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October 2010 Publicity Tip

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Dare’s more than one way to get Internet book publicity
Tom Ciesielka from TC Public Relations

How many times has someone persuaded you to do something you were unsure of doing, just by saying "I dare you"? Remember – big ideas can bring big rewards. We dare you to ...

Set up a microsite

Creating a website is no small task. And even though "microsite" technically means "small site," the payoff of creating one can have a big impact. A microsite is a unique web page (or pages) that highlights a particular event, issue, publicity campaign, new book launch – basically anything you want to draw specific attention to. It's a customized page with a unique URL that is separate from your main author home page and can stand alone for parties interested in just one specific issue. It gives you the opportunity to have a control center for all news and information related to a specific issue, which can make it easier for your readers and friends to find the info they are looking for. Consider the recent Domino's Pizza campaign – "Show Us Your Pizza." It has a unique Web page that is clearly intertwined with the Domino's brand, but focuses on only one of the company's many campaigns and offerings.

Get in front of the video camera

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth double that. Capturing video during events, presentations, demonstrations and even day-to-day activities can bring your reputation to the next level and provide a memorable and visual link to your business and brand. Quality matters when it comes to video, so depending on the purpose of the video, investing in either reliable equipment or an experienced videographer can ensure that your videos are viewed – and viewed frequently. For example, if you want to capture footage from an event, having a durable hand-held video camera with a good zoom feature should suffice. But if you'd like to create a video for your website that includes reader testimonials and requires advanced editing, it would be wise to hire a professional. Either way, utilizing video and the Internet (sites such as YouTube or Vimeo) will benefit your brand-building efforts.

Utilize the mobiles

Next time you're on the train, count how many people are using their mobile phones. I'd bet that at least one person is. With all the smart phones out there nowadays, there is a high demand for mobile applications and mobile web browsing. Mobile marketing is the next step in the grand marketing scheme of things.

We've gone from delivering messages in print, radio, television, Internet, billboards and now, you can disperse your brand message directly to cellular phones.

You can effectively utilize mobiles by making sure your website is mobilefriendly so anyone can easily and conveniently access it on the road. You can also use or create mobile applications and send text messages to personalize your connection and send quick updates with vital information, "from the trenches" event updates or special deals for your readers.

How much closer can you get to potential readers than being inside their pockets and purses?

If you're looking to take your book to the next level and push the reputation management envelope, try one of these tactics. Dare we say it? Oh yes. We dare you. We double-dog dare yo

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