7 Best LED Billboard Light in 2024 – Upgrade Your Outdoor Advertising Game

Best Billboard Led Lights

An LED billboard light is a type of outdoor lighting that allows for advertising signage on billboards without using the traditional neon or fluorescent tubes found in most lamps. This type of outdoor lighting has become increasingly popular as prices have dropped on LED lights, allowing marquee owners to replace inefficient lamps with efficient ones.

Most LED billboard lights use LEDs instead of traditional fluorescents and neon tubing because they are more durable than their glass-encased counterparts, reducing the need for replacement bulbs or tubes.

Also, some types of lighting might attract insects where tube lights are not, increasing the workload on businesses by requiring them to hire pest control services. LED signs require less power than traditional billboard light equivalents because they generate very little heat relative to incandescent lighting options.

As the prices of LED lights drop and more businesses switch to LED billboard lighting, more marquee owners are becoming interested in purchasing this new type of outdoor signage.

Let’s list some of our favorite best-LED billboard lights:

1. RSN LED Wall Washer Light

RSN LED Wall Washer Light


The RSN Led Wall Washer Light is a great and easy billboard light that is suited for DIY installation and will light up your ad in no time. It is made from high-quality black aluminum and toughened glass that will ensure that your light stays okay in all weather elements.

This light has a whooping output of 3600lm which aims to replace 200w lights which can bring the cost of your electricity bill significantly. An IP65 rating is waterproof and these are ideal for any commercial or industrial lighting.

Things we like about it:

  • Multi-slot design allows for great heat dissipation
  • Super safe and weatherproof
  • Easy installation with plug and play
  • Affordable

2. eLEDing Solar Powered Lights

eLEDing Solar Powered Lights


eLEDing solar-powered lights are a great deal for anyone who wants to bring down their electric bill. They come in two variants of 10 Watts and 20 Watts respectively. They will give you a great lighting source for any sign or place that you want to light up.

They are using a high-grade lithium battery that will last you for a long time. The solar panels are 9W with tempered panels that will withstand the elements with ease.

Things we like:

  • Stainless steel casing
  • Solar-powered solution
  • Really bright
  • Super easy to install

3. LEONLITE 100W LED Outdoor Flood Light

LEONLITE 100W LED Outdoor Flood Light


The Leonlite outdoor floodlight is a heavy-duty cast aluminum lamp that was designed with longevity in mind. They are the same as you would install a 1000W light and they are truly really bright. With an IP65 rating, they will outlast any sun or rain and will be ideal for personal or industrial needs.

The company states that you will get a light with a lifespan of 17 years so there really nothing quite like it on the market. This floodlight matches with 1/2 inch NPS threaded mounting brackets.

Things we love about it

  • The amazing lifespan
  • It is 180 degrees adjustable with the knuckle mount
  • CRI 90+ which brings more natural light
  • Affordable

4. JSN&PC LED Wall Washer

JSN&PC LED Wall Washer


JSN&PC LED wall Washer is another great light for any ads or billboards. This small but powerful light can bring any area beautifully lit. The looks of it will fit any environment and are ideal for any exterior lighting needs.

It uses tempered glass and a nice aluminum casing with an IP65 rating that will withstand any harsh conditions. It has a built-in power supply that will make sure no power is wasted and your bill stays low.

Things we value:

  • Super easy installation
  • Long lifespan
  • It looks really slick and cool
  • 3 years warranty on the led bar light

5. Pknight Led Linear Wall Washer

Pknight Led Linear Wall Washer


The Pknight led linear light is an RGB option for those who want to add some color to their outdoor lighting. It features a linkable design so if you buy more than one setup will be easy to connect them.

An aluminum body and an IP65 rating will ensure that this light stays safe from the elements and it is ideal for any outdoor lighting needs. 16 colors that are dimmable and controllable it is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to have complete control over their light output.

