10 BEST Indoor Hanging Barn Lights in 2024: Factors to Find the Perfect Glow!

Indoor Hanging Barn Lights

Indoor barn lights are a popular choice for lighting up homes and businesses. Available in a range of styles, these fixtures can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on a wall to provide ample light.

While there are many options available, the Best Indoor Hanging Barn Lights are those that are made with quality materials and offer features like compatibility with smart home technology. Here is a look at the top 10  best indoor hanging barn lights currently available.

1. ICEKO-KN LED Shop Light, UFO High Bay LED Lights:

The ICEKO-KN LED shop light is one of the best options for those in need of high-quality and energy-efficient lighting. With a luminous efficacy of 140 lumens per watt, this light can produce up to 21,000 lumens of brightness while remaining relatively energy efficient.

Additionally, the 6000K color temperature and 80+ color rendering index make this light especially well-suited for use in shops and other commercial settings, as it can help to make products look more vivid and increase customers’ willingness to buy. The IP65 waterproof rating and included safety features make this light perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Based on high-quality raw materials and devices, the ICEKO-KN LED shop light has a 50,000-hour lifetime and comes with a 5-year warranty, making it a great choice for those in need of long-lasting and reliable light.

  • Longer Lifespan.
  • High-class material.



  • Unresitent to UV heat.

2.17-inch Industrial Galvanized Pendant Barn Light :

The HTM Lighting Solutions 17-inch indoor hanging barn light is the perfect addition to any home, office, or industrial space. With a simple 1-tool installation and all hardware included, this light can be up and running in no time.

The galvanized finish on both the inside and outside of the shade gives it a rustic look that is perfect for any setting. The 10-foot adjustable cord allows you to customize the hanging height to meet your lighting needs.

This light is also LED compatible and can be used with any standard medium base LED bulb (sold separately). For dimming purposes, simply wire it to a dimmer switch and match it with a compatible dimmable LED bulb.

The 5-year hassle-free warranty from HTM Lighting Solutions ensures that you will be satisfied with your purchase. The wide LED mini pendant light is the perfect addition to glow your space.

  • Easy installation process.
  • Durable design.




  • Some bulb types are not compatible.

3. Barn Pendant Lights, FINXIN 1-Light:

The surface of this barn pendant light is painted with three layers of 8H grade paint, making it resistant to fingerprints and easy to clean. It has a classic industrial shade design, which makes it perfect for use in homes, warehouses, entryways, corridors, dining rooms, kitchen islands, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, barns, workbenches, and warehouses.

The light fixture is fully compatible with E26 LED or incandescent bulbs (not included) and comes with a 5.9ft long suspension wire, making it easy to install at any height.

It also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning you can get your money back if you’re not happy with the product. The ceiling pendant light is corrosion-resistant and so durable that it can work for more than 10 years.

  • Instant-on feature.
  • Not required too many tools to install.


  • Design is simple.


4. LNC Pendant Lighting:

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This barn hanging light from LNC is perfect for those who are looking for a more understated and minimalist design. The light is made with a durable metal frame and has a hand-painted finish that gives it a rustic look. The hanging wire can be adjusted from 12” to 68. 5”.

Meanwhile, the pendant lighting is compatible with sloped ceilings, and slanted ceilings allow various hanging positions. This light is also compatible with sloped ceilings and comes with all the necessary hardware for installation. 1 x E26 Max 60W Type A Bulb (Not Included), UL listed 2 years satisfaction.

The diameter of the pendant light is 14. 2”, which is bigger than most barn hanging lamps on the market and suitable for both residential and commercial applications such as kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, restaurants, and cafes.

This hanging light is crafted with durable iron with a hand-paint baking finish, which has a good texture and can calm our modern tension by reconnecting us to the good old times.

  • Easy installation.
  • Simple and unique-looking design.



  • Low-class material used.

