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July-September 2010 Publicity Tip

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Two tools that can help you get Internet book promotion
Tom Ciesielka from TC Public Relations

Delicious. Plain and simple, what is it? A Web-based service that enables you to save and share the websites you “bookmark,” as well as see what other people across the Internet are bookmarking and sharing.

People use Delicious to keep track of information online, organize their favorite sites and access those sites from any computer. This site simplifies the process of organizing, without the use of multiple folders. Instead, Delicious utilizes "tags," or categories, to create a collection of your favorite online findings. Delicious users can share these bookmarks with friends and colleagues on the site and also through Twitter, Facebook, email and more. Delicious makes it easy for users to see what the most popular bookmarks are for any tag.

How can you use it for promoting books? By using Delicious, you can provide your readers with relevant resources that will establish you as an expert and as a “goto” source for information.

Delicious also has public relations benefits – you can bookmark your press releases and related blog articles and use consistent tags that relate to your book and expertise in order to tie together recurring themes and topics.

Use an aptly named tag for your book announcements, blog posts, and even the “In the News” section of your website. You can also encourage current and potential readers to bookmark your own website and/or blog by adding the Delicious “badge.”

Explore the tags they add and see if it matches with your own. If the tags and terms match up, you know you’re serving up good content!

What acts like a Google Alert but is designed for Twitter?

No, this is not a social media riddle. The answer is TweetBeep! TweetBeep emails you when your selected key words or phrases are mentioned on Twitter. How do people use it?

This Web-based application enables users to set up a search for any keyword or phrase on Twitter, and receive hourly updates via email when any tweets include that keyword, phrase or hashtag.

TweetBeep is an easy tool for tracking talk on Twitter about your book, website, events or products and services. By monitoring the conversation about your book, you can make sure you are managing your reputation and engaging with people who are interested in you – people who can become potential readers. You can also use TweetBeep as an application to measure the impact and engagement level of various campaigns, or track the reactions to your book announcements or events. It can also be a valuable tool for industry research if you monitor readership or even a competing book. With targeted information delivered directly to your inbox, you'll be sure to never miss a beat – or a tweet!

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