16 Best Lighting for Barber Shop 2023 – LED, Vanity & Ring Lights

Best Lighting

When setting up the barbershop, you need to take care of numerous things, among which lighting bears huge importance.

Without proper light, you cannot provide adequate services to your customers, and your job will be a lot tougher without it.

To get the best lighting for a barber shop, you must do thorough research and figure out which one will suit your needs best.

Picking the right lighting set is a long-term investment; thus, you should be very selective and compare multiple products’ features, qualities, and flaws because only then can you make an educated choice.

This might present itself as a challenge since today’s market is rich in various products that will offer whatever you require.

We understand this and are here to help you, so we have put together a list of some of the best-reviewed lighting solutions for barbershops.

List of Top Barber Shop Light Ideas

1. Airand Utility LED Shop Light Fixture 2FT 4FT with Plug

Airand Utility LED Shop Light Fixture

Coming from the Airand store, this set of lights is available in five sizing options and offers you the option to connect up to 18 tube lights together using 7-inch connector cords. These lights feature 180 degrees wide-angle beam and use no mercury or hazardous materials.

This utility LED shop light comes with a frosted cover that provides excellent anti-glare eye protection. It is pretty simple to set it up and use it. All you need to do is to use included snap joints to hang it on the desired place and insert a plug to turn it on.

This light is also moisture-proof, water-proof, dust-proof and comes with double insulation. It has an IP66 waterproof rating so that you can use it in various wet places such as the bathroom.

The only downside of this product is that the supplied power cord is very short, although this is not a deal-breaker. Overall, this light provides excellent consistency of the color of the light from fixture to fixture and delivers sufficient brightness.

  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting
  • Bright and even light distribution
  • Wide application
  • Not dimmable
  • Limited color options
  • Fragile
  • Non-adjustable light direction
  • Limited warranty

2. Neewer Ring Light Kit:18″/48cm

Neewer Ring Light Kit


  • Aluminum alloy light stand;
  • White and orange light filters;
  • Special holder for smartphone;
  • The light can rotate freely;

This Neewer store’s dimmable lighting comes at a very affordable price and is an excellent solution for barbershops. Dimmable lights can be easily adjusted, and they typically last for an extended period.

You also get a stable tripod alongside the product. It can expand from 16 to 51 inches, so you can use it on the table or store it on the floor. It can also be used as a cell phone tripod, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

The lighting ring provides an excellent view of your customers and does not produce any shadows that might bother you while working. The light uses a fluorescent bulb that provides daylight correct color temperature that does not flicker.

The bulb has a circular shape and emits bright yet very soft light with virtually no shadows. Cord length is just right for smaller working areas, and the lighting is very easy to set up and work with.

  • Even lighting
  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Bulky
  • Fragile
  • Limited mounting options
  • No battery option

3. Rovtop 10 inch Ring Light with Stand Tripod

Rovtop 10 inch Ring Light with Stand Tripod

This adjustable light comes from the Rovtop store and is an excellent solution for barbershops due to its 10 levels of brightness and 3 light tunes – warm, natural, and cold. Apart from barbershops, this light can also be used for photo sessions, live streaming, and many more.

Rovtop ring light also comes with an adjustable and stable tripod that can be expanded between 16 and 51 inches.

It also features a remote controller, which you can use to operate easily, and a non-slip rubber backing clip that prevents scratches on the phone. The stand is also compatible with numerous smartphones.

This product provides excellent and bright light that helps your barbershop customers get a fine look at themselves.

It comes with an affordable price tag and offers amazing value. It is very easy to set up, and the light from the ring makes your complexion look really good, similar to what it looks when exposed to natural light.

  • Adjustable brightness and color temperature
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Small size
  • Limited mounting options
  • Short power cord
  • Non-dimmable

4. Sylvwin Vanity Mirror Lights

sylvwin Vanity Mirror Lights

Coming from the Sylwin store, these mirror lights are available in a pack of 10 and 14 lights for you to choose from. It provides you with several color modes: warm white, neutral white, and daylight white.

