8 Common Problems With LED Lighting & How To Fix Them

Common Problems with LED lighting

LED lights are pretty helpful because they offer suitable lighting. However, there are some issues with LED lighting, and we will discuss them in detail. By the end of this article, you will know the common problems with LED lighting & how to fix them.

It is necessary to consume reliable information to save time and money. Many people don’t focus on the same, thinking they won’t understand anything. The reality is that it is not as challenging as it seems to be. Let’s get into the same without further ado.

Top common problems with LED lighting and their solutions

If you want to save your time and money on frequent issues, you must know about them in detail.

1. Blinking of bulbs:

Led Light Blinking

One of the common issues with LEDs is blinking. In such a situation, you will see that the lights flicker from time to time. It is not challenging to identify this issue as it is pretty visible. All you need to do is check for this trouble, and you will know about it a bit earlier to fix it.

As for the reasons behind flickering, there are plenty of them. It might be due to the poor supply of electricity. In other words, the low wattage can make these lights flicker continuously. Apart from that, it might also happen because of internal damage to the LED. You have to check everything before coming to a result.

There are two options: call an electrician or examine it yourself. Hiring a professional is a better way to figure it out. But if you have enough knowledge, you can also do it. The resolution to flickering is to fix the wattage or replace the bulb. Before that, you have first to understand the issue precisely.

2. Bright lighting:

Have you ever wondered why your LED bulbs have extra brightness? Some people often ignore this thing though there might be an issue with them. The main reasons behind the same can be high wattage or the high temperature of the LED.

The fix to bright lighting is to get a new bulb, and you can also change the switch if the lights have an adjustment feature. Both the methods are effective, but you have to decide according to the bulb type.

It would help if you did not ignore the high brightness of the LED bulbs as they might harm your eyes. Many health problems might occur due to the same. So, you have to be extra careful while using them. One thing is to check the brightness from time to time. In this way, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the problem as you will know it sooner.

3. Humming noise from the LED bulbs:

Are you facing some noise from LED lighting in your home or office? If yes, there might be an issue of extreme voltage. The high voltage can increase the temperature, and a humming noise will occur. Sometimes, this buzzing gets too loud that you can get irritated. That is why you should try to fix it as soon as possible.

What is the fix for this? You can check the circuit and the amount of voltage. In this way, you will know the main reason behind it. If the circuit’s problem doesn’t get fixed, you can also consider a replacement.

4. Lights don’t work:

Sometimes, bulbs stop working suddenly. There might be some reasons for the same. The problem will be in the circuit or in the bulb itself. In such a situation, you have first to figure out the actual issue. Is it because your light has become too old or a short circuit happened? Whatever the case may be, you have to be careful throughout the entire process.

After finding the issue, you can fix it by changing some wires or getting new LED lights and using them. Some people often make hasty decisions, and due to this, they replace working LED bulbs without checking the electrical system. It is crucial to call an electrician to avoid these mistakes as they have the required knowledge regarding everything.

5. Flashing of the bulbs:

Smart Bulb

Have you ever seen the flashing of the LED bulbs? The reason behind this problem is the high voltage supply. But only the electrician will tell you about it in detail. So, call him whenever you feel like the issue is happening too frequently.

If you replace the lights, it won’t be the complete solution, and the flashing will still be there. That is why you need to hire a professional to check everything precisely.

6. The dimmable feature stops working:

Some LED lights have a light adjustment feature. You can set up the brightness yourself with a remote according to your needs.

If the dimmable feature stops working, you can either get it fixed by calling an electrician or replace the light. There will be no issues after you do the same, and you can continue using it.

7. Overheating in the lights:

Led Lights

The overheating problem arises when there is not enough air in the faucets. It is always better to check them before installing any LED lights because otherwise, there is a high possibility of overheating. Overheating will create difficulties as it will damage the lights.

It doesn’t matter if you have already installed the lights, as you can create some space in the fixtures and solve the overheating issue.

8. Burning of the LED lights:

A severe problem in the local LEDs is the burning. It usually occurs after you have used them for a while. If you want to avoid this, you should always buy from a trustworthy company. They will also provide you with a warranty. Yes, you have to spend more money, but it will be worth it.


Why do LED bulbs blink or flicker?

LED bulbs may blink or flicker due to various reasons, including low wattage, poor electrical supply, or internal damage to the LED. To fix this issue, you can try adjusting the wattage, replacing the bulb, or consulting with an electrician for professional assistance.

What should I do if my LED bulbs are too bright?

If your LED bulbs are excessively bright, it could be due to high wattage or a higher temperature rating. To address this issue, you can consider replacing the bulb with a lower wattage option or choosing a bulb with an adjustable brightness feature. Additionally, using dimmer switches can help control the light output.

How can I resolve the humming noise coming from my LED bulbs?

Humming noise from LED bulbs can be caused by excessive voltage. To fix this issue, you can check the circuit and voltage levels. If the problem persists, you may need to consider replacing the bulb or consulting an electrician for further assistance.

What should I do if my LED lights stop working?

If your LED lights suddenly stop working, it could be due to a problem in the circuit or the bulb itself. Start by identifying the root cause of the issue, such as a short circuit or bulb failure. Depending on the problem, you may need to replace the bulb or seek professional help to address circuit-related issues.

Why do my LED bulbs flash intermittently?

Intermittent flashing of LED bulbs can occur due to high voltage supply. It is recommended to consult with an electrician to determine the exact cause and find a suitable solution. Simply replacing the bulbs may not resolve the issue if the problem lies in the electrical system.

What can I do if the dimmable feature of my LED lights stops working?

If the dimmable feature of your LED lights stops working, you can try resetting the dimmer switch or replacing it with a compatible alternative. Alternatively, replacing the LED lights themselves may also solve the issue. Consult an electrician for guidance and ensure compatibility between the dimmer switch and the LED lights.

How can I prevent LED lights from overheating?

To prevent LED lights from overheating, ensure that there is sufficient airflow around the fixtures. Adequate ventilation can be achieved by leaving space between the lights and any obstructions. If you’ve already installed the lights, you can create additional space within the fixtures to improve airflow and reduce the risk of overheating.

The Bottom Line

We hope this article gave you some insight into common LED lighting problems and how to fix them. It is crucial to have a deep understanding of every issue as you will not waste time identifying a particular one. Also, don’t forget to invest in good quality lights to prevent them from being damaged within a short period.