Things we love about it

  • Waterproof plugs
  • So many colors
  • All the installation tools will be included
  • Easy linking

6. YRXC 72W LED Wall Washer Lights

YRXC 72W LED Wall Washer Lights


The YRXC is another wall washer light that emits a nice white 3000k light and is ideal for any lighting needs as trees, decoration or ads. The 3000 kelvins are warm and will create a nice atmosphere around it. It provides 7200 lumens and is an easy plug-and-play solution.

This one features a 360 adjustable bracket in which you can rotate the light as you please which comes super handy in most situations. It also has an IP 65 rating that will provide you with longevity and you don’t have to worry about it. Important note and downside, the plug is not waterproof so watch that.

Things we like about it:

  • The adjustable body is great
  • 5-year warranty product replacement
  • Cables have anti-aging anti UV properties
  • Durable structure

Key Features that Affect Billboard Lights

1. Brightness

Billboard Lights

The brightness of a LED billboard light will depend on the type and number of LEDs used, along with the reflector design. Because traditional bulbs are no longer being used, increased brightness can be achieved without increasing energy consumption or heat generation.

This allows for brighter signs in areas where incandescent lighting could not compete due to high amounts of heat coming from the sign itself.

2. Durability

LED billboards typically last around 100,000 hours before requiring replacement lamps or other components. This makes it possible to have a sign lit up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for over 11 years without having to replace anything besides perhaps some paint every decade or so when faded components begin affecting readability.

In comparison, fluorescent lights typically have a lifespan of 10,000 hours, and incandescent light bulbs burn out after 1,000 to 2,000 hours.

3. Size Reduction

For the same brightness level as a traditional sign using an incandescent bulb, LED billboards can be significantly smaller because they produce less heat than fluorescents or neon tubes.

Neon signs require large open spaces for ventilation due to their excessive heat production from the tubes used in them, making it harder to use small-sized lighting options for signage. In some cases, a traditional billboard would need ten times the amount of lamps on a LED billboard light simply to produce the same amount of light!

4. Directional Lighting Options

Typically new LED board lights will also include directional lighting options, meaning the light is only emitted in one direction rather than onto an entire billboard surface.

This can reduce total electricity consumption by reducing the amount of power needed to create the same intensity on a targeted location versus traditional lighting options which cover more of the sign with light.

5. Changing Colors/Illumination Modes

Although initially LED billboards were red or yellow, today’s models often include several color modes that can be activated or deactivated at will without needing to replace any components.

This gives owners the ability to either show off their brand colors or use customizable illumination patterns for holidays and other events throughout the year without having to change out any part of the sign itself if they are not interested in customizing it every few weeks or months.

6. Open Air Lighting

One of the most common types of LED billboard lighting options includes those that operate in the open air, meaning they do not require protective housing to avoid corrosion and oxidation from rain or snow getting inside the board lights.

This is important because it allows for many light sources to be combined into one, making it possible for businesses and advertisers to create one large cohesive sign instead of having several smaller boards around town promoting different brands and products.

7. Weatherproof

Many types of new LED billboard lights are weatherproofed either through design or with an added layer of protection during construction. This allows them to withstand high winds without needing any sort of housing like traditional fluorescents used in outdoor signs required before switching over to these new types of LED billboard lights.

8. Best Option for Animated Signs

Billboard marketing

LED signs can be programmed to animate with either still images or video, making them the best option where it might be too expensive to use individual boards for each moving image.

This new technology allows larger signs to feature all kinds of dynamic content without any limit on how many images can move at once, which is usually limited by how many board lights are available in the sign itself. This makes it possible to create large-sized videos that rotate through different scenes rather than having several small square signs around town representing one business.

9. Eco-Friendly Advertising Tool

Because LED billboard lights emit less heat than most other lighting options they do not require extra ventilation, so this helps make them an eco-friendly option for outdoor signage from www.risevision.com.

This also means they can be used in any type of weather and not just those that are mild enough to avoid having the sign ripped open due to high winds or corroded by rain and snow as traditional advertising billboards must endure.

10. Heat Dissipating System

LED Billboard light is the best choice for businesses because of its heat dissipation system. Some business owners are interested in buying this sign to advertise their products or services. The heat dissipation system prevents the LED billboard lights from overheating while using it for a long time which makes maintenance costs lower.

