Moreover, you can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor according to your needs. Sensors are covered with a plastic cover which is the least durable part of the whole device.

The light itself is a very bright light coming from two par 38 flood bulbs. Their intensity is 120 watts maximum, and they can work for up to 3000 hours.  You can replace these bulbs whenever they fail.

Heath Zenith Motion Sensor Light Not Working


Heath Zenith Motion Sensor Light Not Working/Troubleshooting

Like any electronic device, Heath Zenith light can have several problems that need troubleshooting—having your Heath Zenith motion sensor light not working means you have one of these problems.

Here we will introduce you to most of the problems and their solutions to repair your sensor light yourself.

01. Light does not come on

This problem is the most common one facing motion sensor light owners. Sometimes the sensor detects motion, but the light does not turn on. The possible causes of this problem can be in the light switch, bulbs, or connections.

In some cases, the light may be mistakenly switched off. Also, some people may turn off the daylight which means the light will never come on during day time.

As for the bulbs, they can burn after a long time of use. Further, they may loosen and need readjustment. Finally, the fuses may get blown, and thus, the electric circuit fails.

02. Light mistakenly comes on

Some people may think that the light is coming on for no apparent reason. However, because of the sensor’s high sensitivity, the light will turn on even when small objects move around.

Additionally, when the sensor range distance is set to the maximum, the sensor will detect far objects.

03. The light remains turned on

The sensor may detect a moving object, and consequently, the light turns on, but it stays on for a long time.

This problem is usually because the sensor is detecting a close object that radiates heat.

Ironically, this object can be the flood lamps themselves positioned in a way that the sensor detects them.

Alternatively, other objects as an air vent or air conditioning compressors may trigger the sensor to turn on the light and keep it turned on.

Also, manual mode for the motion sensor light means you should turn off the light yourself. Whenever the light turns on for any reason, it won’t go off until you turn it off or switch off the manual mode.

04. Light Flashes on and off

Continuous flashing on and off means something near the sensor makes the light turn on and off continuously.

Similar to the previous problem, this object may be the light bulbs themselves if positioned very near the sensor.

Moreover, if the light bulbs are low-quality or used for a long time, light can leak out from the bulbs, causing the sensor to continually turn the lights on and off.

Solutions of Heath Zenith Motion Sensor Troubleshooting

For most of the previous problems, you can easily solve them without the need to replace anything.

In other cases, it is just the light bulb or the sensor that needs replacement. Here are some solutions for most Heath Zenith motion sensor light problems.

1. Check the bulbs

As mentioned, flood bulbs are sometimes the problem. They may need replacement in case they are completely burned, or they may need tightening. Make sure you are using good quality par 38 lamps.

2. Check the sensor

You can clean the sensor using a dry piece of cloth to remove any dirt from the photocell. When dust and other debris accumulate on the sensor, this may hinder its efficient working.

3. Check connections

For the light to come on, electricity must pass through a closed electric circuit. Make sure that the wires, fuse, and everything are correctly connected and replace any worn-out parts.

4. Reposition the light bulbs

When the light bulbs are positioned in the wrong way, they may cause the light to frequently go on and off or stay lightened for longer times.

If you face one of these problems, reposition the light bulbs away from the sensor. Recheck its functionality to see if the problem persists.

5. Adjust the range

Very high ranges mean the light will turn on for objects far away from the device. Although this may seem good in some cases, it may be annoying in other cases as the light will turn on uselessly.

Thus, you can adjust the range suitable enough to detect unwanted objects but not too far.

6. Adjust the light control mode

For most Heath Zenith lights, there are two modes. The first is a manual mode where you have to switch off the light yourself every time it comes on.

While the second is the auto mode where the light turns on and off automatically. If you don’t want the motion sensor light to stay turned on for a long time, then go for the second mode option.

How To Reset The Motion Sensor Light?

