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Furnishing or Updating a Biography Page

Each member is entitled to have a biography page hosted on this web site. A link to the page will appear in the Members Directory and also the Speakers Bureau, if you have submitted a listing there. The URL for your page will be unless you let me know you prefer something else.

Please provide the following information for new listings:

  • Name

  • Contact information

  • Your content

  • You are invited to attach a photograph. A head shot in the JPG format will be most suitable. If you cannot scan your image I will be glad to do it for you, but please be aware that an image on the web cannot look as detailed as the photograph you provide. (Monitors are not capable of displaying an image at the high resolution of a same sized photograph.)
    Mail to:
        Mary Claire Hersh
        5000 Marine Drive
        Chicago, IL 60640
  • You may have provide as many links as you wish. Commission paying online booksellers' links are fine.

Please send your material by electronic mail. An ordinary formatted email message is fine. If you cannot transmit electronically you may mail the information to the address above. Should you have any questions, please send e-mail to Mary Claire or telephone 773 561 2778.

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