Another main reason why lots of advertising companies are switching to LED lighting is that they require less energy compared to metal halide and fluorescent bulbs. Businesses can save up more money by installing this new type of board lights because they use less electricity but still produce enough brightness to be seen clearly even during nighttime hours when other types of signage may not be visible because it’s too dark outside.

11. Design: Open or Modular Design

Billboard Beatles

LED Billboard Light is mostly designed with an open or modular design. The LED board lights are usually connected to the base using some screws that cannot be seen once they are fully installed. Some business owners use this sign because of its waterproof feature since it can be used for outdoor signage regardless of which country they intend to install them in.

This new type of media technology allows for capturing better images, producing higher quality videos, and more information on any digital signage screens compared to traditional billboard lighting options like metal halide and fluorescent bulbs.


How do I choose the right LED billboard light for my needs?

When selecting an LED billboard light, consider factors such as brightness, size, color options, and weatherproofing. Also, think about whether you need directional lighting or open-air lighting, and if you’d like animated or customizable illumination modes. Finally, consider the design of the light, whether you prefer an open or modular design, and if a heat-dissipating system is important for your application.

How do LED billboard lights compare to traditional lighting options in terms of energy consumption?

LED billboard lights consume significantly less energy compared to traditional lighting options like metal halide and fluorescent bulbs. This makes them a more cost-effective and eco-friendly choice for businesses. The lower energy consumption also reduces heat generation, eliminating the need for extra ventilation.

Are LED billboard lights suitable for all weather conditions?

Many LED billboard lights are designed to be weatherproof, making them suitable for use in various weather conditions. They often feature an IP65 rating or higher, which means they are resistant to water, dust, and other environmental factors. However, it’s essential to check the specific product specifications to ensure it meets your requirements.

Can I use LED billboard lights for animated signs?

A4: Yes, LED billboard lights are an excellent choice for animated signs. They can be programmed to display still images or video, allowing for dynamic content without any limitations on how many images can move at once. This feature enables the creation of large-sized videos that rotate through different scenes, offering more versatility than traditional lighting options.

Q5: How long do LED billboard lights typically last?

LED billboard lights generally have a lifespan of around 100,000 hours before requiring replacement. This means that a sign can be lit up 24/7 for over 11 years without needing any component replacements. This extended lifespan offers a significant advantage over traditional lighting options like fluorescent lights (with a lifespan of 10,000 hours) or incandescent bulbs (lasting 1,000 to 2,000 hours).

How do I maintain my LED billboard lights?

LED billboard lights require minimal maintenance due to their long lifespan and durability. However, it’s essential to regularly inspect your lights for any signs of damage or wear and ensure they remain clean and free of debris. If you notice any issues, replace or repair the affected components as needed. Additionally, some LED billboard lights may have specific maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer, so it’s important to follow these instructions to ensure the longevity of your lights.

Can LED billboard lights be used for both indoor and outdoor applications?

LED billboard lights are primarily designed for outdoor applications, but they can also be used indoors if desired. Ensure the specific product you choose is suitable for your intended application, considering factors like brightness, weatherproofing, and size. Always check the product specifications to make sure the light is appropriate for your needs.


Today’s LED billboard lights to come with all kinds of new benefits which is why so many businesses have been switching over from traditional lighting options as quickly as possible over the past several years. As their prices continue to fall more entrepreneurs will likely be interested in making this switch given how much money can be saved from using fewer board lights, no housing requirement, small size, directional capabilities, weatherproofing, and more.

According to a report from Navigant Research, the annual growth of the market for board lights is expected to grow exponentially through 2024 as their prices continue to fall and more advertising companies take advantage of these features that make them great for outdoor signage.

Right now this type of lighting only makes up about 2% of all board light sales globally, but by 2024 it will rise to almost 10% with double-digit growth rates over the next few years given how much money can be saved on lighting costs compared to traditional options like metal halide or fluorescent bulbs which are quickly being phased out in favor of LEDs.

With all, we hoped you learned what you need to know about these types of lights!