5. Black Pendant Light Dimmable:

This black pendant light diameter is 29.5 cm/11.6 inches, the height is 13.9 cm/5.5 inches, and the canopy diameter is 4.72 inches with a light cable length of 120 cm/47.3 inches. The industrial barn metal pendant light has an aged steel finish with a simple Edison industrial hanging light fixture design that is easy to install.

This high-quality light is hardwired and includes the canopy, cord, and aged steel fixture. The voltage is 110-240V for North America with a maximum power of 60W. The base is an E26 and the bulb is NOT included but types that are available to use with this pendant light include LED incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs.

This black pendant light is dimmable when used with a dimmable bulb and compatible dimmer switch. The American country vintage style of this black pendant light will add an appealing look to any room it is placed in, especially when paired with a vintage Edison bulb.

Perfect for indoor use in any room such as the home, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room, restaurant, cafe, bar, club, barn, or working bench. This light is also great for outdoor use in a covered area.

  • Made with high-quality material.
  • Unique design and appearance.



  • No waterproof resistance.

6. Emliviar 1-Light Large Pendant Light:

The Emliviar 1-Light Large Pendant Light is a beautiful light fixture that would be perfect for any modern home. This light is sure to brighten up any room and add a touch of elegance.

If you’re looking for an elegant and stylish pendant light, then the Emliviar 1-Light Large Pendant Light is definitely worth considering. The metal shade and brushed nickel finish give it a vintage look, while the easy installation and ETL listing make it a practical choice for any space.

This pendant light requires a 1x E26 base bulb and is compatible with incandescent, LED, or CFL bulbs. It measures 14″ x 14″ x 15.4″ and comes with a 72″ adjustable chain. These lights require no assembly and come with a one-year warranty.

  • Durable.
  • Simple Installing Process.



  • Some people don’t like the design.

7. Bestshared Ceiling Industrial Hanging Pendant Lighting:

If you’re looking for an industrial hanging pendant light that will add a touch of vintage charm to your home, the Bestshared Ceiling Industrial Hanging Pendant Lighting is a great option. This light features a black finish and copper interior, which will create a warm and inviting look in your space.

The light is also ETL listed and comes with a three-year warranty, so you can be confident in its quality. And, with a maximum wattage of 100 watts, it’s sure to provide plenty of light for your needs.

The size of this light is 11.5″ L x 9″H, and it has a pole length of 67″. The light requires a 1x E26 base bulb type to shine. The hanging pendant light is also hardwired and this light fixture is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Unique Design.
  • Long last.



  • Only AC-type power supply.

8. CLAXY Brushed Nickel Loft Barn Hanging Pendant Light:

This is a professional and engaging barn pendant light that is perfect for indoor use. This light is sure to add character and style to any room in your house. It’s also a great choice for anyone who wants a high-quality.

It has an adjustable height, so you can customize it to fit your needs. The cutouts on the top of the shade add more personality to this kitchen pendant fixture, diffusing lighting glows on top. It is also ETL listed for dry locations, so you can rest assured that it is safe to use.

The height of this light is 47.2 inches, making it perfect for any space to adjust the light. It is also made with thick and quality iron to ensure that it will last you a long time so you can enjoy its beauty for years to come.

  • Modren design.
  • Adjustable and durable.


  • Installation can be difficult.


9. Vintage Metal Cage Barn Ceiling Pendant Hanging Light:

This metal cage barn shade is hand-painted with a dark charcoal mold blue finish and has a matte brass interior, conveying farmhouse chic and an industrial charm to your living space. Its dimensions are 9.3″ hight 10.24″ wide canopy 4.72″(D) cord length:47.2″.

The bulb requirements are ETL Listed, Hard-wired, 1x 60W Max E26 Bulb. To avoid overheating, we suggest you use an Incandescent, LED, or CFL bulb, but 60W Max. This is the perfect choice to illuminate your space whether for the kitchen, dining room, hallway, office, foyer, club, doorway, barn, entryway, or any other place.

