eminent historian Ann Durkin Keating in conversation with Greg Borzo, Midland Authors Event Chair.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020  at the Cliff Dwellers

See the video here, recorded by CAN-TV

      Juliette Kinzie is one of Chicago’s forgotten founders. She arrived in Chicago in 1831 and not only witnessed the city’s transition from Indian country to industrial center, but was also instrumental in its development. The World of Juliette Kinzie offers a new perspective on Chicago’s early history and is a fitting tribute to a remarkable woman who was an astute observer of early Chicago, an influential contributor to the city, and even one of the first women historians in the United States. This book brings Kinzie to life.

Ann Durkin Keating, who teaches history at North Central College, is one of the foremost experts on 19thcentury Chicago. She has volunteered extensively with the Chicago History Museum, Illinois State Historical Society and Naper Settlement. The World of Juliette Kinzie was published by the University of Chicago Press (2019), as were Keating’s previous books, including her very well reviewed  Rising Up from Indian Country:  The Battle of Fort Dearborn and the Birth of Chicago.

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