These portable, dimmable mirror lights provide excellent brightness and soft light that is very pleasant for the eyes. You are provided with the option to change 5 levels of brightness that can be easily adjusted using the plus and minus buttons.

This way, you can set up the lights according to your customer’s needs, and they can have a better look at what you are doing.

It is pretty easy to set up these lights since they come with double-sided tape, so you can simply stick them directly to the mirror. You are also provided with multiple charging options via a USB charger, laptop, power bank, or desktop PC.

These lights use 5V 3000 – 6500K color temperature, and bulbs are kept at a low temperature, so it is safe to touch them without risking burns or injuries.

  • Wireless remote control
  • Easy to customize
  • Motion sensor
  • Limited length
  • Limited color options
  • Adhesive may damage surfaces

5. YGS-Tech Dimmable Mirror Lights

YGS-Tech Dimmable Mirror Lights

These dimmable mirror lights come at a very affordable price and provide you with a bright light that is not harmful to your eyes. The LED bulbs placed in this product do not heat up easily, and you can safely touch them even after hours of use.

The light has three colors modes for you to choose from – warm white, natural white, and daylight white. All of these options can suit different needs on different occasions and are very convenient for barbershops.

You can also choose one of 10 levels of brightness that can easily be adjusted using the plus and minus buttons. A variety of levels allow you to set up your working environment lights to a suitable level depending on the time of the day.

Setting up these lights is very simple since they come with double-sided tape, so you can just stick them to the mirror surface easily and quickly.

  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Improved visibility
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Inconsistent color temperature
  • Limited mounting options
  • Potential flickering
  • Inadequate adhesive

6. Barrina LED Shop Light

Barrina LED Shop Light

After purchasing Barrina LED lights, your pockets will certainly start being much more grateful since it emits the 5000 lumens output while consuming a meager amount of power. You can choose one of two styles – 4FT-500K-5000LM or 8FT-5000K-9000LM.

The installation is really simple, and all you need to do is plug it in after you hang the lights using included snap joints. If you are not a fan of this setup, you can hardwire lights to the wall switch, and you are all set.

You also get a 48-inch cord in the package so that you can link up 6 lights together very fast and simply. The product is perfect for garages, barbershops, workbenches, offices, households, and many more.

The lights are very bright and can display your barbershop customers excellently. In case the included cord is too short for your needs, you can easily find extensions for an affordable price.

  • Bright and uniform illumination
  • Easy installation
  • Energy-efficient
  • Linkable design
  • Fragile construction
  • Short power cords
  • Inconsistent lifespan
  • Mounting limitations

7. APTOYU 12″ Ring Light with 51” Extendable Tripod Stand & Cellphone Holder

APTOYU Ring Light

This dimmable light ring comes at an affordable price and features 10 brightness levels and 3 color modes that you can use according to your needs. It is pretty light and easy to use, which might be just what you need for your barbershop.

This light ring features 168 LED lamp beads and 3 coloring modes that include white, warm yellow, and warm white. Bear in mind that warmer lights are far more flattering to the skin, so you have sufficient options to work with if you use this product for the barbershop.

You also get a 3-way pan head with a convenient handle that allows you to tilt the light in multiple directions. The tripod that comes with the product is expandable between 16 and 51 inches, and the legs can unfold up to 30 inches wide.

The lights are USB powered, and you also get a 78.5-inch cable that can be plugged into devices such as laptops or PCs.

  • Versatile lighting options
  • Sturdy tripod stand
  • Convenient cellphone holder
  • Portability
  • Limited brightness
  • Plastic construction
  • Power cord length
  • Inconsistent quality control

8. Sunco Lighting Modern Vanity Light Fixture

Sunco Lighting Modern Vanity Light Fixture

This set of lights comes from the Sunco Lighting store, and it offers you the option to choose the color temperature between 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K. You can use it for various purposes and environments since it offers excellent brightness that will not damage your eyesight.

