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Feeling trapped in the Web?
Two ways to get unstuck

Tom Ciesielka from TC Public Relations

Here are two social media tools you can find on the Web that might help you research or promote your books:

MentionMap is a Web-based application that visually shows what and whom a specific Twitter user is tweeting about most often.

This application can be used to see what hashtags and topics are the most popular, and also which people are the most followed. No login to Twitter is required since it is a browser-based application. When a username is searched, a Constellation Framework appears, which displays the data in an easily identifiable format (similar to a web graph). Thicker connection lines indicate a particular topic/person is tweeted about most often.

MentionMap is a great tool to find out what topics reporters are talking about.

One of the biggest complaints the media have is that they hear from people who don't actually know what they typically cover or what the specific reporter or editor is interested in. Well, if that reporter or editor is on Twitter, you're in luck. All you need to do is find out their Twitter username (easily accomplished via Twitter's search function, or a reporter's bio) and enter that username into MentionMap's search box. Hit "Enter" and you will see a diagram come to life of the topics and other tweeters that are the most mentioned. You will be able to get an idea of what they are interested in, which will help you when you come to them with your own story idea. Tell them what they want to hear in your own way and soon you may see your business's name on the MentionMap!

Twellow. In the age of Twitter, with its 190 million users, looking for someone in particular can feel like finding a needle in a digital haystack.

Twellow is a directory of Twitter accounts that enables users to search for other users by area of expertise, profession, location or other characteristic posted in tweets and public profiles on Twitter.

Think of Twellow as the Yellow Pages of Twitter. Using hundreds of different categories and search features, users can find Twitter users with shared interests and expertise, and also create their own profile to help tweeps find them.

Twellow is an easy way to help businesses cut through the clutter and maximize the value of using Twitter. Twellow creates opportunities to connect with categories of users that matter to you, and puts the "network" back in "social network."

You can find industry experts, top competitors, reporters writing on your area of expertise and even fans of your books. The service also enables users to link their Twitter accounts to other social networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Delicious, expanding your online presence and creating richer communications exchanges. Additionally, Twellow has branch sites that offer opportunities for local research and statistical analysis. Twellowhood makes it possible to geographically target users in your area, helping you focus on your local friends, fans and readers. Twellow Pulse monitors Twitter conversations in up to 20 different categories, a great way to tap the influencers in whatever genre your books happen to be in.

Monthly Tips Index Ask Tom a Question

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