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About the SMA

When fifty writers formed the Society of Midland Authors on April 24, 1915, their objectives included "a closer association among the writers of the Middle West" and "the stimulation of creative literary effort." A century later, the Society still accomplishes those goals — hosting literary events, honoring the region's best books with annual awards, and connecting its members with a newsletter, Twitter and other channels.

The Society hosts literary events, which are free and open to the public. See our events page for details of upcoming programs. Chicago Public Radio's audio recordings of our programs, including author lectures and panel discussions, can be heard at

The Society's founding authors included Clarence Darrow, Harriet Monroe, Hamlin Garland, Edna Ferber, Vachel Lindsay, George Ade, Mary Hastings Bradley, Emerson Hough, Howard Vincent O'Brien, James Whitcomb Riley and William Allen White. Others who joined soon afterward were Jane Addams, Ring Lardner, Edgar Lee Masters, John T. McCutcheon and Lorado Taft.

Crediting John M. Stahl with sparking the idea of an authors organization, the Society's first president, Hobart Chatfield-Taylor, wrote: "None but a bold man would have sought to weld such individualistic — dare I say egotistic? — creatures as authors into a society of any sort."

Based in Chicago, the Society includes published authors from twelve states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Since 1957, the Society has presented annual awards for the best books written by Midwestern authors. Notable winners of the juried competition have included Saul Bellow, Kurt Vonnegut, Studs Terkel, Gwendolyn Brooks, Mike Royko, Jane Smiley, Dempsey Travis, Leon Forrest, William Maxwell, Louise Erdrich, Scott Turow, Alex Kotlowitz, Aleksandar Hemon, Stuart Dybek, Roger Ebert and many more.

The award categories are Adult Fiction, Adult Nonfiction, Biography, Children's Fiction, Children's Nonfiction and Poetry.

See for full list of past winners and runners-up. Also watch this website near the end of each year for details on how to enter the contest.

This website features information on the Society's public events and annual awards. The website promotes new book by Society members. Member authors are featured in a speakers bureau on the site.

The Society is also on Facebook at

And follow us on Twitter at @midlandauthors and @BiblioFileSMA for news on Midwestern authors and links to articles on writing and publishing.

Members must be current or former residents of the twelve Midland states. Each member is the author or co-author of a book demonstrating literary style and published by a recognized publisher, or the author of a published or professionally produced play. The Society also includes associate members — people with a connection to literature, such as librarians, teachers, publishers and editors.

To join, a writer must be nominated by a current Society member. Authors interested in joining may contact the Society through the form and email addresses at

Members receive a subscription to Literary License — a newsletter packed with news about the latest books and activities by the Society's authors — as well as a yearbook including addresses and contact information for fellow members.

The Society, a nonprofit corporation run completely by the volunteer efforts of its members, welcomes contributions to help support our awards program and other activities. Contributions are tax-deductible.

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The banner for this web site was created from a photograph of Preston Bradley Hall, Chicago Cultural Center, formerly the main branch of the Chicago Public Library.

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September Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Reception at 6 p.m.; presentation at 7 p.m.
Harold Washington Library, 400 S. State St. (Cindy Pritzker Auditorium)
Free, open to the public; cash bar, free appetizers

The long and the short of
Short Story Writing


Lynn Sloan's This Far Isn't Far Enough features 14 powerful, diverse short stories about people on the edge and ready to leap. This includes a once-successful cook seeking a comeback with a popup restaurant; a failed actor assessing his life; a mother trying to connect with her estranged son; and a naive WWII army grunt trapped in a no-win battle with his superiors. Affecting and memorable,this collection demonstrates Lynn Sloan's penetrating understanding of loss, endurance and the undefeated spirit.

Marius Stan is a scientist, author and actor, currently a Senior Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory and University of Chicago. His Cteva Zile (A Few Days, published in Romanian) is a collection of short stories that capture the drama behind apparently trivial events: a birthday party, a meeting in the park or a bike tour. He is working on another collection of short stories in English. Stan is best known for playing carwash owner Bogdan in the hit TV series Breaking Bad.

Maryse Meijer's Heartbreaker features 13 edgy stories that cut sharp, deep and unforgiving.Her characters are a strange ensembleincluding a feral child, a girl raised from the dead, a possible pedophilewho share in vulnerability and heartache, but maintain an unremitting will to survive.Meijer deals in desire and sex, femininity and masculinity, family and girlhood, while crafting a landscape of appetites threatening to self-destruct. Her writing is unflinching, exciting and ambitious.

For more information, contact Greg Borzo: (312) 636-8968;

August Monthly Meeting

Thursday, August 23 at 6 p.m. (Doors open at 5 p.m.)
Harold Washington Library Center, Cindy Pritzker Auditorium
400 S. State Street
Chicago, IL 60605

1968 Democratic Convention: 50th Anniversary

Join Alderman Ed Burke, professor and former alderman Dick Simpson, professor and lobbyist Bernie Sieracki and St. Louis Post-Dispatch journalist Taylor Pensoneau--all of whom were there--as they share their personal memories of the 1968 Democratic National Convention with moderator Mark DePue.

Co-sponsored with the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Chicago Collections Consortium and Society of Midland Authors. Please join us!

For more information, contact Greg Borzo: (312) 636-8968;