The lights can be rotated up to 90 degrees in whichever direction you prefer. It is very durable and made of stainless steel.

The installation of the product might be tricky because you need a lot of vertical clearance since the top screw required to secure the light housing to the mounting bracket stands very high.

Since brightness levels can be switched, the product offers a great variance in lighting, which is very convenient for different purposes. It offers excellent 1100-lumen light, perfect for barbershops, bathrooms, workshops, offices, and many more.

  • Sleek design
  • Easy installation
  • Energy-efficient
  • Even illumination
  • Light color temperature
  • Potential for glare
  • Limited adjustability
  • Quality control issues

9. Monios-L LED Linear Light

Monios-L LED Linear Light[/komentar]

Coming from the Monios-L store, these LED lights are an excellent choice for various purposes. They are dimmable and can be adjusted from 10% to 100%. It is ideal for wide spaces such as barbershops, offices, living rooms, restaurants, and many more.

These lights feature a unique linkable system so that you can connect up to 15 different lights in a series very quickly. You also get a 2.4G remote control that enables you to divide lights into 3 different groups.

The product comes with a frosted white cover which renders softer light that is not harmful to your eyesight. Since it is equipped with high-quality LED chips, the light consumes a mere 36W, drastically reducing power consumption and your electric bills.

The installation is very simple since the package comes with all the necessary accessories, and all you need to do is follow the manual’s easy three-step instructions.

  • Linkable design
  • Low profile
  • Low heat output
  • Quiet operation
  • Inconsistent mounting hardware
  • Fragile lens cover
  • Limited adjustability
  • Occasional flickering

10. HOPSON Modern Vanity Lights

HOPSON Modern Vanity Lights

These modern lights come from the Hopson store and are suitable for multiple purposes and environments. They provide you with a double output light effect; the upper sheet emits the light on all sides, while the bottom one emits the light downward.

This system illuminates skin better, so it is an excellent solution for barbershops as well.

Mirror gloss finishing features stainless steel that provides you with excellent corrosion resistance, so you can safely use this light in damp areas.

The product comes with all the necessary components for installation, although it is recommended to hire a licensed electrician to do it for you.

The light consumes a mere 32W which will certainly help you save some money on electrical bills.

The light from the lamp body is very bright but not glaring, so you do not have to worry about damaging your eyesight. Stylish and modern, this light is definitely worth checking out.

  • Attractive design
  • Easy to install
  • Customizable light direction
  • Good value for money
  • Limited brightness
  • Bulbs not included
  • Inconsistent quality control
  • Finish durability

11. Inkeltech Ring Light 18” – Best Lighting For Hair Salon

Inkeltech Ring Light 18''


  • Regular and remote control;
  • Features 7 lighting modes;
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor as well;
  • Intelligent color changing;

Anyone looking for an intuitive and simple to use product can take this option into account. The Inkeltech ring light is great at doing its job and requires very little from the side of the user.

It can be controlled by pressing a button on the stand or by using the remote control that comes along.

These two types of controls can be used not just to turn the light on and off, but also to change the light’s temperature and brightness.

If you want to hide the blemishes on your customer’s face and change the skin’s tone, it is recommended to opt for warmer light.

If the user is not that experienced with the adjustment of light, this product offers 7 different modes to choose from. Thus, it will be easy to play with this product and find the ideal working conditions.

The only disadvantage, if it can be called this way, is that the stand doesn’t bend. Apart from this, this ring light is a great lighting fixture to have in a barbershop.

  • It doesn’t require filters;
  • The color temperature and brightness can be adjusted easily;
  • Remote control;
  • The ring light and stand cannot be bent;


12. Neewer RL-12 LED Ring Light 14″ – Best Ring Light

Neewer RL-12 LED Ring Light 14inch


  • Hot shoe adapter suitable for most DSLD cameras and smartphones;
  • Light-weighted and portable light;
  • Soft tube for convenient adjustment;
  • Remote control available;

Neewer offers this kit to anyone looking for an LED ring light, and all the other necessary accessories, available at an accessible price tag.

