5 Best 8 Foot Led Shop Lights 2024: Brilliance for Workspaces

Best Foot Led Shop Lights

Are you looking for the Best 8 Foot Led Shop Lights? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the top 5 models on the market and help you decide which one is right for your needs.

We’ll also discuss which factors you have to consider when purchasing the led shop lights. So if you’re ready to learn more, keep reading!

1. Barrina LED Shop Light, 8FT 72W 9000LM 5000K:

The Barrrina shop light brings your application the best lighting available with an incredible minimum of 130lm/watt (Each light has 9000lm output). And it is super bright. Illuminate the dark corners of your space. Each led light has 72w low power consumption, save up to 70% on your electricity bill by replacing fluorescent tubes.

These led shop lights could plug & play or be hardwired to a wall switch. And you could link up to 5 lights in a series by 48 inches connecting cords. Reducing your installation and wiring cost and time. The 5000K daylight white offers the best lighting experience for garage and general area lighting.

No buzzing ballasts. No flickering. No mercury or hazardous materials. No UV or IR Radiation. 3 years warranty. 10 x Barrina T8 8′ led shop light, 5 x Power cords with ON/OFF switch, 10 x Power hardwired, 10 x Installation accessories, 8 x 48inches Connector cables, 10 x Small connectors in one pack.

These LED shop lights are great for lighting up any workspace. They’re perfect for the garage, workbench, basement, or kitchen. Plus, they can be mounted under shelves or cabinets to add some extra light to those dark corners.

  • High output:nComfortable.
  • May not be suitable for very large spaces.

2. (10-Pack) 8ft LED Shop Light Fixture, V Shape 100w:

If you are looking for an LED shop light that is easy to install and offers great value for money, then this 10-pack of 8ft LED shop lights from Barrina is a great option. These lights are designed to be surface mounted on ceilings or walls and can be easily connected to power cables.

They come with all the necessary mounting hardware and are very lightweight, making them easy to install in any orientation. These lights have a V-shaped LED design that gives a 270° lighting effect with no wasted light on the ceiling. The 5000K daylight white color temperature offers the best lighting experience for garage and general area lighting.

These lights are also linkable, so you can connect up to 4 lights together to create a custom lighting configuration. With a flat aluminum strip design, these lights are a great option for lighting up garages, warehouses, supermarkets, offices, convenience stores, gas stations, shops, hotels, etc.

No buzz ballasts. No flickering. No mercury or hazardous materials. No UV or IR radiation. These lights come with a 3-year warranty, making them a great option for those looking for a long-lasting and reliable LED shop light solution. 10x power hardwired accessories, 10x installation, 6x 48inches connector cables, and 10x small connectors included.

  • High quality.nWidely use.
  • Normal bulb.

3. 6-Pack, LED Shop Light, 8FT 100W 14000LM 6000K:

These LED shop lights are the perfect solution for lighting up a large area. With a 14000 lumen output, they are significantly brighter than traditional fluorescent tube lights. They also have a much longer lifespan and use far less energy.

These lights can be linked together to create an even more powerful lighting system, making them ideal for large commercial or industrial applications. These lights come with a 3-year warranty, making them a great investment for any business or home. Each led shop light is 8 feet long and uses 100 watts of power.

They are also UL listed for safety and have a clear cover to protect the LEDs from dust and debris. These lights are easy to install and come with all the necessary hardware. Simply hang them up and plug them in, no wiring is required.

For a more permanent installation, they can also be hardwired to a wall switch. These lights are sure to provide plenty of bright, white light for any application. 6000k Color provides the best lighting experience.

  • Comfortable.nSuper bright.
  • Too bright for a small room.

4. BBOUNDER 4 Pack Linkable LED Utility Shop Light, 4 FT:

If you are looking for an integrated LED light fixture that is easy to install and provides bright, even light, then these BBOUNDER 4-foot shop lights are a great option. With a 4000 lumen output, they are equivalent to a 40-watt fluorescent bulb but use only 10 watts of energy.