The beauty of these lights is that they can provide the perfect touch of farmhouse chic to any home. You don’t have to live on a farm to enjoy the benefits of this chic style. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, these lights are sure to add a bit of elegance.

  • Consume low energy.
  • Unique design appearance.



  • Tools required for installation.

10. Industrial Hanging Lights 2 Pack D10.2:

We have 2 packs of these black industrial hanging lights for you in case you need more than one. They are perfect for decoration in most spaces and easy to clean with the black matte finish. Each light is made with high-quality iron material and is full of wrought iron feel. The solid metal wire cage provides reliable protection for the bulb.

You can adjust the length of this antique hanging light by an increase or decrease the number of chain links. This industrial hanging light is not only a pendant light but also a perfect decoration for bar, club, cafe shop, hall, restaurant, living room, porch, corridor, or other space that needs rustic industrial taste in your room, offering you a good decorative effect.

Pendant lampshade diameter: 10.23 inches. Chain length: 40 inches. E26 US standard lamp socket is compatible with a variety of incandescent, halogen, CFL, or LED light bulbs, 60W Max, 110-120V.

  • Energy efficient.
  • Easy installation method.


  • Not dimmable.


Which Factors You Should Consider When Buying Best Indoor Hanging Barn Lights:

The hanging barn light is a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of rustic charm to their home.  Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best indoor hanging barn light for your home.

1. Bulb Type:

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a hanging barn light is the type of bulb that you would like to use. There are a variety of different options available on the market, so it is important to do your research in order to find the best option for your needs.

2. Size:

Another important factor to consider when choosing a hanging barn light is the size of the light. You will want to make sure that the light is large enough to provide adequate lighting for your space, but not so large that it overwhelms the room.

3. Style:

There are a variety of different styles of hanging barn lights available on the market, so it is important to choose one that fits your personal style. There are many different designs to choose from, so you should be able to find one that compliments your home décor.

4. Material:

Barn lights come in a variety of materials, including metal, glass, and even wood. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs and that will hold up well to indoor use.

5. Finish:

The finish on your barn light is also an important consideration. You will want to choose a finish that complements the rest of your home décor and that will resist fading over time.

6. Price:

Of course, price is always a factor when choosing any type of lighting fixture. However, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to quality. Barn lights are available at a wide range of prices, so be sure to shop around in order to find the best deal.

7. Warranty:

Be sure to check the warranty before making your final purchase. This will ensure that you are covered in case anything goes wrong with the light so you can repurchase or get it repaired without having to pay for the entire light all over again.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of rustic charm to your home or you just need a reliable and stylish light fixture, a barn light is a great option. Keep the factors above in mind when shopping for the best indoor hanging barn lights for your needs.


Barn lights are a popular choice for indoor lighting, as they provide a versatile and stylish option that can be used in many different settings. There are many different types of barn lights available on the market, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

We’ve highlighted the top 10  best indoor hanging barn lights on the market today to help you make the most informed decision possible for your home or business. LED barn light fixtures are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency and long lifespan, so be sure to consider this when making your purchase.


1. How many lumens do I need to light a barn?

Answer: For general purposes, you will probably need at least 500 lumens per square foot of floor space. So, for example, if your barn is 1,000 square feet, you will need at least 500,000 lumens of light. This is just a general guide though and you may need more or less depending on the specific situation. 

2. Is 3000 lumens too bright to light a barn?

Answer: It really depends on the size of the barn and how close people will be to the light. A 3000-lumen light could be too bright for someone standing close to it, but it would be fine for someone farther away. Generally, when it comes to lighting, more is better. A higher lumen count means a brighter light. 

3. How many lumens is a 120-watt bulb?

Answer: A 120-watt light bulb emits approximately 1600 lumens. This means that it is significantly brighter than a 60-watt bulb, which emits around 800 lumens. When choosing a light bulb, it is important to consider the desired level of brightness. If you need a very bright light then a 120-watt bulb may be the best choice.