This kit is quite generous if we think about the price.

Besides the ring light, the buyer will also get an adjustable tripod, white and yellow light filters, a flexible gooseneck, a hot shoe adapted, remote control, and a carrying case.

This makes the product suitable not just in barbershops, but also anywhere you may need a ring light. The installation of the stand is extremely easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Once the stand is ready, the soft and flexible gooseneck goes at the top of the stand. This allows the user to tilt and turn the ring light as desired until the ideal level of light is obtained.

The light filters can also be installed easily, by simply positioning them on the right light and pressing on them gently until they get into place.

  • Inexpensive ring light;
  • Broad dimming range;
  • Easy to use and highly portable;
  • The quality of the LEDs is not as expected, according to some users;


13. 12″ LED Selfie Ring Light

12" LED Selfie Ring Light


  • Compact ring light ideal for smaller barbershops;
  • Three color modes available;
  • 10 different brightness levels;
  • USB-powered lighting fixture;

Your budget is not that generous or you simply need a ring light that is light and easy to use? This LED ring light may be just what your barbershop requires.

This ring light is dimmable, which means that it is entirely up to you how you choose to use it.

The product is suitable for those that never owned a ring light because it requires no previous knowledge for using and adjusting the light.

Featuring 10 levels of brightness and 3 color modes, it is easy to find the ideal combination.

Because we are talking about barbershops, bear in mind that a warmer light is more flattering for the skin.

Also, make sure the brightness of the light is enough to allow you to work, but without being too bothering for the customer.

A great characteristic of this product is that it can be tilted and swiveled so that the user reaches the ideal angle.

However, bear in mind that this is not a professional-grade product, something that can be seen in the product’s price tag as well.

  • No battery is needed, as USB powers the product;
  • Adjustable angles;
  • Convenient changing of color and brightness;
  • Extremely affordable;
  • The used materials are not of the highest grade;


14. Globe Electric 65155 Pendant Lighting

Globe Electric 65155 Pendant Lighting


  • Adjustable 5-inch cord;
  • Dimmable lighting fixture;
  • Extremely easy to install;
  • Industrial design, ideal for barbershops;

Not everybody is in the mood for a large ring light. There are cases in which the owner of a barbershop won’t want to sacrifice space for a lighting fixture.

Thus, when you need an effective yet discreet lighting fixture, pendant lighting like this one may be just what you’re looking for. The ceiling is usually a free, unused space in every room.

When opting for a pendant lighting fixture, the room will get all the required light, without occupying essential space. The best part about this product is that it is fully dimmable.

This way, the ideal atmosphere is created inside the barbershop. Also, to install it, there’s no need for additional tools or accessories.

The product comes with all the screws and items required to set it in place easy and convenient.

However, it is worth remembering that it is shipped without a light bulb. This will have to be purchased separately. A 100W E26 with a medium base light bulb will do.

  • No tools or accessories needed for its installment;
  • Can be dimmed and adjusted according to needs;
  • Space-saving design;
  • The light bulb is sold separately and will not be shipped with the fixture;


15. Pretmess Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

Pretmess Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights Kit


  • Features 3 different color modes;
  • The brightness can be adjusted;
  • The extra wire can be hidden;
  • USB power support;

Who said vanity mirror lights can’t be part of a barbershop? This type of light can easily provide all the light a barber needs to do his job well.

At the same time, it allows the customer to clearly see what is going on and how the work of the barber comes around.

Since barbershops already have mirrors installed for every customer, this kit provides the lights only.

More precisely, 10 LED light bulbs connected with a wire will be available in this kit. The light bulbs will arrive with a double-sided tape, which will allow a simple yet effective fixing on the surface of a mirror.