These fixtures can be surface or suspension mounted, and come with all the necessary hardware for installation. The lights are linkable, so you can daisy chain them together to save even more energy. And they have a wide 240-degree beam angle to provide plenty of light coverage.

The color temperature is a cool 5000K daylight. The installation is a bit more difficult than the other lights but it is manageable. The light output and color are both fantastic. These led lights are made of plastic, which makes them lightweight and compatible with many types of mounting.

  • Fair price.nSuper bright.
  • Complicate assembly.

5. Hykolity 5000K LED Shop Light Linkable:

Hykolity’s shop light offers you a brighter, cleaner, and more affordable lighting solution than traditional fluorescent lights. With an output of 4200 lumens, this shop light is equivalent to a 2-lamp fluorescent fixture, but only uses 42 watts of power. This means you can save up to 70% on your energy bill by switching to LEDs.

This shop light is also ETL certified for quality, safety, and reliability. It has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, so you won’t have to worry about maintenance or replacements for years to come. And if you do ever need to replace it, we offer a 5-year warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship.

This light is also linkable, so you can connect up to 6 fixtures together to create a custom lighting solution for your space. And with the included hanging chains and mounting screws, you can either hang it or flush mount it to suit your needs.

So if you’re looking for a brighter, more efficient, and more affordable way to light your space, look no further than Hykolity’s LED shop light.

  • Energy-saving.nHigh brightness.
  • Plastic material.

Which Factor You Should Consider When Buying The Best 8 Foot Led Shop Lights:

There are many factors you should consider when purchasing the best 8 foot led shop lights. Below, we will discuss some of the most important factors to keep in mind.

1. Lumens Of Lights:

You want to make sure that you’re getting a bright light when looking for the best 8-foot led shop lights, so it’s important not only to measure lumens but also to look at their outputted tonality. 

The lumen is short for luminous flux and measures how much visible energy there appears from an object in response file or task being performed on-site; higher numbers mean brighter lights.

This means if your goal was maximizing visibility while working during dark hours—you would want something with high pegmatites like 4″ x 10 sodium vapor lamps which emit around 3 hundred fifty liveability lumens.

2. Watts:

Watts is a unit of measurement that calculates the amount of power being used by an electrical device. In general, more watts means brighter lights.

For example, A 40-watt LED light might emit around 450 lumens and so would have about four times as much light strength as 20 or 25 W counterparts which could only produce 150 – 250 alternative lumen outputs depending on their wattage levels.

3. Kelvin:

With so many different LED lights on the market, it can be difficult to know what type of bulb is best suited for your workspace. Some LEDs have bulbs that emit light at very specific temperatures with color temperatures ranging from 2700K – to 6500 K.

The measurement given as ” Kelvins” (the unit used for measuring color rendering) hides within its meaning more than just differences between certain colors: It also provides an indication about foot-lambert illuminants which are necessary factors when designing aesthetically pleasing spaces without having everything look too drab or neon flashy.

For example, an LED light with a Kelvin rating of 4000 would be a good choice for a workspace because it would provide bright, clear light.

4. CRI:

LED lights with high color rendering indexes are great for the workspace because they render colors more accurately than other types of lighting.

LED technology offers such an advantage that it is now standard in professional environments where precision and accuracy count to make sure everything looks perfect at all times, even if you’re working on a deadline!

For example, an LED with a CRI of 80 would be a good choice for a workspace because it would provide accurate color rendering.

5. Beam Angle:

The beam angle of light is important to consider because it determines the shape and coverage area. Wide-angle lights provide greater illumination, while Narrower beams can focus on an individual’s work in order to achieve greater precision with less overlap from other distractions.

Such as wall decorations or furniture behind them. It may seem counterintuitive but wider angles allow for more precise tasks that require pinpoint accuracy when compared to smaller spaces/

Where there would otherwise just be paste all over your screen if you were working close enough together without any room left over whatsoever!