Having checked all the previous points but still have a problem, you should reset the sensor light. Resetting Heath Zenith light is a straightforward process that takes minutes; follow those steps:

  • Turn the light off from the electricity switcher.
  • Wait for seconds, so the stored data is removed.
  • Turn it on again, this should recalibrate the light settings.

If this doesn’t work, you can repeat the above steps by switching it off from the breaker panel.

Some motion sensor lights come with a manual guide telling how you can reset and recalibrate your device. You should check this manual too.

Heath Zenith motion sensor light pros & cons

  • Made of durable material
  • Easy installation process
  • Affordable price
  • Gives a 150 degree of motion
  • Not the perfect waterproof
  • Works with a limited list of led bulbs


Why does the motion sensor light stay on for a long time?

Heath Zenith motion sensor light has 1, 5, and 10 minutes settings. This is how long the light will stay on after detecting a motion.

However, some people might notice that the light remains on after the time they have set pass.

It is usually related to the sensitivity and range of detection they set. Detecting another object will reset the timer.

Every time the sensor detects a moving body, the timer recounts from zero to the limit you set. When the sensor is sensitive and adjusted to the maximum range distance, it will constantly turn on the light.

Can I replace parts that are not working in my motion sensor light?

Yes, it is possible to replace parts that are not working in your motion sensor light. Depending on the specific issue you are experiencing, it may be necessary to replace the motion sensor itself, the bulb, or other components of the light fixture.

If you are comfortable with electrical work and have the necessary tools and knowledge, you may be able to replace these parts yourself.

However, if you are not experienced with electrical work, it may be best to hire a professional electrician to diagnose and repair the issue for you, to ensure your safety and the proper functioning of your light.

Does weather affect the sensor light?

Motion sensor light works by detecting the heat radiating from moving objects. This heat is in minimal amounts that normal people cannot feel.

Thus, it requires a very high sensitive device as motion sensor lights. Since it is affected by any small amount of heat, the sensor is also affected by weather conditions.

However, the sensor compares the normal temperature setting of the room it is placed in and any other object’s temperature. If there is a small difference between both, the light will come on.

On the other side, when the room temperature and temperature of the moving body are the same, the light won’t turn on. Generally, these are rare cases.

Motion sensor light works by detecting

What is Dusk-to-Dawn?

Dusk-to-dawn refers to a period of time that begins at dusk, which is when the sun sets and the sky becomes dark, and ends at dawn, which is when the sun rises and the sky begins to brighten.

This term is often used to describe outdoor lighting fixtures that are designed to automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Dusk-to-dawn lighting is a common feature in residential and commercial settings, and is intended to provide additional safety and security during nighttime hours.

Why does the product come with a light shield?

The light shield is an integral part of the motion sensor light. All sensors should come with this shield, especially those mounted on walls.

The function of this shield is that it prevents the sensor from detecting useless lights. These are the lights reflected from the surrounding walls or those coming from the flood bulbs themselves.

Is it worth getting a motion sensor light?

Motion sensor lights have different uses. The first is for security reasons by placing a motion sensor light outside your home.

Whenever someone tries to approach your home, the light will turn on, deterring criminals and thieves.

The other reason is for convenience as you don’t have to switch on a light or leave one switched on all the time on your doorstep.

Lights will automatically turn on, welcoming you and any other guests when they reach your home.

For those two reasons, motion sensor lights are worth the investment in these cases. Yet, you cannot install a sensor light in every room in your house; this will consume a lot of energy.

Motion sensor lights are also perfect for malls’ bathrooms, offices, and other outdoor areas. These are places where people are not likely to turn lights off after they go.


Motion sensor lights are a good option for saving energy and money in many cases. Further, they offer a kind of security measure in some homes. Consider investing some money in one of Heath Zenith’s light products.

Having your Heath Zenith motion sensor light not working is not a problem anymore. Once you detect the problem, you can easily solve it using one of the ways mentioned above.