The risk of falling off is inexistent once the lights are properly installed. Also, the tape will not produce any kind of trace on the mirror, in case you decide to take the lights off after a while.

The light bulbs have a large wire, which can be hidden in the base of each bulb if there’s any wire excess.

  • Elegant and customizable vanity lights kit;
  • Easy to use and install;
  • Compact, practical, and accessible;
  • These are not professional-grade lights;


16. T8 LED Light Tube

T8 LED Light Tube


  • Extremely bright yet power-saving;
  • The product can be liked by others in a network;
  • Installation is straightforward;
  • Long-life LED light cells;

It is easy to enjoy bright light inside a barbershop with this LED light tube set. Containing two LED light tubes that are extremely easy to install, this set can provide the brightness required to perform well regardless of the hour.

Do you need more than just 2 LED light tubes? The good news is that you can create a network that provides all the light you need by connecting several tubes.

With the help of seamless connectors or connector cords, you can create networks of up to 12 tubes. This way, it is easy to get the desired effect and light.

Another advantage of this product is that it doesn’t require any kind of installation. The tubes feature snap joints that can be used to hang them in the desired spot.

Once this is done, they just need to be plugged in and turned on. Still, before buying the product, make sure you choose the right color and intensity, as you won’t be able to adjust the brightness and color of the lights.

  • The product requires minimum installation;
  • Can be set up almost anywhere;
  • Affordable and very bright;
  • Can’t be dimmed or change their color;


Buying Guide for Barber Shop Lighting

Barber Shop Lighting

There are no particular lights that will not suit barbershops. However, there are tiny details and features you should pay attention to in order to improve your customer’s experience and make your job easier.

We have put together a list of guidelines you should follow to get the best value for your money’s worth in the section below.


When it comes to barbershop lighting, you want to opt for products that emit just the right amount of light that will enable you to do your job right, but it also should not be too bright to make your customer uncomfortable.

It is best to look for products that offer you the option to adjust the brightness according to your needs.

Light Quality

LED BAR LIGHTS barber shop

The quality of light is a parameter that is a bit tricky to assess. Essentially you should consider things to avoid rather than things to look for. Avoid lights that are prone to flickering or the ones that emit odd color cast.

Light Strength

Recognizing whether the light is soft or harsh is very easy. You should opt for products that emit soft light since it is much easier to view for a longer period, and it also flatters your customers’ skin so they can feel comfortable and have an excellent view of your work.

Power Consumption

Since the lights for barbershops tend to stay on for an extended period, it is important to choose a product that has a lower power consumption.

Your pockets will be grateful for this by the end of the month since you will save a lot of money for electrical bills.


This section refers specifically to lamps and other lighting sources that can be moved around from room to room. Opt for a product that is lightweight and has a stable tripod that can be easily adjusted.

How To Choose The Right One

choose perfect Lighting For Barber Shop

What kind of ambient do you need in your barbershop?

While it is true that people walk into a barbershop for the provided services, it is extremely important to offer them a pleasant ambient as well.

If a customer feels good inside a barbershop, not only will he become a returning customer, but will also recommend the barbershop to others.

So, you don’t just need lights inside a barbershop, but those lights that will help create a nice atmosphere as well. Ideally, you should choose lights that can be dimmed and adjusted according to needs and preferences.

Such lights will allow you to create the right atmosphere regardless of the time of the day. Also, you can obtain a perfect working light and flatter the customer at the same time.

So, while white light is great for its power and for making everything clear and bright, warm light makes skin look better, erasing defects and blemishes, complementing the aspect of the customer.

And a customer that sees himself in a nice light will become a returning customer without a doubt.

In case you just need lighting fixtures to supplement a room’s need for light, options that are more affordable but can’t be adjusted may be a good choice.

Just make sure these lights are placed in the right spots, as you won’t be able to change anything about them later on.

Vanity Lights or Ring Lights?

Vanity Lights or Ring Lights - For barber shop

Vanity lights are perfect to underline the unique traits of each and every customer while giving you all the light you need to work.