6. Dimmability:

Dimmability is an important factor to consider when choosing the best 8-foot led shop lights because it allows you to adjust the light output to suit your needs.

For example, if you are working on a task that requires precision, you may want to dim the lights so that you can see more clearly. Alternatively, if you are working in an area that is not well-lit, you may want to increase the light output so that you can see more clearly.

7. Material:

The material of the light is another important factor to consider because it determines how long you will be able or willing (or maybe forced) to use your LED bulbs.

Plastic lights can often break if they’re subjected to too much pressure, while aluminum should better withstand minor malfunctions without breaking down completely.

 Both metals have their own advantages and disadvantages when considered separately but together seem like a pretty good solution!

8. Mounting:

The mounting of the light is another important factor to consider because it determines how the light will be installed. LED lights can be mounted on the ceiling, on the wall, or on the floor.

Ceiling-mounted lights are great for general lighting, but they can be difficult to install. Wall-mounted lights are great for task lighting, but they can be difficult to install. Floor-mounted lights are great for accent lighting, but they can be difficult to install.

9. Warranty:

Some LED light bulb manufacturers offer a warranty that dictates how long you can use your new product. Most models come with three years of coverage.

But some provide five-year guarantees to guarantee their quality and durability in case anything goes wrong during operation or if there are any manufacturing errors on the part of the manufacturer themselves!

10. Hardwire Or No Hardwire:

Hard-wiring or no hard wire: The choice of whether to use a cord and outlet is an important one, but there’s more than just practicality involved in making it. Hardwired fixtures offer greater stability when installing them permanently.

However, they’re not always easy on installation time compared with their counterparts that have dedicated power sources from start (such as those using batteries).

Non-“hard-wired” light installations can be done quickly without too much trouble either way–but these lights don’t provide any assurance against shocks caused by live electrical wires nearby!

11. Location:

Location is the key to finding a good 8-foot led shop light in the perfect spot. You want your new light installed where it will not get obstructed or blocked by anything so you can avoid shadows from arising on walls and ceilings during daytime hours while working inside.

Think about how high up these areas go before making sure there aren’t any doors blocking access between rooms, then consider if those same heights continue across other corners around yours too such as along windows above hallways – getting the light positioned right will help reduce any glare as well.

11. Energy Efficient:

The Energy star Compliant label on a product means it meets or exceeds the energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

An estimated 30% of all electricity used in commercial buildings is for lighting, so energy-efficient lighting products can have a significant impact on a business’s energy consumption and bottom line.

12. Easy Installation:

The right light can transform your home into a more inviting place to be. It’s important, however, that you choose one with an installation process as easy and straightforward as possible for any homeowner – whether they’re doing it themselves or hiring professionals as other people do.


We’ve looked at some of the best 8 foot led shop lights on the market and how to pick the right one for your needs. All of these options are great, but it ultimately comes down to what you need and wants from your light.

If you have any questions about our top 5 picks or which light might be best for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. We love helping people find the perfect lighting solution for their needs!


1. How many lumens is an 8ft shop light best?

Answer: It depends on how the light will be used. A higher lumen count is better for brighter areas, while a lower lumen count is more suitable for task lighting. An 8ft shop light with a lumen count of 4,000 would be ideal for general use in a workshop, while an 8ft shop light with a lumen count of 1,000 would be better for reading and precision work.

2. Do all led shop lights need a ballast?

Answer: No, all LED shop lights do not need a ballast. However, some older fluorescent fixtures might require a ballast to operate properly. You should consult your local electrician to determine if a ballast is required for their specific fixture. Generally speaking, though, most newer LED fixtures do not require a ballast.

3. How can I choose a shop light?

Answer: The amount of light needed depends on what the shop light will be used for. If a person is using a shop light to look at items in a store, then a bright light would be ideal. If a person is using a shop light to work on an item, then they will need a lamp with more lumens.