Jennifer Stevenson

Jennifer Stevenson is the author of twenty novels and as many short stories, spanning five series, most of them about Chicago and its immediate environs. Her first novel, Trash Sex Magic, was nominated for the Locus Award for New Fantasy Fiction and the Nebula Award for First Fantasy Novel.

Her most recent five-volume series, Coed Demon Sluts, was featured on John Scalzi’s Whatever blog under The Big Idea.

Others include two romantic comedy series, Liars in Love and Backstage Boys, Hinky Chicago, a five-book fantasy series, and the four-volume paranormal romance series Slacker Demons.

Needless to say, everything she writes is funny.

Find her at her website, on Facebook, or at, where she is a founding member of the world’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious author-owned publishing collective.

“Jennifer Stevenson puts her own magical stamp on Chicago while creating a sexy, steamy and wildly imaginative paranormal romance” –Chicago Tribune

“Every bit as entertainingly kinky as Stevenson’s debut… a bawdy, often flat-out hilarious tale.” –Jerome Ludwig, Chicago Reader