Because they need to be installed on mirrors, these lights will focus on bringing out the best of the customer’s facial characteristics.

However, because of this aspect, it is recommended to choose warm lights in this case. Cold lights, which provide a whiter light, will make the skin look pale and dull.

So, if you want to compliment your customers, always choose warm light as it makes their skin look healthy, lively, and beautiful.

Ring lights are also a good solution for barbershops. If you intend to take photos of your work, such as a nicely performed haircut, a ring light will help you obtain top quality photos.

The only inconvenience is that you’ll need to figure out where you’re going to place the ring light. They usually come with tall stands, which are meant to make your work easier but will require some space for their installment.

Also, if you want to invest in a ring light, make sure you get one that provides adjustable brightness and changeable colors, or, at least, colored filters.

Do you need to put an Accent on something?

If you want to attract attention to a particular spot inside your barbershop, you can easily do so with the help of lights.

Maybe you have a product display or any other part of the shop that is worthy of attention.

An LED light tube can be the ideal product for such tasks. This kind of light tubes can be easily set up in the desired spot and made to function right away.

Because of this, they can be removed and placed anywhere else with minimum effort and without the need to make major changes.

Of course, ring lights can also be used for such purposes. The best part about ring lights is that you can grab them by their stand and move them where you need more light.

Some ring lights even provide the possibility to bend and tilt them, so that their light beam falls precisely where you need them.

But, if you have vanity lights, for instance, where your customer sits, then light tubes will help you draw attention to a product stand with ease.

They are also inexpensive and do a great job where they are installed. Thus, take into account the task you want to accomplish in the barbershop when shopping with lighting fixtures.

Best Salon Lighting

Lights with Stands or Pendant Lights?

The design of the interior space of a barbershop is another factor that dictates choices regarding lighting fixtures.

Because interior décor is the first thing that captures the attention of customers, choose lights that merge with the rest of the shop’s design.

Also, bear in mind the available space inside the barbershop. See if you can choose lights with stands or you prefer not cluttering the space with even more items.

In this case, you could choose pendant lights instead. As mentioned earlier in the product reviews section, it is possible to find fully dimming pendant lights.

The advantage of using pendant lights is that they are installed on the ceiling, which is the space that usually is left unused inside a room.

Plus, you can choose the ideal spot for a pendant light on the ceiling, so that you enjoy the perfect level of light for your work.

However, if you like to enjoy more flexibility, owning a ring light with a stand will give you the chance to move the lighting fixture whenever and however you prefer.

This cannot be achieved when it comes to pendant lights. So, if you wish to have a flexible and portable light source, a ring light may just be capable of answering those needs.

There should be no shadows in a barbershop

When shopping for lighting fixtures for a barbershop you need to remember that how the client sees himself while on the barber chair is extremely important.

You need to make the customer feel good about himself while in the barbershop if you want to win him over as a long-term client. This means to have sufficient light focused on the customer’s face.

But, at the same time, you need to be careful about the type of light you’re using. Warm light is the ideal choice when it comes to making the skin look younger and more beautiful.

Also, make sure to avoid shadows on the customer’s face. So, always position lighting fixtures so that shadows are eliminated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Complete Guide To Salon Lighting FAQ

What type of lighting is best for barbershops?

You should opt for lighting that offers enough brightness that allows you to have a better view of your work but is not too bright to make your customer uncomfortable. Look for products that emit soft, warm lights since they flatter your customer’s skin and face.

What makes a lighting fixture suitable for a barbershop?

A barbershop, just like any other kind of salon, requires adequate sources of light, besides the natural light that comes through the window.

You should not allow customers to walk inside a dark shop because there’s the risk they will never come back.

Vanity lights, ring lights, light tubes, and pendant lights can all be used in barbershops.

You just need to find the products that work best in the case of your shop, allowing everybody to work in the best conditions and helping your customers feel great each time they choose the barbershop.

Also, the design of the barbershop and available space will weigh in this decision-making process. In the end, find the lighting fixtures that will produce happy customers and increase the shop’s performance.

What is the optimal color temperature for barbershops?

The optimal color temperature for barbershops can depend on several factors, including the type of lighting used and the desired atmosphere or mood of the space.

However, a common recommended color temperature for barbershops is around 3500-4500 Kelvin. This color temperature is often considered a “neutral white” or “cool white” and can provide good color accuracy for hair and skin tones.

It’s important to note that the optimal color temperature can vary depending on the specific needs and preferences of the barbershop. Some barbershops may prefer a warmer or cooler color temperature, depending on the style of the space and the services offered.

Additionally, the type of lighting used can also impact the optimal color temperature. For example, LED lighting may require a different color temperature than fluorescent or incandescent lighting.

Is ring light a good solution for barbershops?

A ring light can be a good solution for barbershops, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the space.

Ring lights are a popular choice for beauty and hair professionals as they provide even and diffused lighting that can help to highlight details and create a flattering appearance. This can be especially helpful for barbershops as it can help barbers to see the details of their work and provide consistent and professional results.

However, it’s important to note that a ring light may not be the best solution for all barbershops. Ring lights can be quite bright and may create a stark or sterile atmosphere that may not be appropriate for all barbershops. Additionally, ring lights may not provide enough coverage for larger or more complex salon spaces.

What’s the cost of a ring light?

The costs of a ring light depend on the size of the ring and the watts the product offers. Thus, it is possible to find ring lights that cost as low as $15, but there are also ring lights going up to $150.

If you want to find a budget-friendly solution, it is worth checking out the characteristics of products before making a purchase. Make sure the size of the ring is suitable for the task and room.

Ring lights are extremely appreciated by photographers because they are capable of providing great light during photo sessions.

This is why it represents a great option for barbers as well, as it is possible to concentrate a good amount of light on a particular spot.

So, if you’re interested in buying a ring light, you need to decide upon the size of the ring and the features you would like to enjoy. Some more affordable ring lights are simple and easy to use.

They won’t offer too many features, like brightness or color adjustment. You won’t be able to tilt them either. But, if you’re on a low budget, they will represent an affordable choice.

Other ring lights are dimmable up to 100%, provide the possibility to change the light color or offer colored filters, are equipped with a soft gooseneck, and come with remote control. In this case, be ready to pay more for such a product.

How to eliminate shadows when illuminating barbershops?

Eliminating shadows when illuminating barbershops can be a challenge, but there are several techniques that can help to minimize shadows and create even lighting.

  1. Use multiple light sources: Using multiple light sources can help to eliminate shadows by providing even and diffused lighting. Position the lights at different angles to create a more even lighting effect.
  2. Use soft lighting: Soft lighting such as diffused light or bounced light can help to eliminate shadows by creating a more even and diffused lighting effect.
  3. Use fill lights: Fill lights can be used to fill in any shadows created by the primary light source. Position the fill lights at a lower intensity to provide a more subtle and natural effect.
  4. Use light modifiers: Light modifiers such as diffusers or reflectors can be used to soften or redirect the light, creating a more even lighting effect and minimizing shadows.
  5. Avoid direct lighting: Avoid direct lighting as this can create harsh shadows. Instead, use indirect or diffused lighting to create a more even and natural lighting effect.

By using these techniques, you can create even and flattering lighting that minimizes shadows and highlights the details of the work being done in the barbershop. It may be helpful to experiment with different lighting setups to find the best solution for the specific needs of the barbershop.


Final Words

Although there are many things to consider when purchasing lighting for barbershops, it is certainly worth the hassle and time since it will help you do your job better and make your customers happier since they will be able to get a clearer view of your work.

Consider the options we have provided for you and look for second opinions and reviews, since only then will you be able to make an educated choice. Investing time in this process might take time, but it will positively impact your business and make your customers much happier.